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Orryn the Black
Location Fang Lair
Race Nord Gender Male
Health Normal1347189Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Friendly (In projections before fighting him)
Dragon Bone
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackmarrow Cult
Orryn the Black
Projection of Orryn prior to fighting him in person

Orryn the Black is a Nord necromancer found in Fang Lair. He is the leader of the Blackmarrow Cult and is trying to reanimate the skeleton of the long-dead dragon Thurvokun. During the battle with Thurvokun, he will initially be summoning thralls and casting spells from the sidelines, but after Thurvokun's defeat he will merge with the dragon's bones and fight you.

Once defeated in his dragon form, Orryn drops a guaranteed sample of Dragon Bone. He drops more samples if defeated in Veteran Hard mode.

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Combat Dialogue[edit]

When summoning Thurvokun at the start of the battle:

Orryn the Black: "I'm so glad you could be here for my moment of triumph. I promise your interest in my work will be rewarded.
At last I can unveil the centerpiece of my collection: Thurvokun. Ah, how exquisite it turned out to be.
And your shattered bodies will make the perfect set dressing."
Yisareh: "I can't undo his spell. Not while he's fighting me. You have to be the ones to stop this!"

Orryn will say various mocking things if the group delays fighting him after catching up to him.

"Take your time. I'm just considering where to mount you."
"If you're worried about harming this magnificent specimen, that should be the least of your concerns."
"I should thank you for the opportunity to try out my masterpiece before I reveal it to the world. But I won't."

When he merges with Thurvokun, the following can be heard:

Orryn the Black: "So merely pulling the strings will not be enough. Then allow me to be more direct."
Yisareh: "I can't stop Orryn's summoning! Destroy him! Quickly!"
Orryn the Black: "Ah―haha! Now this is a vessel befitting my power. Observe."

During the battle:

"I'll try not to break you too much."
"The clatter and scrape of old bones is music to my ears."
"Watch how the puppets dance. I'll teach you the steps soon enough."
"I don't normally play with my creations, but today I'll make an exception."
"It's the crystals that bind them to this place!"
"The forgotten dead are eager to taste life."
"How deep do the bones go? Let's see shall we?"
"Can you hear the echoes of those who've died here? It's deafening."
"I love to watch a soul bloom from its wretched corpse."
"They are mine now."
"I'll enjoy this."
"It'd be a shame to die alone."
"I'm beginning to think you don't appreciate my work."
"Aren't you going to help your fallen friend?"
"Hmph, putrid meat."
"These bones know something about rot."
"Voracious, virulent life."
"Shed your flesh and the agony will end."
"Haha. I should have abandoned my flesh long ago."
"You killed so many of my followers, but they still serve."
"No! My beautiful masterpiece! How ...?" (Upon defeat)


After Lizabet Charnis is killed and the barrier dispelled.

Yisareh: "There! The barrier has been dispelled! Now to find out what they were so interested in protecting."
Orryn the Black: "I'll admit I didn't expect you to deliver yourself to me, Zaan―oh, what's this?
Delvers. How disappointing. Here I thought I might finally acquire the missing piece to the matching set.
Kindly leave before I have to clutter the place up with your corpses. I have more pressing concerns."
Yisareh: "That's what I'm afraid of."

When approaching the Undead Menagerie, Orryn's projection will apppear:

Orryn the Black: "You still here? If you must admire my work, at least allow me to put my best fossil forward."
<Projection disappears.>

Conversation heard when approaching Caluurion:

Orryn the Black: "Not to be an ungracious host, but I've tired of entertaining."
"Caluurion. See that our uninvited guests are made comfortable for a very long stay."
Caluurion: "How much more of your company must I endure, Orryn? None of you are welcome here!"

Conversation when summoning Ulfnor and Sabina Cedus:

Orryn the Black: "So many of the things you've broken I can easily replace, but Caluurion... he was a unique specimen. He'll never be the same.
And what are these two without the third? Incomplete. Ancillary. Superfluous.
Ulfnor. Sabina. Smash yourselves to dust against these vandals."
Ulfnor: "Sorry to have to kill you."
Sabina Cedus: "No you're not."
Ulfnor: "Has to be done. Might as well enjoy it."

Once Orryn and Thurvokun are defeated:

Yisareh: "I think it's time we laid these old bones to rest for good.
Caluurion, Ulfnor, Sabina, help me unravel the threads binding Orryn to your ancient foe."
Caluurion: "Turnabout is fair play."
Ulfnor: "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this."
Sabina Cedus: "Time for a taste of your own medicine, bastard."
Orryn the Black: "Where did I go wrong?"
Sabina Cedus: "There'll be plenty of time for regrets where you're going."
Yisareh: "Now to ensure this Dragon stays buried for a very long time.
Breath of the Tricky God. Breeze of the Far Shores. Carry away the lingering life that clings as Sep's skin to this world.
Caluurion: May your elusive spirit be forever swallowed by the Void."
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