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Home Settlement Dhalmora
Location Smuggler's Tunnel
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Esqoo is an Argonian guar-herd who can be found at Dhalmora's southwestern entrance. Three of his guar have run off due to the Covenant invaders, and you'll need to help recover them during the related quest. He lives in Esqoo's House

His herd consists of seven guar: Callie, Corkie, Doddie, Dollie, Lillie, Rollie, and Pale-Hide.

Related Quests[edit]


"I've lost my family! I don't know what I'll do."
Your family is missing?
"There were scary noises in the fields. Some of my guar ran away.
I'm worried, worried, worried about them, but I can't leave the guar who stayed behind. They're too frightened."
So... your guar herd is your family?
"Of course! Guar are noble creatures. And they're hard workers. You've got to find them!
Here, take some stinkweed. It's their favorite food. Their stomachs will lead them home. Home to me!"
I'll see what I can do.
"Thank you so much. My poor children! I don't know if I could go on without them."
Why do you treat your guar like family?
"Because they are! They haul our goods. They eat our trash. Guar are magnificent.
And I have heard rumors about the Covenant. If they attack, who but the guar will carry our belongings to safety?"

If you tall to Esqoo outside Dhalmora after finding Corkie:

"You've found Corkie. No surprise that he'd be back first. He can never get enough to eat."

Finding all the guar:

"Callie. Dollie was missing you.
Thank you for bringing my family back together."
Did I get them all?
"You did, guar-friend! They're all back. Pale-Hide is already ruling the roost.
Where would they be without me? I'll get them fed and ready to carry out things."


"My guar were lost and now they're found. Thank you, sun on my scales."