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Guild Master Mercer Frey
SR-npc-Mercer Frey.jpg
Guild Master Mercer Frey
Race Breton Gender Male
Born 4th Era
Died 4E 201
The Pale
Reign 4E 176-
4E 201
Previous Ruler Gallus Desidenius
Resided in Riften
Appears in Skyrim

Mercer Frey was a Breton thief and skilled swordsman who lived during the second and early third centuries of the Fourth Era.[1] He began his career of thievery as a member of the Thieves Guild in Skyrim, where he learned from Guild Master Gallus Desidenius. His mentor was also secretly a member of the Nightingale Trinity, a group which Mercer was eventually inducted into.[1][2] Mercer would go on to betray the Nightingales and Nocturnal by desecrating the Twilight Sepulcher and taking the Skeleton Key for himself.[3] He then used the key to commit crimes against the guild until his activities were discovered by Gallus around 4E 176.[3] In retaliation, Mercer murdered Gallus, framed another Nightingale, Karliah, and took his late mentor's place as Guild Master.[1] He hunted Karliah for over two decades; she, in turn, did her best to undermine him and his allies.[4] In 4E 201, with the help of a new guild member, Karliah exposed Mercer, reformed the Nightingale Trinity, and finally killed him.[1]

Mercer was once the owner of Chillrend, a famed glass sword.

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