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Abnur Tharn
(lore page)
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Abnur Tharn
Abnur Tharn Concept Draw

Abnur Tharn is the head of the Elder Council during the events of the Elder Scrolls Online. He is the father of Clivia Tharn, Empress Regent of Cyrodiil. His dealings with Molag Bal and Mannimarco helped to give rise to the Planemeld.

Related Quests[edit]


Daughter of Giants[edit]

Chasing Shadows[edit]

Your first meeting upon using the Orb of Discourse:

'Abnur Tharn: "What is the meaning of this interruption? Why have you contacted me?

Speaking with Tharn:

"Are you, indeed? I didn't think that Redguard has-been had a single friend left. Not in this world, at any rate.
Let me give you some free advice. Forget about Sai Sahan. Even if I told you where he was, attempting a rescue would be suicidal."
Then you know where he is?
"Of course I do. But do you really think I'd tell you and risk incurring Mannimarco's wrath? I think not.
Ah, the owner of this place returns, and he doesn't look pleased. Fare well!"

Castle of the Worm[edit]

"Mannimarco and his vile master have dark and terrible plans for this world. If you wish to stop them, you need to find the Amulet of Kings.
But to find the amulet, you must first locate Sai Sahan."
And you know where he is?
"If Mannimarco learns that we've spoken, he'll have me executed. I'm a danger to him. I know too much.
Therefore I, Abnur Tharn, Chancellor of the Elder Council, Overlord of Nibenay, formally request asylum."
Asylum? Are you joking?
"Do I look to be in a mirthful mood?
There comes a point when even a patriot's loyalty is stretched too far, when the things he has done- and seen done- become too much to bear."
Will you come to us?
"Would that I could. As it happens, I find myself to be somewhat of a prisoner, in dire need of rescue.
My proposal is this: If you retrieve me from Mannimarco's fortress and grant me asylum, I will give you Sai Sahan's location in return."
How can I be sure this isn't a trick?
"You can't. And you'd be a fool to trust me comletely.
But the facts remain, you need me if you wish to find Sai Sahan, and I must keep my head if I am to ensure the continuance of the Empire. Neither of us has a choice."
I can see your point.

Upon arrival at the Castle grounds:

"You appear to have arrived in the Wretched Squalor, a shanty town of soul shriven outside Mannimarco's castle."
How do we get inside?
"As luck would have it, Mannimarco is away on some errand for the Daedric Prince. The castle garrison is not on alert, so you should only encounter a token defense.
The main gate is sealed, but there are undoubtedly other routes one might take."
Such as?
"You're the hero, aren't you? Improvise."
We'll find a way in.

Meeting Tharn's projection inside:

"It's a simple process. A child of five could do it. Unfortunately, we don't have a child of five, so I'll be forced to walk you through it.
You'll need some good-sized chunks of flesh. Take them to the laboratory, and I'll contact you there."
We're on our way.

In the laboratory:

Abnur Tharn: "Not very big, is it? Oh well. Now, cast the ritual from the book."

After creating your Atronach:

Abnur Tharn: "Ha! We'll make a necromancer of you yet."
Abnur Tharn: "You're not far now. Through the door, and to the summit!"

Meeting Abnur Tharn at the summit:

"So, we meet in person at last. You looked taller in your projection."
I'm here to get you out, per our arrangement.
"And not a moment too soon. If I had to inspect one more bloody soul gem, I'd have thrown myself from the tower."
Why should we trust you, Tharn?
"A fair question. I know things. Things that can help you. Here's a bit to whet your appetite.
Mannimarco isn't doing any of this to serve Molag Bal. His ultimate plan is to out-scheme the God of Schemes... and to replace him."
What? How?
"The Amulet of Kings is the key to everything. Why do you think he kidnapped Sai Sahan? Ge's torturing him. Trying to get him to reveal the Amulet's hiding place."
He's trying to find the Amulet of Kings before we do.
"Prcisely. With the Amulet at his command, Mannimarco believes he can trap Molag Bal's essence and absorb his power. He seeks to become a god himself!"
That sounds bad. What else can you tell me?
"I'd love to discuss this further, but this is hardly the place. Get me to a safe haven and I will tell you the rest. That was our agreement, was it not? Now, let's-
Wait. Did you feel that?"
Feel what?

