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Investigate the hold up of the bonding ritual at Bright-Throat Village.
Zone: Murkmire
Quest Giver: Bond-Guru Topeth
Location(s): Glade of Chimes, Bright-Throat Village
Prerequisite Quest: Empty Nest
Reward: Tribal Equipment Crate
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
ID: 6293
Make sure the Bright-Throats' bonding ritual starts without a hitch
As the Bright-Throat tribe prepares to commence their most important ritual of the year, things may be in for a rocky start as none of their visiting guests seem in any hurry to participate.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Bond-Guru Topeth at Glade of Chimes, just outside the village.
  2. Assist the three participating tribes of Black-Tongue, Root-House, and Moss-Skin.
  3. Return to Bond-Guru Topeth.
  4. Signal the beginning of the bonding ritual.
  5. Talk to Topeth for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Talk to Bond-Guru Topeth at the Glade of Chimes to begin the quest.

"This is what I'm talking about. How hard is it to boldly strut up to a stranger and express some interest? You get it. If we had more suitors as stiff-spined as you, the ceremony would be well underway!"
I beg your pardon?
"The bonding ritual? Are you not here to witness our most sacred tradition? It's a beautiful, lively affair …! Usually.
Our guests have not seen fit to join us for the ceremony."
Why not?
"Hist knows, we have been gracious hosts to the suitors of our neighboring tribes—plying them with feasts and phlegmwine—but now that it's time to renew vows of kinship, they're limp as wilting lilies when they should be rising to the occasion!"
I'll see if I can find out what the hold up is.
"Normally the Black-Tongue tribe are eager to participate—many a Bright-Throat can call the Black-Tongues their root-kin—but the only thing Waku-Mat has been quick to provide today are excuses. I hope he'll be more forthcoming with you."

The Black-Tongue Suitor[edit]

The first group you need to help is the Black-Tongue Tribe. When you arrive, you'll find a Saxhleel body laying still on a table. Speak with Waku-Mat to find what the holdup is.

"Do not crowd us, ojel. You will disturb Ruxol's focus."
Topeth said you've been making excuses all day. When is Ruxol going to be ready?
"Never … he is dead.
He entered a trance to steel himself for the Dread Fathering Elixir, but after we administered the potion he never awoke. It seems Sithis felt Ruxol had children enough."
Dread Fathering Elixir? Did it kill him
"Our most potent mixture, brewed to ensure even these Bright-Throat bonds are blessed by the Great Creator. He did not foam at the mouth or expel blood from every orifice, so I think it was just his time.
You earned your rest, shaper of generations."
So there's no Black-Tongue suitor? Could you replace him?
"No one could fill the void Ruxol left behind.
Kaoc. I suppose I must try. For the good of the tribe. I will need more of our Dread Fathering Elixir. Ruxol drank it to the last drop."
What do you need? Maybe I can find it for you.
"There is a rare plant—the Leviathan Pizzle. It is the key ingredient to the elixir. Find one and I will join the bonding ritual.
I should warn you—it resembles many toxic mud-blossoms. This sketch should help you avoid them."
Leviathan Pizzle Sketch

After speaking with Waku-Mat, your task will be to obtain a Leviathan Pizzle plant. Head northwards until you find the place where the plant grows, once there, you will discover that it is also the place where several varieties of mud-blossom grow and they all look similar to the Leviathan Pizzle. Additionally, if you choose the wrong plant it will release toxic elements which will poison you.

However, Waku-Mat gave you a Leviathan Pizzle Sketch, which can be seen adjacent. This sketch points out the features unique to the Leviathan Pizzle, which are as follows:

  1. Glowing green motes of light will surround the plant, causing it to glow from a distance.
  2. The dark magenta "petals" atop the plant will be long and pointed.
  3. At the base of the plant there will be large and blue. There will be no additional leaves.
  4. add more clues?

If you find the correct plant, a Leviathan Pizzle will be placed in your inventory and you can return to Waku-Mat.

Waku-Mat drinks the Dread Fathering Elixir.

When you speak with him, he will be surprised you didn't die while looking for it.

"You have not succumbed to the swamp's poison lips. Was the pizzle jutting out from the short grass as I described?"
I found a Leviathan Pizzle.
"This one is aptly named. Let me add it to the mixture I have already prepared.
If I survive, you may tell Topeth I will do my part."
Good luck. I'll let the Bright-Throats know after I've spoken to the other suitors.

