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Investigate the hold up of the bonding ritual at Bright-Throat Village.
Zone: Murkmire
Quest Giver: Bond-Guru Topeth
Location(s): Glade of Chimes, Bright-Throat Village
Prerequisite Quest: Empty Nest
Reward: Tribal Equipment Crate
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard

As the Bright-Throat tribe prepares to commence their most important ritual of the year, things may be in for a rocky start as none of their visiting guests seem in any hurry to participate.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Bond-Guru Topeth at Glade of Chimes, just outside the village.
  2. Assist the three participating tribes of Black-Tongue, Root-House, and Moss-Skin.
  3. Return to Bond-Guru Topeth.
  4. Signal the beginning of the bonding ritual.
  5. Talk to Topeth for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Unsuitable Suitors
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to help Bond-Guru Topeth with whatever is holding up the suitors long overdue for the bonding ritual. He suggests starting with a visit to the Black-Tongue suitor in the nearby pavilion.
Objective: Talk to the Black-Tongue Suitor
Waku-Mat agreed to serve as replacement suitor if we can create another batch of the Black-Tongue's blessed elixir. He's asked me to find a rare plant called Leviathan Pizzle and provided a sketch to help me identify it. I should take the sketch.
Objective: Examine the Leviathan Pizzle Sketch
Objective Hint: Take the Leviathan Pizzle Sketch
Objective Hint: Use the Leviathan Pizzle Sketch Quest Item
Waku-Mat agreed to serve as replacement suitor if we can create another batch of the Black-Tongue's blessed elixir. He's asked me to find a rare plant called Leviathan Pizzle and provided a sketch to help me identify it. Now I just need to find one.
Objective: Find a Leviathan Pizzle
Now that I recovered the Leviathan Pizzle, I should bring it to Waku-Mat and convince him to take part in the bonding ritual.
Objective: Talk to Waku-Mat
Now that the Black-Tongues are prepared for the bonding ritual, I should look into what's keeping the Root-House suitor from joining in the ritual.
Objective: Talk to the Root-House Suitor
Beehuna refuses to join in the bonding ritual until the dowry she claimed is returned to her. She says that the guards took it and gave it to the Bright-Throat store-keeper to hide from her. I should speak to the store-keeper about retrieving it.
Objective: Talk to the Store-Keeper
A storehouse attendant named Cheesh-Nassa informed me that the store-keeper is away dealing with a personal matter. If I hope to find Beehuna's dowry, I'll have to follow the trail of clues the store-keeper left behind to antagonize her.
Objective: Read the First Dowry Reminder
Naheesh Oleen's reminder contained a riddle pointing to another hiding spot. I should try to find it.
Objective: Search for the Second Dowry Reminder
I solved another of Naheesh Oleen's clues. Unsurprisingly, all I discovered was another note with another hint. I will have to continue my search.
Objective: Search for the Third Dowry Reminder
I solved three of Naheesh Olean's riddles, but it's unclear if I'm any closer to retrieving the dowry. I should puzzle out the forth riddle and see where it takes me.
Objective: Search for the Fourth Dowry Reminder
It seems Naheesh Oleen did not expect Beehuna to get this far in her search. He left a note behind for his assistant Cheesh-Nassa, pointing to a crate in the storehouse with a false bottom. I should head there and retrieve the dowry.
Objective: Get Beehuna's Dowry
I have Beehuna's dowry in hand. I should bring it to her and see if she'll agree to participate in the bonding ritual now.
Objective: Talk to Beehuna
Beehuna begrudgingly agreed to join the bonding ritual now that her people's custom has been met. That leaves only the Moss-Skin suitor lacking in attendance. I should speak with them.
Objective: Talk to the Moss-Skin Suitor
The Moss-Skin suitor, Deed-Tei, has declined to participate from the ceremony because he has lost a precious gift made for him by his betrothed. He said a haj mota snatched it out of his hands by the guloo bridge. I should start my search there.
Objective: Find the Haj Mota's Den
Objective Hint: Locate and Follow the Burrowing Haj Mota
I located Deed-Tei's lost seed doll in a haj mota den. I should retrieve it before something else decides to run off with it.
Objective: Take the Seed Doll
Now that I have the seed-doll, I should bring it to Deed-Tei and convince him to join the bonding ritual.
Objective: Talk to Deed-Tei
I convinced all the visiting suitors to rejoin the bonding ritual. I should speak to Bond-Guru Topeth and give him the good news.
Objective: Talk to Bond-Guru Topeth
Bond-Guru Topeth was so grateful for my help with the suitors that he's invited me to begin the ceremony. I should signal when I'm ready for the rite to begin.
Objective: Signal Topeth to Start the Bonding Ritual
Objective Hint: Go to the Prayer Mat
I announced the beginning of the ceremony and the bonding ritual is underway at last.
Objective: Observe the Bonding Ritual
☑Finishes quest The bonding ritual has concluded and the festivities are underway as the newly bonded prepare for their night ahead. I should give my best to Bond-Guru Topeth before moving on.
Objective: Talk to Bond-Guru Topeth

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