Mannimarco will appear and banish Tharn. Tharn will return, and he and Mannimarco will duel.

Abnur Tharn: "Mannimarco! You dare attack the chancellor of the Elder Council?"
Abnur Tharn: "His power wanes, Vestige! Strike him down, while his attentions are on me!"
Mannimarco: "How dare you betray me, Tharn? Your suffering will be legendary!"

Speak with Tharn after Mannimarco's projection is dispelled:

"He will not remain discorporated for long. His consciousness will be adrift for a few moments, but that is all."
Why did you help me?
"Because Mannimarco has delusions of godhood. He cares nothing for the Empire, he seeks only power.
I've never done battle with him before. He's far more powerful than I imagined. Ah, well. Too late for regrets. In for a bean, in for a beanstalk."
What now?
"First things first. We need to get out of here alive."
What do you suggest?
"We certainly can't go back the way you came in. I'd imagine they're swarming the grounds already.
There's a refuse chute further down the path. It's a bit of a drop, but we'll probably survive."
Let's go.

The Tharn Speaks[edit]

The Mages Guild[edit]

"Ah, excellent, you got my message. Apparently, that little creature isn't completely useless. Banekin can be such children.
I hope you've nothing pressing. We could be here a while."
Tharn? Why are you dressed like that?
"I can't be strutting around the city wearing my Imperial regalia, can I?
Your concern about my fashion sense is touching, but irrelevant. I've called you here for a reason. If we are to determine a course of action, we need more information."
What are you talking about?
"By now it should be clear your prophet emperor brought these catastrophic events upon us. Everything that transpired is his fault."
Mannimarco decieved [sic] him. It wasn't his fault.
"Granted, Mannimarco can be very persuasive and charismatic when he wants to be. We all believed him when he said we could change Varen's bloodline with the Amulet of Kings."
Then why do you blame Varen?
"You saved Varen's life when you rescued him in Coldharbour. In return, he lied to you about his true identity and his part in causing the Soulburst. He manipulated you from the very start.
Perhaps the better question is, why don't you blame Varen?"
Just tell me why you called me here.
"Varen wants to assemble a new group of companions in the vein of the original five. Claims it fulfills a prophecy in those wretched scrolls of his.
Superstitious nonsense, but he is quite correct on one point: we need to find Sai Sahan."
Why is Sai Sahan so important?
"In the chaos following the Soulburst, Sahan stole the Amulet of Kings and fled the Imperial City. We're going to need that relic, and he is the only one who knows its current location."
Where is Sai Sahan, now?

Ebonheart Pact:

"Mannimarco keeps his most secret documents at Knife Ear Grotto in Deshaan, inside a hidden lair of Daedric cultists. We must travel there and search for clues."

Aldmeri Dominion:


Daggerfall Covenant:

I'll set out at once and meet you there.
What will happen to you now?
"Ah, there's the rub. With my... untimely defection? My family will likely be divested of its holdings. The name Tharn is probably being stricken from every document in the Imperial archives, as we speak.
I detest being on the wrong side of history."
Have you really lost everything?
"Don't sound so smug about it. This is a setback, nothing more.
By allying with you, I will liberate the Empire from Mannimarco's grip. The Empire is all that matters to me. I will do what I must to ensure its survival."
Isn't your daughter the Empress Regent?
"Clivia? She is comfortably lodged in Mannimarco's pocket, along with my nephew, Javad. I doubt they've given my disappearance a second though.
Ah, fair Clivia. My charming girl grew to be a ruthlessly ambitious woman. I taught her well."
Tell me more about yourself.
"Well, if you must pry. I am Chancellor to the Elder Council and Overlord of Nibenay, but of all my titles, the greatest is my family name: Tharn. We are the greatest of the noble houses, with seats at the Imperial court for countless centuries."
A family of politicians?

Within Knife Ear Grotto[edit]

Abnur Tharn: "So, Sai Sahan is alive, and he has not been broken. An important piece of the puzzle, to be sure, but where is he being kept?"
The Halls of Torment?
"Oh yes. It's Coldharbour's most nefarious prison. The Daedra in the Halls of Torment reach deep into the dark places of a prisoner's mind and torture them with apparitions of the things they most dread."
That sounds a lot like what happened to Lyris.
"It's an effective tactic. The Daedra mock our emotional attachments and the memories that form our sense of self.
Daedra have no use for such things. They are immortal. It's impossible to kill Daedra— They simply reform, over time."
We need to rescue Sai Sahan. Can you get us to the Halls of Torment?
"Of course I can. I am Abnur Tharn!
But first, I have a bit more research to do. Go back to the Harborage and tell Varen what we've discovered. I'll meet you there once I've made the necessary preparations."
Very well.

