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The Baandari are a clan of Khajiit merchants and pedlars who can be found all across Tamriel. They have a base of operations at the Baandari Trading Post in Malabal Tor.

Band of The Three[edit]

The Band of The Three is a notorious bandit gang in Stormhaven. Although they were killed after a group of knights collapsed their cave hideout, their spirits returned as the Fallen Three.

Bards College[edit]

The Bards College are the faculty or attendees of the educational institution by the same name. They are a collection of musicians, poets, bards and skalds who practice and perform within the college's halls in the city of Solitude in Western Skyrim. The current Headmaster of the college is Headmaestro Catrelle Georick.

In recent years there has been a schism between members of the faculty over a collection of musical instruments and how they should be used; preservation verses playing.

Barkbite Clan[edit]

The Barkbite are a clan of Wood Orcs. Their stronghold is located in Reman's Bluff. They are suffering from an unknown sickness and most of their warriors have died at the hands of the nearby bandit gang who have been assaulting their home relentlessly.

Bear-Heart Clan[edit]

The Bear-Heart Clan are a clan of Reachfolk. One of their exiles was killed and captured by Falmer.

Beldama Wyrd[edit]

The Beldama Wyrd is a coven of nature-witches that worship Jephre, the Forest God of the Bretons. They are protected by the three Guardians of Earth, Water, and Air.

Berne Clan[edit]

The Berne Clan is a vampire clan in Vvardenfell.

Bitterhand Bandits[edit]

The Bitterhand Bandits are a group of ruthless bandits operating in Rivenspire. They have based themselves in Old Fell's Fort and are led by Leonce Gavendien.

Bjoulsae Boys[edit]

The Bjoulsae Boys are a group of bandits settled in the ruins of Viridian Watch. There are rumors saying that the loot they steal goes to the less fortunate, but once inside their lair, it is clear that they are false.

Black Daggers[edit]

The Black Daggers are a group of bandits plaguing Chorrol and the countryside around it. They have begun to expand to other parts of Cyrodiil, starting with Bruma and Cheydinhal. They are currently based in the town of Hackdirt, which they took by scaring off the former residents.

Black Dart[edit]

The Black Dart are a hostile group of bandits found within Zainsipilu. They are running an illicit moon-sugar plantation, originally planted by Halinjirr.

Black Fin Legion[edit]

The Black Fin Legion is a militia that protects Gideon.

Black Gulls[edit]

The Black Gulls are a gang of smugglers and slavers who occupy the ruins of South Guard.

Black Snails[edit]

The Black Snails are an unscrupulous mercenary group who are behind the illness of Mistress Dratha and the resulting power struggle in Vos. They have a stronghold in the cave of Pinsun.

Black Wake[edit]

The Black Wake are a group of Altmeri outlaws and exiles living in the Shimmerene Waterworks. They are led by Mirulon, who is working on behalf of the Court of Bedlam to assassinate a Sapiarch.

Black-Moon Clan[edit]

The Black-Moon Clan is a clan of hostile Reachfolk living in a camp in the northern half of the Reach. They worship Namira, and wear Minotaur Style armor.

Black-Tongue Tribe[edit]

The Black-Tongue Tribe a is an Argonian tribe within Murkmire. They tend to be soft-spoken unless caught off-guard, wherein they will not hesitate to kill those who trespass upon their lands. The tribe is dedicated to Sithis, and has been known to actively attempt to influence their clutches to produce many Shadowscales. They use their vast knowledge of the plants of Black Marsh to produce a powerful contraceptive known as "Gloom Nectar", which allows the Black-Tongues to synchronize their egg-laying cycles and ensure that many of their clutches are born under the sign of the Shadow. The tribe consists of a good deal of alchemists.

Blackcaster Mages Guild[edit]

The Blackcaster Mages Guild is a rogue group of mages who rule the city of Elinhir. They are led by Archmage Yamanu-ko, and have been corrupted by the Serpent's influence. Blackcasters can also be found at Balamath.

Blackdrake Clan[edit]

The Blackdrake Clan are Reachfolk that founded the Longhouse line of Emperors. Shortly before 2E 582, Ard Caddach executed all living members of the clan.

Blackfeather Court[edit]

The Blackfeather Court is a feudal court of talking crows that rules over the realm of Crow's Wood. They were hatched by the Crow Mother, and are led by the Duke of Crows.


The Blackguards are a mostly Argonian gang rumored to consist of escapees from Blackrose Prison that are heavily involved in the Argonian artifact trade through Margus Derius. They use Honor Guard Style arms and armor.

Blackheart Haven Pirates[edit]

The Blackheart Haven Pirates is a group of pirates operating out of Blackheart Haven. It is led by the pirate, Captain Blackheart.