Waku-Mat will then proceed to make the elixir and drink it.

Waku-Mat: "All right. It is finished … Sithis, use me as you will."
Waku-Mat: <Noisy gulping.>
Waku-Mat: "I … I am warmed to the core by the presence of the Dread Father. Can you not hear my heart throb as I swell his power of creation?"
Waku-Mat: "I carried Ruxol to prepare me to bear his legend! For the Black-Tongues I will sow a thousand generations!"

With the new Black-Tongue suitor now ready for his role, you can find the next suitor.

The Root-House Suitor[edit]

Your next target is Beehuna of the Root-House tribe. She can be found in the next stilted pavilion over, with the other quests from her tribe drinking and playing with dice. For some reason there are several guards on this area. Speak with Beehuna to see what her problem is.

"Wasseek eyes are watching. Can you feel them?
I do not like it."
Is that why you haven't joined the bonding ritual? Are you nervous?
"I do not fear the limp-fins. I want my dowry.
I took it from my betrothed fairly. I want it back."
What happened to your dowry?
"Guards took it. Hid it from me. Topeth tells me my betrothed has gifts for me instead, but I do not want gifts. I want my dowry.
I would take it back, but I am watched."
You're saying you stole your dowry from your betrothed? Why?
"Because it is my dowry. The Hist meant it for me. Bright-Throats do not understand this. If they will not respect our custom, I will not respect theirs.
No dowry, no bonding."
All right, I'll try to get your dowry back.

Make your way to the Bright-Throat storehouse and try to find the dowry. Inside is an Argonian named Cheesh-Nassa. Talk to him and see if he can help.

"Ah! The Xukas-friend I hear so much about. Sun's blessings! I see you did not kick your feet clean before entering. Well, no matter. I will clean it up later.
How can I help you?"
I need to find Beehuna's dowry for the bonding ritual.
"Beehuna? Ah. The Root-House suitor-thief with the filthy spines. Hmm.
I would give you the dowry, Xukas-friend, but I do not know where it is. The goods-keeper, Oleen, hid it to keep the Root-House thugs from stealing it again."
Where can I find Oleen?
"Gone to Gideon. Personal matter. He will not be back for many days, but do not fret! Naheesh Oleen left a reminder for himself so as not to forget the dowry's location.
It likely points to another reminder. And that to another. He is eccentric."
Why would he write reminders about reminders?
"The Root-House People are not known for patience or wisdom. Naheesh Oleen was determined not to be outwitted by the likes of them, so he invented an impossible challenge for the suitor-thief.
The first reminder is on the post there. Hist guide you."
Thanks for your help.

Read the note on the post and take Oleen's First Dowry Reminder with you to begin your search. Head over to the Goods Pavilion and search the area, there a many possible hiding spots but the clue you were given is "At the goods pavilion, inside "an eye that never sees."" Once you have found the hiding spot, it will not contain the dowry, just as Cheesh-Nassa warned. It is instead another next note from Oleen.

With Oleen's Second Dowry Reminder in hand, head on over to the guar corral located beneath the huts. The clue you are given is "A blade that is used on the battlefield, but only when the fighting's done.", look around until you find and read the third note.

Take Oleen's Third Dowry Reminder and go to the watchtower on the outskirts of the village as the note says and investigate. The clue reads as "I wear a skin that isn't mine. With others' hands I help keep time." To find the hiding spot you may need to climb several levels.

Once you have found the spot, there will be fourth and final note. It will be addressed to Cheesh-Nassa and advises you to head back to the storehouse to find the dowry. With the Oleen's Final Dowry Reminder in hand, return to the storehouse and search "In the false bottom of Cheesh's favorite crate in the storehouse." Once you have found the crate, take Beehuna's Dowry and return to the Root-House suitor with the dowry.

In the meantime she has been steadily drinking her way through the phlegmwine supplies.

"The brewer tells me I drank all the celebration phlegmwine. Now he asks coin for more. I would thunk his head in if this was not a bonding.
Find my dowry so I can leave this place"
Here's your dowry. Now will you participate in the bonding ritual?
"Finally, the Hist provides. It sours my stomach that I had to rely on you to take what, by right, is mine. But suitors must be flexible. I guess.
The custom is met. I will join in the bonding."
I'll let the Bright-Throats know you've agreed to participate.

