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Gaspard's Stalkers[edit]

Gaspard's Stalkers is a now-disbanded mercenary group of Orcs. When it was active, it was led by Captain Gaspard Esmery. A young Kurog gro-Bagrakh and Bazrag "the Butcher" were members.

Ghost People Tribe[edit]

The Ghost People Tribe or "Veeskhleel" in Jel are an Argonian tribe which have a very dark reputation. Named for the pale sickly scales they share, they rarely venture from their homes in the Deepmire, leaving only under the cover of night to steal Argonian eggs and corpses. With the latter, the Veeskhleel offer the souls from the bodies they take to their Hist.

Ghostsong Clan[edit]

The Ghostsong Clan are Reachfolk that have a special affinity for the Spirit Queen, Namira. Some members of the clan can be found performing rituals at Four Skull Lookout.

Gleaners of Aurbis[edit]

The Gleaners of Aurbis are a group of extraplanar thieves and spies that work out of Fargrave. They have a reciprocal arrangement with the Saraathu Tong who provide Gleaners with quick travel in and out of places quietly, though it's not explicit what the Gleaners provide to the Saraathu.

Glenmoril Wyrd[edit]

The Glenmoril Wyrd is a coven of nature-witches. They worship Hircine and have knowledge of how to cure both lycanthropy and vampirism. Their willingness to cure lycanthropy puts them at conflict with the Reachmen who revere all aspects of Hircine and view lycanthropy as a blessing.

Gnaw-Root Tribe[edit]

The Gnaw-Root Tribe is a tribe of goblins in Shadowfen. They were enslaved and brought to the mines at Mud Tree Village, but have risen up against their masters. They can now be found throughout Mud Tree Mine and in their camp near the village, along with their durzogs. They can be subdued with food scraps during the related quest.

Gold Coast Mercenaries[edit]

The Gold Coast Mercenaries are a band of mercenaries-for-hire from Colovia who can be found across Tamriel.

Gold Coast Trading Company[edit]

The Gold Coast Trading Company is a trading company who, among other business interests, hire out their kiosks to guilds. They are listed as the sellers of tabards in Guild Stores. They also manufacture and distribute Crown Crates. Their logo can be seen on the cards, as well as the crates themselves. Some items found within crates also contain their name, such as the elixirs, poisons, and experience scrolls. The company has an office in Anvil, and have operations within the Ayleid ruins of Garlas Agea on the Gold Coast. A related quest reveals the Gold Coast Trading Company import dangerous creatures from Craglorn.

Grasp of the Stricture[edit]

The Grasp of the Stricture (or simply the Grasp) is a group of Daedra that serves as arbiters for the inhabitants of Fargrave.

Gray Host[edit]

The Gray Host, also called the Verkarth Vampires, are a group of ancient Vampires, Werewolves, and other abominations. In the base game, they can appear as the final wave of enemies at Dark Anchors, where they are led by King Styriche of Verkarth. Accompanying Syriche is Fangaril, an undead werewolf summoned from deep beneath Cyrodiil, and Zayzahad, a powerful werebat.

They can be once again be encountered in DLC and Chapter content as the main antagonists of the Dark Heart of Skyrim themed content. This new Gray Host resent King Styriche for damning them to Coldharbour, and instead follow Rada al-Saran. Members can be found within during Harrowstorm activities, where their souls are being pulled from Coldharbour and freed back into Nirn. They are allied with the Icereach Coven and the Draugrkin.

Gray Vipers[edit]

The Gray Vipers are a small gang of brigands found in the province of Cyrodiil.

Greycloak Mercenaries[edit]

The Greycloak Mercenaries are a hostile group found in Craglorn.