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The Ca-Uxith are an Argonian tribe native to the settlement of Krona-Konu, known to outsiders as Rockgrove.

Camonna Tong[edit]

The Camonna Tong is a native Dunmer criminal organization operating on Vvardenfell. They are known for their brutality and their hatred of outlanders. For historical information, see the lore article.

Cinder-Heart Clan[edit]

The Cinder-Heart Clan is a clan of hostile Reachfolk that resides in a camp near Rebel's Retreat. They worship Molag Bal, and the extreme horrors of his sphere can be seen with the Cinder-Heart Clan's cruel treatment of captives, whom they burn alive. Their briarheart ritual is augmented with the intense pain of opening a subject's chest cavity and filling it with hot coals.

Circle of Champions[edit]

The Circle of Champions is a guild consisting of the greatest fighters of Tamriel, commonly referred to as "gladiators". Led by Battlemaster Rivyn, they demonstrate their prowess in games of martial skill using dangerous locales as battlegrounds. The gladiators are divided into three teams: the Fire Drakes, the Pit Daemons, and the Storm Lords. Some gladiators prefer to stick to one team, while others will change on a match-by-match basis. For more information, see the Battlegrounds page or the lore page.

Claws of Daegon[edit]

The Claws of Daegon are a group of Khajiiti cultists in service to Merrunz who have taken over the Darkpool Mine in the southwest of Northern Elsweyr. They possess an enchanted forging tool known as the Deadland Hammer, which they are using to summon iron atronachs.

Clockwork Apostles[edit]

The Clockwork Apostles are followers of Sotha Sil who, during his absence, govern the Clockwork City from the Clockwork Basilica within the walls of the Brass Fortress.

Clutch of Nisswo[edit]

The Clutch of Nisswo, or "nothing speakers", are a group of priests dedicated to Sithis. There are only a handful of known members and they can mostly be found at shrines of Sithis across Murkmire, or other places in Murkmire which are related to Sithis. To become a nisswo, one first needs to take on the role of voh-vastei (apprentice) and be mentored by another nisswo.

Coldharbour Elite Guard[edit]

The Coldharbour Elite Guard, also called the Xivkyn Elite or "Banners", are an extremely powerful group of Xivkyn located in the Imperial City Sewers who serve as Molag Bal's generals. They are sweeper bosses; they patrol various parts of the sewers in a looping path and will become hostile should they detect you or a group member, which makes them difficult to escape as they are not leashed. They are some of the most powerful enemies in the game and most often require a large group to defeat a single one.

Coldsnap Tribe[edit]

The Coldsnap Tribe consists primarily of Rieklings, but have included Goblin-ken such as ogres in their ranks. They have inhabit Dwarven ruin of Frostvault, and have appropriated the Dwemer's devices.

Colovian Raiders[edit]

The Colovian Raiders are a group of deserters from the Colovian force stationed in the Northern Woods. The raiders are led by Ravo Peltrasius and occupy an Ayleid ruin called Fardir's Folly.


The Companions are a legendary group of Nord heroes, and have been part of Nord culture since Ysgramor's arrival on the shores of Skyrim before the First Era. They are encountered in the Rift, where they will aid the Ebonheart Pact in fighting back against the Reachmen and Worm Cult invaders. They're based at Fallowstone Hall.

Corelanya Clan[edit]

The Corelanya Clan was an Altmer clan who lived in the Alik'r Desert during the First Era. They opposed the Redguards when they landed in Hammerfell.

Coterie of Organized Scholars[edit]

The Coterie of Organized Scholars are an organization devoted to study and research in Western Skyrim. As a learning institute in the Holds they are among the oldest, with only the Bards College beating them. As per the charter with High King Svargrim and his isolationist policies, outside organizations like the Mages Guild are required to work through the Coterie in matters of research. Despite this, many non-Nords count among their members and there is a great range in the fields of study they pursue.

As some assignments are more dangerous than others, the Coterie of Organized Scholars often hire adventurers to help with collecting research materials.

