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The Umbra 'Keth, or Shadow of Conflict, is an entity that was created by conflict of the continuing War of the Bend'r-mahk, and was sought by the imperial battlemage Jagar Tharn, and the shadowmage Pergan Asuul for their own ends. Its physical appearance can be described as a tall, bipedal, grey skinned, tentacled elephant creature with orange demonic webbed feet. It was initially kept behind a Shadow Gate in the Twilight Temple located in Hammerfell, where it was fed by Pergan Asuul. There, it was immobile and seemed statue-like, as if made out of stone. In reality the Umbra' Keth is a creature of shaped shadow, and was not fully formed, as it required more conflict to brew in the Western Reach to fully manifest. Once enough bloodshed occurred, the creature made its lair in the Crypt of Hearts.

In direct opposition to the Umbra' Keth was the hero known as the Soul of Conflict, who was guided by the two Shadow Mages known as Azra Nightwielder and Skelos Undriel. With their aid, the Umbra' Keth was defeated by the hero, who used the legendary Star Teeth to destroy its shadowy form.[1]


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