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Earthtear Caverns
Type Cave
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Region Craglorn
Appears in Shadowkey, ESO
Earthtear Cavern circa 2E 582

Earthtear Caverns (or Earthtear Cavern) is a network of underground tunnels and chasms in the Craglorn region of Hammerfell. At least two entrances exist: one just northeast of Azra's Crossing, and another in the desert far west of Belkarth.

Like all natural caves, these tunnels once served as the capillaries of Nirn, pulsing with the divine essence of the Aedra.[1] Some of the larger caverns are open to the sky and partially flooded.[2] The ancient Nedes were the original occupants of the caverns, although the Nedic complex was later occupied by the Yokudans after their invasion of Tamriel in 1E 808. As such, the architecture has significant Redguard influence.[3] The complex was later abandoned and fell into ruin.

Circa 2E 582, the Nedic ruins at Earthtear Caverns were available for purchase as a private lair.[2]

During the War of the Bend'r-mahk, the invading forces of Skyrim used the caverns as a meeting point. However, one of their numbers was attacked within by Pergan Asuul, who summoned vermin to overrun the caverns. Namely, Earthtear became host to rats, spiders, and wormmouths, including a giant Diamond Spider Queen. In 3E 397, the Soul of Conflict entered Earthtear to clear it of vermin so that Skelos Undriel could use it as a hiding place. Safe from the agents of Jagar Tharn, Undriel then used the caverns as a base in his quest to assemble the Star Teeth. Asuul also created a Shadowgate within the caves, sealing off a section. With his permission, the Soul of Conflict dissipated this barrier and killed the undead guardians within.[4]


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