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This article is about the god. For the book, see Sithis (book).

Statue of Sithis

Sithis (or Padomay) is a representation of the one primordial state of chaos. It is also the patron of the Dark Brotherhood,[1] in which it is given a male persona and said to be the Husband of the Night Mother. Sithis is described as an equal but opposing force to Anuiel.[2] Though the Dark Brotherhood often anthropomorphizes Sithis as a "Father", they acknowledge he is neither a Daedra nor an Aedra, and does not dwell in any plane of Oblivion. Sithis has a place in almost all of the creation myths of Tamriel, under many different names. In the Redguard tradition it is referred to as Akel, an endless hunger that drives Satak (Anuiel), The First Serpent, to devour itself endlessly. When the First Serpent finally eats its own heart, it dies, but is reborn as Satakal (Aurbis, The Gray Maybe); a new Snake, in which things (Aedra and Daedra) could come to know themselves.[3] Though the renditions differ as to whether Sithis or Anuiel came into being first, most suggest that though Anuiel was largely responsible for bringing the Aedra into lasting existence, Sithis is responsible for Lorkhan coming into being, and thus all of mortal creation.[2] Some lore also suggests the Daedra are "of Sithis' blood", which is supported by their roles as bringers of change.[3]

Sithis has mysterious and varying relationships with other spirits. Sheogorath is described as the " 'Sithis-shaped hole' of the world", likely referring to Sheogorath's chaotic nature.[4] His relationship with Mephala is especially significant; the Morag Tong having worshipped both Mephala and Sithis, the Night Mother of the Dark Brotherhood believed by many to be Mephala disguised. Though many Daedra are believed to have been influenced more by Sithis than Anuiel, no other Daedra are quite so directly associated with him/it. Spoken of as one of the first and strongest Daedric Princes, Mephala may be the only Daedra to actually commune with Sithis in some form.[5] In addition to being the Patron of the Dark Brotherhood, almost all of the races heed Sithis in some form,[3] its existence even acknowledged by the sentient Hist trees.[3] Additionally, Argonians have ties with Sithis: in the Shadowscale tradition, any Argonian born in the Shadow birthsign is presented to the Dark Brotherhood at birth and trained in the art of assassination. If they reach a certain age, the Shadowscales then fully enter into the Dark Brotherhood and begin a life-long service to Sithis.[6][7] The Ghost Snake is thought to bear some relation to Sithis.


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