With two of the three suitors satisfied, it is time to address the problems of the third one.

The Moss-Skin Suitor[edit]

The last suitor you need to take care of is Deed-Tei of the Moss-Skin Tribe. Head on over to the next pavilion and speak with him to find out what is wrong.

"You look burdened, ojel. Please, sit and let the breeze carry your cares away. The Bright-Throats have brought us many nice things to share."
Shouldn't you be preparing for the bonding ritual? You are the Moss-Skin suitor, right?
"Yes, I was. My betrothed was very kind. It's a pity I must disappoint her, but these things happen."
Why aren't you participating in the bonding ritual?
"It will be a less personal disappointment than if I were to arrive without the seed-doll she gifted me for the occasion. It's the least I can do to return her kindness."
What happened to the seed-doll?
"A haj mota snatched it out of my hands as I soaked my feet by the guloo bridge. Very quick. Gone in an instant. Such is life.
I do not know why the haj mota would want such a thing, but the Hist must have thought it needed it. I hope it enjoys it."
If I recover the seed-doll, will you participate in the bonding ritual?
"I see no reason why I would not join the bonding ritual, but I do not have my betrothed's seed-doll. It is pointless to dwell on what's lost."

With this information, start searching for the haj mota in the swamps to the west. Eventually, you will come across the haj mota, which is in fact a hatchling and it will flee once you get close to it. You will need to chase the creature as it quickly swims beneath the mud, keeping in mind that you may get attacked by aggravated wild animals during the chase. There will be several "checkpoints" during this hunt until you corner the haj mota in its' den. With no other options, Quick Yasha—the haj mota, will attack you.

Once Yasha has been killed, you can retrieve the Bright-Throat Seed-Doll and return to Deed-Tei.

"Hello again. You have been enjoying a good wallow, yes? The mud here is smooth and moist."
I have your seed-doll.
"And so the stream returns to its source. It's very pretty, isn't it? My betrothed is very skilled.
It seems some of the roots have bent. I will tell her it was from my overzealous embrace. That should make her happy."
So you'll be joining the bonding ritual?
"The Hist has made certain I stay on this course. I will not resist its desires. Not that I would want to. I think I will enjoy the bonding ceremony."
I'll let the Bright-Throats know you'll be participating.

The Bonding Ritual[edit]

With all three suitors ready for the ceremony, return to Bond-Guru Topeth with the good news.

"Everyone is assembled, except for the suitors. What is the word, beek-ojel? Must I call off the bonding ritual and bring shame upon our tribe?"
I've convinced all the suitors to join the bonding ritual.
"You are a gift from the Hist, like the sweetest of saps on my lips. Come, join us for this momentous occasion. It is only fitting."
Very well.

At this you will be given Topeth's Whistle which you can use to signal the start of the bonding ceremony.

Bond-Guru Topeth: "Take the place of honor, and ring the Bonding-Chime to begin the ceremony."

Take your place on the prayer mat, signal Topeth and watch the start of the bonding ceremony.

Bond-Guru Topeth: "We are gathered here, under the boughs of our tender Hist. To honor the life it gives us."
Bond-Guru Topeth: "Just as their roots reach out and intertwine in the mud, so too will we become entangled. Bound together to weave a strong foundation."
Bond-Guru Topeth: "Join me in erecting the spine of procreation! Sow the sap and seed of a new generation!"

With the formalities completed, the assembled Argonians will begin to party and the suitors will meet their Bright-Throat counterparts. While this is happening, you can speak with Bond-Guru Topeth for your reward.

"At last, all is right with the tribe. The winds carry the lovely scents of Hist blossoms and musk-reek upon the air, and soon the chimes of nuptial huts will rattle the night away.
It's enough to make anyone let out their frills."
What happens now?
"The happy couples will retire to their nuptial huts to begin the process of bonding and the next generation of Bright-Throats will be born.
But for us, the work is done. Let us drink! Eat! Dance!"

