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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Help Elsweyr's first line of defense against the Dragon threat.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Abnur Tharn, Anais Davaux, Zamarak
Location(s): Riverhold, Defense Force Outpost, Sleepy Senche Mine
Next Quest: The Usurper Queen
Reward: Anequina Crypt Cudgel
Very High Leveled Gold
1 Skill Point
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 6336
Assist the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force
Battlemage and former Imperial advisor Abnur Tharn summoned me to Northern Elsweyr to help him and the Khajiiti deal with a rage of Dragons.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Anais Davaux with a message
  1. Speak with Abnur Tharn in Riverhold.
  2. Investigate the power surges.
  3. Speak with the strange man.
  4. Go to the Defense Force Outpost.
  5. Recover the sensitive military documents and give them to Captain Nala-do.
  6. Explore Sleepy Senche Mine and find the source of the undead.
  7. Talk to the Dragon.
  8. Return to Abnur Tharn in Riverhold.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

"Don't be such a nervous netch. The dead can't hurt us. But where do you think it came from?"

Abnur Tharn has a message for you. He wants you to meet him in the Khajiit city of Riverhold to discuss the Dragon problem. You can find him at K'har Zhab Hall, which lies near the southern entrance of the settlement, just past the stables.

[If you have experienced the Prologue]

"I was beginning to suspect you were never going to arrive. After Calsivius and my half-sister manipulated us into inadvertently releasing a rage of Dragons, Elsweyr has been overrun by the beasts.
We do bear some responsibility, I suppose."

[If you are meeting for the first time]

"You must be here about my summons. Good, good. I was just telling Lord Gharesh-ri and Khamira that someone would answer my call."
"Since you're here, I presume you will wholeheartedly agree to help us save Elsweyr from a rage of Dragons."
A rage of Dragons?
"So much better than flock or herd, don't you think?
The Khajiiti Defense Force isn't prepared to deal with a threat as big as Dragons. Especially since they were fighting to liberate Rimmen when the huge beasts arrived."
Liberate Rimmen?
"Stay focused. We'll deal with that later. Right now, we must assist the Defense Force. Rendezvous with us at their command post.
On your way, however, I have another task for you. I detected a series of power surges that I want you to investigate."
All right, tell me more about these surges of power.
"I was formulating a spell to track the Dragons when I noticed several surges of arcane energy not far from here. They reminded me of an old acquaintance. Has a way with portals.
If it is him, I want you to secure his help against the Dragons."
Lost Lunch

The Northern Elsweyr Defense Force is not prepared to deal with the Dragons, especially since they arrived as the Khajiit were liberating Riverhold from the Euraxian forces. Abnur Tharn has detected magical disturbances west of Riverhold, and he suspects they may be associated with the use of portals. He believes an old acquaintance of his is responsible for these disturbances. You are tasked with investigating these magical disturbances, and if his assumptions are correct, he would like you to enlist the stranger's help in fighting the Dragons.

You should begin at the marker on the side of the road, closest to the Star Haven Wayshrine. When you arrive, you will find a dead Ogrim and two locals staring at it: Thaeduna and Asazeh. Thaeduna looks about ready to poke the beast with a stick. You should ask them about the monster. Asazeh smells the stench of Coldharbour, and she's not too far off on where the creature came from. It has the signature blue skin and icy eyes of a servant of Molag Bal. It doesn't seem like the Prince's servant came here on purpose, nor that more will try to come after it, so you should continue your investigation for now.

Some unlucky Euraxian Soldiers

Head north towards the next location. When you arrive, you'll find a Foul-Smelling Sack sack and a blue bantam guar, which runs away when you approach. Strange. Bantam guar aren't usually such a deep blue color like that. But that doesn't matter. Investigate the smelly sack. Inside is a Rotten Turkey Leg. Gross. Why on earth this is anywhere near a site of magical disturbances is anyone's guess. Head north towards the next site and continue your investigation.

The next site is across the river. There, you'll find a group of dead Euraxian soldiers who appear to have been digging for something, as well as their Discarded Orders. Reading the orders, you discover that the Euraxians are doing the same thing you are. While you're busy snooping around the dig site, you are accosted by a Khajiit named Lharahad. Speak with him and see what he wants.