Council of Province Generals[edit]

The Council of Province Generals is a council of the Fighters Guild's highest ranks. Each general represents a former province of the Empire, managing the guild's business there on behalf of the guildmaster. Following the death of Guildmaster Jofnir Iceblade and due to the unrest of the Interregnum period, the number of delegates have lessened. Only five former provinces are represented in the Council: Cyrodiil, Elsweyr, High Rock, Skyrim, and Valenwood. You will first encounter the Council in Vulkwasten, Sentinel or Fort Amol during the quest Proving the Deed, and once more at the Earth Forge during Will of the Council.

Court of Bedlam[edit]

The Court of Bedlam is a secretive Daedric cult made up of worshippers of Clavicus Vile, Nocturnal, and Mephala. The three Princes have formed a triad to wage war against their fellow Daedric Princes and reshape Nirn in their own image. As such, the Court is central to the Daedric War storyline.

See: The Triad

Cragkin Tribe[edit]

The Cragkin are a tribe of goblins found in Bangkorai and Reaper's March.

Crimson Oath[edit]

The Crimson Oath are a group of Daedra loyal to Mehrunes Dagon, that have been provided by him as protection of the Waking Flame cultists constructing the Antecedent Cataclyst in the Dread Cellar. They are mainly comprised of Dremora warriors who have a desire to maraud across Tamriel, being rather bored with their posting to the Cellar. According to themselves, they are Dagon's most trusted, but according to the Waking Flame they are nothing more than brute killers. They view the Waking Flame as foolish mortals only fit for submission, being quite evidently jealous that Dagon entrusted them with the Cataclyst.

Crimson Raiders[edit]

The Crimson Raiders are a group of pirates led by Flat Tooth settled in the Crimson Cove. They were hired by the Seventh Legion and tasked with stopping any Dominion ships that passes near the cove.

Crossroads Profiteers[edit]

The Crossroads Profiteers are a ragtag group of scavengers who follow battles and loot the corpses of fallen soldiers. They recruit Alliance War deserters and prisoners to aid them. The Profiteers also hire Level 8 woodworkers, blacksmiths, enchanters and clothiers and Level 4 alchemists to make goods for them to sell alongside their scavenged loot. They have a camp in Upper Craglorn on the road west of Dragonstar, near the Iron Orcs' territory.

Crosstree Bandits[edit]

The Crosstree Bandits are a gang of skooma smugglers led by Hazak running their operations on the island of Khenarthi's Roost.

Crow-Eye Clan[edit]

The Crow-Eye Clan are Reachfolk based in Karthwasten around 2E 582, having taken back their land from the Nords in previous years. Their relationship with the spirits is one of negotiation, where they provide offerings in return for powering the wards which protect their home. While Nocturnal is the primary spirit they pay homage to, they also show respect to Hircine, Molag Bal and Namira.


The Crowns are a group dedicated to preserving the 'old ways' of Redguard traditions. They are fiercely opposed to and often in conflict with the Forebears.

Cult of Meridia[edit]

The Cult of Meridia refers to the mortal worshippers of the Daedric Prince of Light, Meridia. They have a number of branches throughout Tamriel.

The Warriors of Light are a specialized group of servants of Meridia who answer to her directly.

Cult of the Ancestor Moth[edit]

The Cult of the Ancestor Moth is a priesthood dedicated to reading the Elder Scrolls. Their higher ranking members, called Moth Priests or Augurs, study the scrolls for knowledge to the point where they lose their eyesight. For more information, see the lore article.

Cult of the Profane Bond[edit]

The Cult of the Profane Bond is a Daedric cult situated on Vvardenfell. The Profane Bond can be found at Maelkashishi and inside Tusenend, shrines dedicated to Sheogorath and Molag Bal respectively.

Cygnus Irregulars[edit]

The Cygnus Irregulars are a sect of the Imperial Legion led by Prefect Calo. They are primarily military engineers, scouts, and trainers.

Cyrodilic Collections[edit]

Cyrodilic Collections is an organization dedicated to recovering Argonian relics and artifacts stolen from Black Marsh and returning them to their owners. They have a camp on the outskirts of Stormhold and operate regular expeditions to Murkmire.