Quest Stages[edit]

Unsuitable Suitors
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to help Bond-Guru Topeth with whatever is holding up the suitors long overdue for the bonding ritual. He suggests starting with a visit to the Black-Tongue suitor in the nearby pavilion.
Objective: Talk to the Black-Tongue Suitor
Waku-Mat agreed to serve as replacement suitor if we can create another batch of the Black-Tongue's blessed elixir. He's asked me to find a rare plant called Leviathan Pizzle and provided a sketch to help me identify it. I should take the sketch.
Objective: Examine the Leviathan Pizzle Sketch
Objective Hint: Take the Leviathan Pizzle Sketch
Objective Hint: Use the Leviathan Pizzle Sketch Quest Item
Waku-Mat agreed to serve as replacement suitor if we can create another batch of the Black-Tongue's blessed elixir. He's asked me to find a rare plant called Leviathan Pizzle and provided a sketch to help me identify it. Now I just need to find one.
Objective: Find a Leviathan Pizzle
Now that I recovered the Leviathan Pizzle, I should bring it to Waku-Mat and convince him to take part in the bonding ritual.
Objective: Talk to Waku-Mat
Now that the Black-Tongues are prepared for the bonding ritual, I should look into what's keeping the Root-House suitor from joining in the ritual.
Objective: Talk to the Root-House Suitor
Beehuna refuses to join in the bonding ritual until the dowry she claimed is returned to her. She says that the guards took it and gave it to the Bright-Throat store-keeper to hide from her. I should speak to the store-keeper about retrieving it.
Objective: Talk to the Store-Keeper
A storehouse attendant named Cheesh-Nassa informed me that the store-keeper is away dealing with a personal matter. If I hope to find Beehuna's dowry, I'll have to follow the trail of clues the store-keeper left behind to antagonize her.
Objective: Read the First Dowry Reminder
Naheesh Oleen's reminder contained a riddle pointing to another hiding spot. I should try to find it.
Objective: Search for the Second Dowry Reminder
I solved another of Naheesh Oleen's clues. Unsurprisingly, all I discovered was another note with another hint. I will have to continue my search.
Objective: Search for the Third Dowry Reminder
I solved three of Naheesh Olean's riddles, but it's unclear if I'm any closer to retrieving the dowry. I should puzzle out the forth riddle and see where it takes me.
Objective: Search for the Fourth Dowry Reminder
It seems Naheesh Oleen did not expect Beehuna to get this far in her search. He left a note behind for his assistant Cheesh-Nassa, pointing to a crate in the storehouse with a false bottom. I should head there and retrieve the dowry.
Objective: Get Beehuna's Dowry
I have Beehuna's dowry in hand. I should bring it to her and see if she'll agree to participate in the bonding ritual now.
Objective: Talk to Beehuna
Beehuna begrudgingly agreed to join the bonding ritual now that her people's custom has been met. That leaves only the Moss-Skin suitor lacking in attendance. I should speak with them.
Objective: Talk to the Moss-Skin Suitor
The Moss-Skin suitor, Deed-Tei, has declined to participate from the ceremony because he has lost a precious gift made for him by his betrothed. He said a haj mota snatched it out of his hands by the guloo bridge. I should start my search there.
Objective: Find the Haj Mota's Den
Objective Hint: Locate and Follow the Burrowing Haj Mota
I located Deed-Tei's lost seed doll in a haj mota den. I should retrieve it before something else decides to run off with it.
Objective: Take the Seed Doll
Now that I have the seed-doll, I should bring it to Deed-Tei and convince him to join the bonding ritual.
Objective: Talk to Deed-Tei
I convinced all the visiting suitors to rejoin the bonding ritual. I should speak to Bond-Guru Topeth and give him the good news.
Objective: Talk to Bond-Guru Topeth
Bond-Guru Topeth was so grateful for my help with the suitors that he's invited me to begin the ceremony. I should signal when I'm ready for the rite to begin.
Objective: Signal Topeth to Start the Bonding Ritual
Objective Hint: Go to the Prayer Mat
I announced the beginning of the ceremony and the bonding ritual is underway at last.
Objective: Observe the Bonding Ritual
☑Finishes quest The bonding ritual has concluded and the festivities are underway as the newly bonded prepare for their night ahead. I should give my best to Bond-Guru Topeth before moving on.
Objective: Talk to Bond-Guru Topeth

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