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Warden Quintus Varus
Warden Quintus Varus
Race Imperial Gender Male
Died 3E 427
Resided in Stormhold
Appears in Stormhold
"I shall be the greatest hero of the Empire, the Slayer of Evil. And the first evil I shall slay is you." —Warden Varus

Quintus Varus was an Imperial warden of Stormhold prison and a reputed lunatic.[1] He ruled as warden circa 3E 427,[UOL 1] forcing his prisoners to dig for crystals, which he valued. He planned to locate the Storm Crystal, a large crystal capable of holding large amounts of corruption, and use it to store all the evil in the Empire, titling himself the Slayer of Evil.[2] Though he found the crystal, it was unable to store all of the Empire's evil.[3] Varus, his Overseers, and many prisoners, found themselves being corrupted by the very evil energies he tried to contain with the crystal. Varus would meet his end by the hand of his own prisoner, who he nicknamed the Master Tunnel Rat.[2]


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