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Wormmouth Art (Shadowkey)

Wormmouths are bipedal reptiles native to Hammerfell. They are related to guar, alits, and kagouti.[1] These vermin have a maggot-shaped body propelled on two legs, and have a beaked mouth that is almost as large as the rest of their bodies, making them resemble a mouth on legs. Sharp teeth line the inside of their mouths, and their backs are lined in plates of armored scales.[2][3] Due to Hammerfell's arid environment, wormmouths get their fluids from the plants and animals they eat,[1] but they are also known to prey on people.[2] Their tongues are sometimes harvested for alchemical purposes.[4] Wormmouths appear to range in height from the size of a large rat to as tall as an alit.[2][3]

Though they typically dwell in the arid regions of Hammerfell, the Nubbed Wormmouth is known to dwell in the mountains located along the cold border between Skyrim and Hammerfell.[2] Although native to Hammerfell,[1] Wormmouths were also known to inhabit Vvardenfell during the Second Era.[5]


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