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A Kagouti (ESO)

Related to the alit, guar, and wormmouth,[1] the kagouti is a large, armored bipedal reptile. Their defining features are their large tusks and the crests on their heads. Kagouti have a large number of teeth, sometimes growing a second or even third pair of fangs depending on age.[2]

They are territorial and are believed to hunt in packs, however, they do not seem to travel in large packs until mating season. The Kagouti is capable of tossing a grown mortal into the air with ease.[3] Kagouti will eat anything they can fit in their large mouths.[4] Females are the dominant sex, with males sometimes being attacked by the females when males try to impress the females with offerings of food. However, the males do not fight with each other for reproductive rights, only posturing occurs. Males do become more aggressive and territorial during mating season towards other species, however.[5]

There are variants of kagouti, such as bulls, which are stronger and have patterns of red and yellow on their hide.[6]

Kagouti horns and tusks can be used to make a variety of goods.[7] Kagouti Hide is used to make clothing, armor and household goods.[8] It can also be used in alchemy.[9][10] Powdered kagouti horn is rumored to heighten potency.[11] The ribs of the kagouti are used as an exotic ingredient for meals.[4]

Kagouti can be infected with Yellow Tick[12]



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