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Location North of Bright-Throat Village
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Black-Tongue Tribe

Waku-Mat is an Argonian of the Black-Tongue and is the bearer of Ruxol the Infirm, who is the tribe's suitor for the Bonding Ritual. Waku-Mat can be found in one of the pavilions in the Glade of Chimes, north of Bright-Throat Village. For some reason, the Black-Tongue group is delaying starting the ritual and Waku-Mat knows why.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Unsuitable Suitors: Investigate the hold up of the bonding ritual at Bright-Throat Village.


He can be found watching over Ruxol's body with the rest of the group.

"Do not crowd us, ojel. You will disturb Ruxol's focus."
Topeth said you've been making excuses all day. When is Ruxol going to be ready?
"Never … he is dead.
He entered a trance to steel himself for the Dread Fathering Elixir, but after we administered the potion he never awoke. It seems Sithis felt Ruxol had children enough."
Dread Fathering Elixir? Did it kill him
"Our most potent mixture, brewed to ensure even these Bright-Throat bonds are blessed by the Great Creator. He did not foam at the mouth or expel blood from every orifice, so I think it was just his time.
You earned your rest, shaper of generations."
So there's no Black-Tongue suitor? Could you replace him?
"No one could fill the void Ruxol left behind.
Kaoc. I suppose I must try. For the good of the tribe. I will need more of our Dread Fathering Elixir. Ruxol drank it to the last drop."
What do you need? Maybe I can find it for you.
"There is a rare plant—the Leviathan Pizzle. It is the key ingredient to the elixir. Find one and I will join the bonding ritual.
I should warn you—it resembles many toxic mud-blossoms. This sketch should help you avoid them."
Tell me about your tribe.
"We honor Sithis above all else. Raj-Sithis the Changer—not the Destroyer from the dusk times—but ends are often beginnings.
There are no purer agents of change than Shadowscales, so we prepare our children from birth to learn their secrets."
Prepare them how?
"We bathe their eggs in our brews to ensure they are hatched under the favored sign and give them their first taste of the swamp's deadly secrets. They are nursed on the milk of toxic weeds until strong enough for the Shadowscales to come claim them."
What's special about this Leviathan Pizzle?
"It's one of the fourteen xal-fek, or sacred plants. Each plant brings joy or death, depending on the measure. In the bonding, Ruxol ensured the Leviathan Pizzle brought great joy. This season, we will see."
Why choose someone in Ruxol's condition to be your tribe's suitor?
"Because there was no better choice. There has never been a Black-Tongue who could drink as deeply from the Dread Fathering Elixir and live to see his children grown.
He was frail in all other pursuits, but in the bonding he was a divine tool."
How many times was Ruxol chosen to be the Black-Tongue suitor?
"More than anyone has had reason to count. He was but a young whelp when his talent was discovered.
Half of Murkmire may bow their heads as we bear his body back to our Hist."

Once you have found the Leviathan Pizzle, you can return to Waku-Mat so he can prepare the elixir. For his part, he is surprised you survived.

"You have not succumbed to the swamp's poison lips. Was the pizzle jutting out from the short grass as I described?"
I found a Leviathan Pizzle.
"This one is aptly named. Let me add it to the mixture I have already prepared.
If I survive, you may tell Topeth I will do my part."
Good luck. I'll let the Bright-Throats know after I've spoken to the other suitors.

Waku-Mat will then make the elixir and the following scene will happen:

Waku-Mat: "All right. It is finished … Sithis, use me as you will."
<Noisy gulping.>
<Waku-Mat clutches at his head then stops, he survived the elixir.>
Waku-Mat: "I … I am warmed to the core by the presence of the Dread Father. Can you not hear my heart throb as I swell his power of creation?"
Waku-Mat: "I carried Ruxol to prepare me to bear his legend! For the Black-Tongues I will sow a thousand generations!"

When you speak with him after, you find that he is ready as he exclaims:

"What are we waiting for? Those other suitors may sulk if they wish, but Waku-Mat is ready to bond!"

Once the Bonding Ritual is started, Waku-Mat is impatiently waiting to get to the important part.

"I'm told we must wait for the hut to be prepared. Who needs a hut? Why not witness the prowess of Ruxol's heir?"


  • He can only be spoken to once Unsuitable Suitors is started.