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Abyssal Cabal[edit]

The Abyssal Cabal is a group of four Sea Sload who have banded together for a common goal: to destroy Summerset. They have an arrangement with the Court of Bedlam.

Ascendant Order[edit]

The Ascendant Order is a secret order of knights led by the Ascendant Lord, a mysterious force who threatens to disrupt peace talks for the ongoing Three Banners War and condemn Tamriel to endless conflict,[1] as part of their chaotic unknown motives.[2][3] The Ascendant Lord is described as an intimidating figure clad in dark steel armour from head to toe, seeking to claim an ancient legacy.[4] The Order has been generally non-hostile until their recent thwarts to disrupt peace talks between the Alliances, stealing a Society of the Steadfast master medallion and various others to curse them with fatal enchantments.

Agluk Clan[edit]

The Agluk are an Orc clan. Mainly found in the Wrothgarian Mountains, a group of them is found in Torog's Spite, a cave located near the city of Evermore. There, they exact their revenge against the Bretons for the sacking of Orsinium.

Agra Crun[edit]

The Agra Crun are a group of Orcs responsible for guarding the sacred words of Malacath at Fharun Stronghold. When the stronghold was attacked by the Vosh Rakh, most of the group's members were killed.

The faction's name is based on an old legend of Bagrar the Troll-Slayer and her shield, Agra Crun. This shield is on display at the House of Orsimer Glories.

Ahemmusa Tribe[edit]

The Ahemmusa Tribe is a tribe of Ashlanders living in Vvardenfell. Their main camp is southwest of Balmora, in the swamplands of the Bitter Coast region. Like the other major Ashlander tribes, they have sent some members to Ald'ruhn.

They are one of the tribes studied and documented by Ulran Releth. Ulran described them as "among the most peaceful of the Ashlander tribes and the weakest in terms of amassing any sort of warband". He also describes them as hunters and fishermen who prefer to keep to themselves, decorate their clothing with small shells and netting, and use everyday tools (like hunting knives and fishing spears) as weapons when needed to defend themselves.

Al-Danobia Guardians[edit]

Al-Danobia Guardians are stone Yokudan warriors that guard al-Danobia Tomb. They are accompanied by gargoyles.

Aldmeri Dominion[edit]

The Aldmeri Dominion is one of the three joinable factions participating in the Alliance War, the other two being the Daggerfall Covenant and the Ebonheart Pact. The crest of the Aldmeri Dominion is an eagle, and its colors are yellow and silver. It consists of the Altmer of Summerset Isles, the Bosmer of Valenwood, and the Khajiit of Elsweyr. The alliance is a nascent empire that rules its holdings with an iron fist. Led by Queen Ayrenn with Elden Root as its capital, the Dominion seeks to reestablish Elven dominance over Tamriel in order to protect it from the carelessness of the younger races. The province of Valenwood, led by King Camoran Aeradan, joined the alliance to help fight off the Colovian troops that were capturing territory in northern Valenwood, while Elsweyr still remains in the grip of the Knahaten Flu. Dominion players will begin on Khenarthi's Roost after being washed up unconscious on the shores of the island following their escape from Molag Bal's realm of Coldharbour.

Alessian Order[edit]

The Alessian Order was a totalitarian theocracy that ruled over Cyrodiil in the First Era. Most members of the order can be encountered at Glenumbra Moors. For historical information, see the lore article.


The Anka-Ra are a warrior band of the Ra Gada. They were led by Emperor Tarish-Zi, and fought their way as far as Craglorn, where Tarish-Zi's crypt is rumored to lie. The Anka-Ra swore an oath of eternal loyalty to Tarish-Zi, which meant that their spirits were bound to his body, and when the Warrior summoned forth warriors to his aid the Anka-Ra were brought back from the dead.

Antiquarian Circle[edit]

The Antiquarian Circle is the University of Gwylim's historical society. They scour Tamriel for lost antiquities to collect and catalogue them. They do so using a scrying tool created by its founder Tjurhane Fyrre—the Antiquarian's Eye.


The Apostates (or Accursed of Y'ffre) are a group of oath-breakers, Bosmer punished for breaking the Green Pact, who are cursed with undeath to roam the wilderness until they find a way to redeem themselves. Skeletal and zombie members can be found in the Tomb of the Apostates.

Arbordawn Cult[edit]

The Arbordawn Cult is a splinter group of the Falinesti Faithful founded by Indring. Tired of waiting for Falinesti to reappear, they took over the Autumn Site and became followers of the Daedric Prince Mephala.

Ash Exiles[edit]

The Ash Exiles are a tribe of exiled Ashlanders who can be found in Nchuleft.


The Ash'abah are a group of Redguards who are pariahs from the rest of society due to their delegated role: fighting the undead.

In Redguard culture, desecrating honored ancestors is considered the worst action imaginable and brings Tu'whacca's curse upon the family of anyone who takes up arms against risen dead. For this reason, necromancers have historically targeted the Alik'r Desert. The Ash'abah were created to fight back, at a cost: they are hated by other Redguards, and exiled to Morwha's Bounty south of Sentinel. When the dead rise, the Ash'abah are called upon to help, but otherwise they are shunned. For more historical information on the Ash'abah, see the lore article.


Ashlanders are a faction of nomadic Dunmer. It comprises numerous different tribes, mainly found in Stonefalls, Deshaan and on the island of Vvardenfell. On Vvardenfell there are four main tribes (Ahemmusa, Erabenimsun, Urshilaku, and Zainab), plus some bandit groups consisting of outcasts from the main tribes. On the mainland, there are two major tribes, the Mabrigash and Kagesh, and two smaller hostile tribes, the Vereansu and the Ulath. For more information, see the lore page.