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The Morkul are a clan of Orcs. They have a Stronghold in Wrothgar, and a group of them is found in Torog's Spite, a cave located near the city of Evermore. There, they exact their revenge against the Bretons for the sacking of Orsinium.


Named Members
Borzugh gro-Morkul
Chief Abzug
Ghakorz gro-Morkul
Generic Members
Morkul Clan Brute
Morkul Clan Champion
Morkul Clan Enforcer
Morkul Clan Warrior
Morkuldin Sentinel
Morkuldin Protector
Morkuldin Warden



  • Claim to Fame: Find out which Orcish clan deserves credit for the raids of the Torog's Spite Bandits.
  • The Hand of Morkul: Discover the ancient secrets of Morkul Clan.Crown Store
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