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Type Planet
Realm Mundus
Akatosh coiled around Nirn

Nirn (which means 'Gray Maybe' in Ehlnofex)[1][nb 1] is the Mortal Plane, the planet upon which Tamriel and the mortal races reside. It floats in the void of Oblivion and comprises the realm known as Mundus.[2] Sources often use the terms Nirn and Mundus synonymously. Nirn was created during the Dawn Era by the Aedra and Anu-aligned spirits, based on Lorkhan's inspiration[3] and Magnus' designs.[4][1] Nirn is sometimes claimed to host intelligent geology, including: trees (such as the Hist), brooks, rocks, even mountains.[5][UOL 1]


Tamriel is the main continent of Nirn and is its mythic and symbolic center. Tamriel is divided into 9 provinces: Black Marsh, Cyrodiil, Elsweyr, Hammerfell, High Rock, Morrowind, Skyrim, Summerset Isle, and Valenwood.

Other landmasses on Nirn are mentioned in various texts, but they have not generally been shown on maps or described in detail.[6][7]

More obscure landmasses are also believed to have existed at some point, such as Aldmeris, the possibly mythical homeland of the Aldmer,[11] as well as Lyg, a region where Mehrunes Dagon was created by the Magna Ge.[12]


Nirn has two visible moons: Masser and Secunda[13] According to the Khajiit, there is a third moon, which they consider the corpse of Lorkhaj.[14][15] The other astral bodies in the sky above Nirn are believed to actually be the planes of the gods as seen from the mortal plane.[UOL 2] Their appearance as spheres is a visual phenomena caused by mortal mental stress.[UOL 2] The sun and stars are also punctures in the veil of Oblivion, through which the light of Aetherius shines into Mundus. One exception is the snake constellation, The Serpent, which 'wanders' about the sky.[16] It is made up of "unstars".[17][UOL 2] It is believed that Nirn is the center of the Mundus, with the eight dominion planets surrounding it.[18]


According to The Anuad, Nirn was formed from the remnants of the original twelve worlds by Anu after a vengeful Padomay tried to destroy Creation. It is said that originally Nirn had no oceans, and the current landmasses were formed during the cataclysmic war between the Old Ehlnofey and the Wanderers.[7]

In Khajiiti mythology, