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The Euraxians are Nibenese mercenaries and necromancers in the employ of Euraxia Tharn who enforce her will across Northern Elsweyr.


Named Members
Euraxia Tharn (leader)
Zumog Phoom (chief necromancer)
Augurius the Mad
Captain Carvain
Captain Martio Calsivius
Captain Saulinia
Gravecaller Duvia
Gravestalker Gemmia
Herald Vitelia
Lieutenant Artorius
Lieutenant Herennius
Lieutenant Lepida
Lieutenant Talia
Necromancer Otho
Skullguard Grundu
Skullguard Marama
Generic Members
Euraxian Alchemist
Euraxian Arbalest
Euraxian Archer
Euraxian Assassin
Euraxian Berserker
Euraxian Battlemage
Euraxian Berserker
Euraxian Firecaster
Euraxian Guard
Euraxian Infantry
Euraxian Knight
Euraxian Necromancer
Euraxian Sentry
Euraxian Skullguard
Euraxian Soldier
Euraxian Spellblade
Euraxian Spellsword
Euraxian Summoner




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