Halls of Torment[edit]

During his argument with Lyris:

Abnur Tharn: "Yes, I see. And you are the most qualified, why? Is it your superior knowledge of Coldharbour? Your expertise in dealing with Daedric entities? Or is it simply the unrequited puppy love you feel for that shirtless mammoth?"

When spoken to after the argument:

"I swear, I haven't heard such bickering and whining since the last Tharn family gathering at Mid Year's Feast!"

If chosen to go with you to the Halls, Tharn will have dialogue for if you speak with him unprompted:

"I heard stories about this foul place during my time in Coldharbour. Chilling. I might have become a permanent resident, were it not for your timely rescue."

After having seen the Tharn Doppelganger for the first time:

Abnur Tharn: "What's this? It looks like me! What in damnation is going on here?"

Speaking with Tharn after defeating the Doppelganger:

"The torturers here are using Sahan's memories and darkest fears against him, in an attempt to break his will.
He and I were never close. In truth, I enjoyed mocking him. I had no idea how deeply it affected him. Interesting."
You almost sound pleased about that.
"Oh, please. We're adults, aren't we?
The day I start considering people's feelings before speaking my mind is the day my efficacy as a politician comes to an end. When that day comes, just kill me outright, I beg of you."

After killing Lyris' Doppelganger:

"Please! Titanborn has all the emotional depth of a Frost Atronach.
But, who knew Sahan was that sentimental? Then again, he did resist her charms. Good thing, too. That truly would have been a farewell kiss."
I think we just met Mannimarco's Duchess of Anguish.
"I can only assume she's Sahan's personal torturer. I have a sneaking suspicion we'll be meeting her again, very soon.
Come, let's keep moving."

Speaking with Tharn after the quest:

"Sahan seems relatively unharmed. Can we wrap this up?
I've an appointment with a certain young lady and I need to stop by the moneychangers first. Women of that stripe seldom do anything on credit."

Valley of Blades[edit]

Upon arrival at the Valley:

Sai Sahan: "It is strange to return to these mountains. Memories of youth flood my mind, each one bringing its own sorrow, or its own smile."
Abnur Tharn: "Oh, joy. We've been here less than five minutes and Sahan is already getting maudlin and weepy."
Lyris Titanborn: "Shut up, Tharn! Don't let him get to you, Sai. Let him roll his yes. Maybe he'll find a brain back there."
Sai Sahan: "Kasura often said that rudeness is a weak man's imitation of strength. She is wise beyond her years. You will like her, Snow Lily."

Trekking further into the valley will reveal that the Abbey is under attack.

Abnur Tharn: "I'm afraid I've seen this before. Keep an eye skyward, Titanborn!"
Abnur Tharn: "It's only a trap if you don't know about it. I assume everything is a trap. Therefore, it's a challenge."

After defeating the Daedric Titan:

Lyris Titanborn: "Why would a crypt need a secret entrance?"
Abnur Tharn: "It's a wonder there's an unplundered crypt in all of Skyrim! You Nords could learn a thing or two from the builders of Hammerfell."
Sai Sahan: "Perhaps Hammerfell could also teach Nibenay the virtue of good manners."

Shadow of Sancre Tor[edit]

After the quest:

"I know what you're thinking, Vestige. You want to thank me for my noble and heroic effort in helping you defeat that treacherous worm, Mannimarco. No need to laud me, though. The world already knows of my brilliance. But you're welcome nonetheless."

Council of the Five Companions[edit]

Abnur Tharn: "Are you all insane? You do realize what we need to do, right? We have to fight a Daedric Prince. Amulet or no, this is going to mean more death. Vestige! Come here. I'll tell you what they're afraid to mention."

