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Illustration of a Wormmouth

Wormmouths are large, two legged, naturally armored hostile reptiles; similar in both size and form to Alits or Kagouti. Much like these, they feature a disproportionately large mouth to their body. However, they are differentiated from their related cousins by their two large protruding teeth and tusk-like beak nose.

They can be found anywhere from caves such as Earthtear Caverns, or out in the wilderness, such as Ghast's Pass. There are three main types of Wormmouth you can find in Shadowkey, listed below.


(lore page)
Type Wormmouth
Other Information
Level 1 XP 100
Health 15 Armor 1
Attack 4 Defense 4
Magic Resistance 2 Spellcasting 0
Damage 2-8
A common Wormmouth

The most common type of Wormmouth, it can appear in caves and in the overworld. They are distinguishable due to their grey/brown colored scales and piercing red eyes. Common wormmouths have a 25% to drop a Healing Potion when killed.

Nubbed Wormmouth[edit]

Nubbed Wormmouth
Type Wormmouth
Other Information
Level 3 XP 176
Health 20 Armor 5
Attack 4 Defense 5
Magic Resistance 2 Spellcasting 0
Damage 3-9
A Nubbed Wormmouth

Another type of wormmouth, Nubbed Wormmouths, can appear in snowy areas, such as Snowline. Nubbed Wormmouths can be distinguished from the other types of wormmouth due to their more green/blue colored scales. Nubbed Wormmouths do not drop anything when killed.

Horrid Wormmouth[edit]

Horrid Wormmouth
Type Wormmouth
Other Information
Level 8 XP 360
Health 35 Armor 7
Attack 8 Defense 6
Magic Resistance 5 Spellcasting 0
Damage 3-12
A Horrid Wormmouth

Horrid Wormmouths are the rarest, and strongest kind of wormmouth, usually appearing only in caves, or dungeons, such as Broken Wing. They appear mostly identical to the common Wormmouth, however they can be distinguished due to the light blue accent color on their jawline. On death, they have a 33% chance to drop a Horrid Tongue, which increases magic resistance by 5pts for 180 seconds.


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