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Western Reach
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
The area where the Western Reach is located
Mournoth, a region often fought over by the Reachmen and the Bretons
Frostbreak Fortress in Wrothgar, the site of the Winterborn's last stand

The Western Reach is the easternmost region of High Rock. Its name is derived from its location on Skyrim's western border, next to the Reach. The Western Reach was one of the Skyrim Holds during the First Empire, although it was retaken by the Aldmeri during the Dissolution of Skyrim's Empire, at great cost of Nordic life. Eventually, the Aldmeri overseers were eliminated, but traces of their blood forever remained in the veins of the native Reachmen.[1][2]

After the conclusion of the First Akaviri Invasion in 1E 2704, Emperor Reman Cyrodiil turned his attention towards the "madmen of the Reach". He divided the Reachmen territory between the provinces of Skyrim and High Rock in an attempt to limit their possibility of uniting against him. The natives resisted fiercely, and there was never a decade when the troops of Solitude or Evermore wouldn't be sent in an attempt to pacify them.[2]

Geographically, the Western Reach consists of the northeastern part of Bangkorai and the eastern half of Wrothgar.[3] In Mournoth, the northernmost region of Bangkorai, the Reachmen often warred with Bretons of the kingdom of Evermore. It was the first region to be taken by Durcorach the Black Drake during his invasion in 2E 541, although it was quickly freed when Durcorach was slain by Emeric of Cumberland the following year.[4] A few decades later, in 2E 582, the region was attacked again by the Dark Witness Clan led by the Hagraven Uela, who intended to reclaim the territory that used to belong to the Reachmen. The Dark Witnesses turned their eyes towards Evermore, and briefly worked with the Daggerfall Covenant to nullify the threat of an Imperial coup from within the city. However, the clan were subsequently driven out of Mournoth following the death of Uela.[3]

Another clan, Winterborn, dominated parts of Wrothgar during the time of the Longhouse Emperors. After Kurog gro-Bagrakh was granted the region of Wrothgar by the Daggerfall Covenant to build his new kingdom of Orsinium, the Orcish clans drove them back to the Reach. The Winterborn tried to reclaim their territory in 2E 582, but were ultimately defeated at a last stand within Frostbreak Fortress, where Kurog slew their last remaining leader, Urfon Ice-Heart.[3]

During the early days of Tiber Septim's Empire, the region was still plagued by banditry and lawlessness, and travelers were advised to stay away from it. It was ruled by the Provisional Governor Titus Alorius.[1]


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