Speaking with Tharn:

"Getting all chummy with Titanborn? I enjoy the company of clever, well informed people, You really should try it some time.
So, you felled the great Mannimarco. Well played. You've done the Empire a great service."
That's not why I did it.
"The farmer doesn't thank the cow when it voids itself on the field, but it still makes the crops grow taller."
Is that your way of thanking me?
"I suppose it is. But that wasn't the reason for this heartwarming reunion. Varen and I have spoken at length since you recovered the Amulet and determined our final course of action.
Molag Bal remains a threat and Tamriel is still in grave danger."
What did you have in mind?
"The Planemeld has been stopped, but Molag Bal's power over Nirn is still prodigious.
To restore protection to Nirn and reclaim your soul, you must face the God of Schemes himself."
Is it even possible to defeat Molag Bal?
"The ritual we performed with the Amulet of Kings caused the Soulburst and damaged the veil between worlds. If the damage is to be repaired, I must attempt the ritual again, this time with you."
Won't that just cause another Soulburst?

Speaking after the quest:

"I'm not going to tell you to put it out of mind. One of these people is going to have to die for you. Can you make that choice, when the time comes?
Or will you fail, to the doom of us all?"

God of Schemes[edit]

Upon your arrival at Heart's Grief, Abnur Tharn will ask to speak with you.

Abnur Tharn: "I'll never get used to this place. Come here, Vestige. I'd like a word before we skip off merrily to our doom."
"The time is at hand. Stop second-guessing yourself, stop questioning your resolve, just stand up and do it. You're ready."
What do you mean?
"This is it. This is the beginning of the blasted end. There's no point in pretending this isn't happening, or saying we're not ready. This challenge will not wait.
Can you do what is necessary, no matter the cost? No matter how much it grieves you?"
Molag Bal has my soul. Is there a choice?
"There is always a choice. But you don't get to choose what is true, you only get to choose what you will do about it.
Do you need another reminder about what lies ahead?"
I know what we need to do. Let's get it done.
Tell me again.
"We are approaching the fortress of Molag Bal, perhaps the most dangerous place in all Oblivion. Together, we five are mighty— even I will admit that— but I cannot invoke the ritual until we are in the presence of the dark prince, himself"
Go on.
"In exchange for this investiture of power, one of your companions will need to be sacrificed. It will be for you to decide which, when the time comes.
The infusion of power will not last for long. That's why we need to get close."
And then?
"And then, what? I've no idea what will happen to you. Apotheosis? Disintegration? Too many unknowns and not enough information.
But if you defeat Molag Bal and survive, your soul and the soul of every other surviving vestige, should be restored."
Let's do this.

When spoken to without need at Heart's Grief:

"I highly doubt that the God of Schemes is engaged in banal conversation right now. Perhaps we should follow his example?"

Arriving at the Seat of Tyranny:

The Prophet: "Molag Bal is here. I can feel his presence. Sense his foul breath upon the wind."
The Prophet: "There. That place should serve us well. Let us assemble and prepare the ritual."
Lyris Titanborn: "What do you suppose this place was?"
Sai Sahan: "A temple of some kind. The Dark Anchors may have pulled it into Coldharbour. Or, perhaps it was created by the Daedra to mock the Divines."
Abnur Tharn: "What does it matter? We can't wait any longer. We must perform the ritual. Vestige, it is time for you to make your decision."

Speaking with Tharn about the ritual:

"Yes, this will be close enough, I think. Are you prepared?"
Varen, Sai and Lyris are all willing to give up their lives.
"No one is more surprised than I. They are willing to sacrifice themselves to save the world, yet they will never hear a single word of thanks.
A funny thing for a selfish man to say, isn't it? I'd better be careful not to learn anything from this."
How can I choose?
"I've no idea. Speak to them. Let their words convince you.
But once the choice is made, there is no turning back. The harvest of a fresh soul will no doubt bring Molag Bal's attention upon us. You must take that opportunity to strike him down."
Is there no other way?
"We've already been over this. You need an infusion of divine power to even consider challenging a Daedric Prince.
The Amulet of Kings can give you that power, but at the cost of a life."
What sort of power should I expect to receive?
"The Amulet of Kings is a relic of Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time. His powers embody the qualities of perseverance and invincibility, while promoting the virtues of duty, service, and obedience. Make of that what you will."
I'll hear what each of them has to say.



  • Abnur Tharn is voiced by Alfred Molina.
  • Abnur Tharn is 164 years old as of 2E 582, has had at least sixteen children, and has served as Chancellor of the Elder Council since 2E 465.
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