"I watched you go from location to location, just like the man with the pot on his head!
Are you one of the soldiers intent on digging up every plot of land? Or are you simply a deviant who enjoys skulking and slinking through the wilderness?"
What man with the pot on his head?
"Do not play innocent with me, stranger! You must be working with that pale, gaunt fool with the ridiculous mustache. Why else would you be visiting the same places that he did? Unless ….
Are you an agent of the Usurper Queen?"
The Usurper Queen?
"Euraxia, the hated Imperial who conquered Rimmen and falsely claimed to be its queen. Do not feign ignorance, outsider! I had just about enough of that when I talked to the man with the pot on his head!"
Where did the man with the pot on his head go?
"You sound as confused as he was! Kept talking to his pet lizard-bird like he expected it to answer.
The last I saw, he headed east. I suppose you'll find him in that direction and south of Riverhold. Just stop skulking around."
Right, I'll just go and find the man with the pot on his head.

Lharahad saw you poking around and became suspicious. He accuses you of being a Euraxian agent, and mentions that a strange man with a pot on his head was skulking around here not long ago, talking to his pet bantam guar. Look for the man with the pot on his head. Lharahad said he went east of here and south of Riverhold. It's Sir Cadwell, and he's digging up a grave! Talk to him and figure out why he's here.

A familiar face
"Ah, hello there! Good to see you again, old chum! Have you come to pay your respects, too?
It was the strangest thing. I dreamed I was looking at this very gravestone. So here I came and there it is, all solid and everything!"
Is that gravestone important?
"Important? I have no idea! I suppose it must be. I saw it in a dream, after all. Or was it a vision? I get those two confused.
Anyway, I felt a sort of pull and stepped through a door. Then pish-posh, Honor's a bantam guar—and here I am!"
Abnur Tharn sent me to check on surges of power he detected.
"Tharn, you say? The grumpy battlemage? How is the old boy?
The surges were probably just me. My portal took a few tries before we honed in on this exact location. Now, why don't you take a look at the gravestone and see what you make of it, hmm?"
Under attack!

Cadwell says that he was brought to this gravestone by a vision he saw. He's not sure if the gravestone is at all important, so asks you to investigate it and see what you can make of it. It appears as if someone mighty hated was buried here. In any case, Cadwell agrees to help you against the Dragons. From here, you should head on out to the Defense Force Outpost to meet up with Abnur Tharn. The Defense Force Outpost is a ways south from Riverhold. Follow the road until you reach it.

Sleepy Senche Mine

When you arrive, the outpost isn't looking too hot. Everything's on fire. Suddenly, the problem makes itself clear: a Dragon is attacking! Abnur Tharn uses his skill as an Imperial Battlemage to deter the beast, and exhausts himself in doing so. Magic takes work, and that spell was huge. Speak with Tharn and Khamira. You learn that the Euraxians invaded the outpost with a hoard of undead, and that the Dragon appeared to be assisting the invasion force. Khamira informs you that there are several important documents still in the camp, and asks you to retrieve them. Once you do, she wants you to find Captain Nala-do and give her the documents.

The militia slaughters the undead

The documents are scattered throughout burning tents across the camp. Collect them, and head up the hill to the west to give them to Captain Nala-do. You will find her impaling a Euraxian Necromancer. Introduce yourself and hand her the documents. She tells you to find Abnur Tharn and Khamira, and to tell them to met the rest of the Defense Force in Riverhold. Abnur Tharn is south of here, at the edge of the burning camp. Abnur Tharn knows about Zumog Phoom and his forces, and tells you he can sense vile necromantic energy coming from the mountains to the west. Khamira took a handful of soldiers and took off in that direction, and Tharn wants you to help her find the source of the undead.

Your destination is Sleepy Senche Mine. You'll find Khamira and her squad waiting at the entrance. The path within branches off in two directions, so the Defense Force will take one path through the mine, and you'll take the other. Head on into the mine and kill any Euraxians that get on your way.

In the depths of the necromancers' den
Cadwell wants to talk
Meeting in the Riverhold Town Hall

Quest Stages[edit]