Blackmarrow Cult[edit]

The Blackmarrow Cult are a group of necromancers, led by Orryn the Black, trying to reanimate the skeleton of Thurvokun, a long-dead dragon. They are the main enemies encountered in Fang Lair.

Blacksap Rebellion[edit]

The Blacksap Rebellion are a group of Bosmer who believe that Valenwood is being corrupted by the Aldmeri Dominion.

Bleak Veil[edit]

The Bleak Veil were originally a displaced group of necromancers from Hammerfell, led by Magnifico Bahraha, that relocated to Hew's Bane. The group began to build a specifically designed royal tomb that could used as a conduit of necrotic energy for rituals. However, once Prince Hubalajad learned of his uncle's plans, he had them sealed into the tomb—which was soon known locally as Bahraha's Gloom and the incident became the secret shame of the Royal family.

Unbeknownst to the outside world, the cult continued to survive, with its cultists drawing lots to see who would be sacrificed for the ascension of the few. The seal which keeps them imprisoned needs to be recharged periodically and once had an entire order devoted to it. By 2E 582, the order has dwindled to a single member.


The Blighted are hostile undead Khajiit and the former residents of old Cicatrice before the town was quarantined during the Knahaten Flu. They have been raised by a nereid after she became corrupted.


The Bloodborn are a group of vampires found in the Ayleid ruin of Lipsand Tarn and Underpall Cave.

Bloodmist Clan[edit]

The Bloodmist Clan is an Orc vampire clan located within the Bloodworks of the Imperial Sewers. They are led by their patriarch, Otholug gro-Goldfolly. The Bloodmist Clan has entered an alliance with Molag Bal's invasion force.


The Bloodsharks are a group of mutineer sailors located in Cave of Broken Sails, who have mutineed against the captain of the Albatross. Based on evidence from their base of operations, they appear to be members of the Daggerfall Covenant.

Bloodthorn Cult[edit]

The Bloodthorn Cult is a cult of necromancers and bandits. Their leader, Angof the Gravesinger, seeks to conquer Glenumbra and turn its citizens into zombies. To further their goals, they have allied themselves with the Red Rook Bandits and the coven of Hag Fen.


Bloodwraith Dremora can only be encountered in the Circle of Rituals, round seven of the Dragonstar Arena.

Bloody Fists[edit]

The Bloody Fists are the thugs of Headman Bhosek. They can be found in Port Hunding on Stros M'Kai and serve as guards there. Many of the locals are not happy with their presence. Bloody Fist members are not hostile.

Bloody Hand Tribe[edit]

The Bloody Hand Tribe is a tribe of Goblins. They are located in multiple locations in Cyrodiil.

Blue Venom[edit]

The Blue Venom are a group of Maormer pirates active in the Southern Elsweyr. Legacy Slayer achivement is awarded for killing them.

Bonechime Gang[edit]

The Bonechime Gang is a minor Khajiit criminal group in Northern Elsweyr, which are involved in poaching and the trade of exotic animal products. Under the leadership of Rahti the Peeler, their recent focus has been the Prowl, a hunting ground which was recently attacked by a Dragon. In particular, the menagerie of animals at the nearby ranch has caught their eye.

Boneshaper Clan[edit]

The Boneshaper Clan is a tribe of Reachmen currently operating in the Rift. They have formed an alliance with the Worm Cult.

Bonesnap Tribe[edit]

The Bonesnap Tribe is a tribe of Goblins. They are located in Bonesnap Ruins in Stormhaven.

Brackenleaf's Briars[edit]

Brackenleaf's Briars is an order of Grahtwood hunters protecting Brackenleaf, a tree which they believe was planted by Y'ffre at the creation of the world.

Bright-Throat Tribe[edit]

The Bright-Throat Tribe is an Argonian tribe dwelling in Murkmire. Its members are generally known for their bright and colorful scales. The tribe is known for being hospitable as well as for the seed-dolls they carve. The most notable thing about the tribe is their annual bonding ritual. The Bright-Throats believe that inviting neighboring tribes to their bonding ceremony is a show of respect and kinship, and that bonding together strengthens their relationships with one another as they are all egg-brothers and egg-sisters.

Broken Paw[edit]

The Broken Paw is one of the Khajiiti clerical orders. Within the lunar clergy there are other orders, including the Order of the Claw, the Order of the Crescent and the Brotherhood of the Fang.


The Bronzefist are a hostile group of mercenaries found within Nchuleftingth. They were hired by Artisan Lenarmen to keep Neramo out of the ruins.

Buoyant Armigers[edit]

The Buoyant Armigers are a military order of the Tribunal Temple. They seek to emulate Vivec's deeds through their actions and words.