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Lieutenant Dram
RG-npc-Dram 02.gif
Lieutenant Dram
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Born 2E 612
Died 2E 864
Stros M'Kai
Appears in Redguard
"Well, I have had two hundred years' more practice!" —Dram

Dram was a Dunmer lieutenant who served as Tiber Septim's personal Imperial Emissary during the Tiber Wars.[1] He was provided in the service of Admiral Richton, who had tasked him with eliminating any resistance in Stros M'Kai from the Restless League and other Crowns, including Cyrus the Redguard.[2]

Dram's ancestors were distinguished Nightblades in the Four-Score War. Dram himself was also a member of the Morag Tong, though at an unknown date, he was exiled from Morrowind. He continued the Morag Tong's worship of Sithis, even after his exile.[1]

There were many rumors surrounding the mysterious assassin and the origin of his unwavering loyalty to Tiber Septim, with some saying that Dram had been secretly executed by House Indoril in 2E 800, "incarnating" for the third time afterwards. Others said that he had been a companion of Tiber Septim since he had first taken the Cyrodilic Crown, and furthermore that he was the apprentice of Zurin Arctus.[1]

Dram was in possession of the Bow of Shadows,[3][4] he used the Bow during the Battle of Hunding Bay, when he shot Prince A'tor with the poisoned arrow that severed his flesh, but his soul survived.[5][6] Dram also made use of the bow during the rebellion of Stros M'Kai, most notably in battle against Cyrus the Redguard.[2]

In 2E 864, Dram was stationed in Stros M'Kai under Lord Amiel Ricton, where he worked as his bodyguard and spy. When Cyrus had killed the Imperial guards in the Imperial Palace, Richton had ordered for Cyrus's execution, but Dram stayed his hand to interrogate Cyrus first. He later killed Joto, a Khajiit who had been helping Cyrus. He proceeded to use the opportunity to attack Cyrus, but he used a recall spell to escape after being defeated. Dram then proceeded to find the Restless League's hideout. He fought Cyrus once more on the boarding platform of Richton's Dwemer airship, with Cyrus being victorious due to his use of the Soul Sword containing Prince A'tor's spirit. Dram retreated, but then snuck up behind Cyrus and held a knife to his throat. To his shock, the Soul Sword rose up and chopped him in half.[2]



  • Dram is based off of Boba Fett from the Star Wars franchise.[7]
  • The Morag Tong was known to employ simulacrums of Dram to carry out certain tasks.[UOL 1]

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