A Rage of Dragons
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should head to Riverhold in Northern Elsweyr and see what Abnur Tharn has to say.
Objective: Talk to Abnur Tharn
Before I meet Tharn and Khamira at the Defense Force camp, Tharn wants me to investigate the sites of several surges of power he detected. He thinks they might point to someone who could help us—Sir Cadwell. He marked these locations on my map.
Objective: Investigate Power Surge Locations:0/3
Optional Step: Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri
Optional Step: Talk to Khamira
While investigating the sites that Tharn marked on my map, I was accosted by someone who followed me. I should talk to him and see if he noticed anything else at the sites.
Objective: Talk to Lharahad
Lharahad said that he saw a strange, pale-skinned man with a pot on his head wandering around before I arrived. He said the man headed east. I should try to track him down somewhere to the south and east of Riverhold.
Objective: Find the Outsider with a Pot on His Head
Tharn suspected that Cadwell was the source of the surges of power he detected and there he is. I should talk to Cadwell and find out what he's doing here.
Objective: Talk to Cadwell
Cadwell says that he dreamed about this particular gravestone and was somehow drawn to this spot. He asked me to examine it and see what I make of the inscription.
Objective: Examine the Gravestone
I examined the gravestone. It appears to mark the resting place of someone named only as "The Betrayer." I should talk to Cadwell and see if that means anything to him.
Objective: Talk to Cadwell
Despite his strange dreams, Cadwell agreed to help us deal with the Dragons. I should head to the outpost of the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force to meet up with Abnur Tharn and Khamira now.
Objective: Find the Defense Force Outpost
A Dragon! It's attacking the outpost! I need to get over there.
Objective: Survive the Dragon Attack
Abnur Tharn used his magic to fend off the Dragon attack. I should talk to him and make sure he's all right.
Objective: Talk to Abnur Tharn
The effort Abnur Tharn expended to fend off the Dragon seems to have left him depleted. He asked me to talk to Khamira and see what I can do to help her.
Objective: Talk to Khamira
Khamira asked me to recover sensitive documents from the ruins of the militia's camp. I should search the tents for mail sacks that contain the important documents.
Objective: Recover Military Documents: 0/4
I recovered the documents that Khamira requested. Now I should find Captain Nala-do and deliver the documents to her.
Objective: Find Captain Nala-do
I found Captain Nala-do. She defeated a necromancer and his undead. I should deliver the documents I recovered and speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Captain Nala-do
Captain Nala-do headed for Riverhold to consult with Gharesh-ri. I should meet Abnur Tharn and Khamira at the south end of the militia camp and see what we need to do next.
Objective: Talk to Abnur Tharn
Abnur Tharn says that the source of the undead army lies in the mountains to the west. I should go and investigate the area. And if I run into Khamira, I should make sure she's all right.
Objective: Find the Source of Undead
I encountered Khamira and her soldiers on my way to find the source of the undead army. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Khamira
Khamira and her soldiers tracked the Dragon to the same mountain that houses the source of the undead. We've decided to team up to try to deal with both threats.
Objective: Enter the Mine
The source of the undead must be somewhere deep in the mine. I should explore until I find it.
Objective: Find the Source of the Undead
I found the lead necromancer who's been raising the undead army here in the western mountains. I need to defeat the necromancer before she replenishes Euraxia's forces.
Objective: Kill Gravestalker Gemmia
Khamira and her soldiers helped me take down the necromancer. I should wait for her to descend from the cliffside to join me.
Objective: Rendezvous with Khamira
The Dragon that attacked the Defense Force outpost just incinerated Khamira's soldiers while Khamira herself leaped off the cliff. I need to chase down the Dragon and see if I can deal with it.
Objective: Follow the Dragon
The Dragon landed before me and requested that we parley. I might as well talk to it and see what it wants.
Objective: Talk to Mulaamnir
The Dragon Mulaamnir gave me a warning to pass along to Abnur Tharn. It wants us both to leave Elsweyr and stay out of its way. I should wait until it leaves before I determine my next move.
Objective: Talk to Mulaamnir
Khamira did survive the Dragon attack when she leaped off the cliff. I should talk to her and see what she thinks about my conversation with Mulaamnir.
Objective: Talk to Khamira
Mulaamnir warned me and Abnur Tharn to leave Elsweyr or suffer the consequences. The Dragon also intimated that it was in control of Rimmen, calling Euraxia its puppet. I need to return to Riverhold and consult with Abnur Tharn and Gharesh-ri.
Objective: Return to Riverhold
Upon arriving in Riverhold, Cadwell called out to me. I should talk to him and see what he has to say.
Objective: Talk to Cadwell
Cadwell seems to think that the missing head from the grave he saw in his vision might be significant, but that's a problem for later. Right now, Abnur Tharn wants to see me in the Riverhold town hall.
Objective: Talk to Abnur Tharn
Finishes quest☑ Abnur Tharn suggested a meeting with Queen Euraxia. I should talk to him and convince him that a parley is a good idea.
Objective: Talk to Abnur Tharn
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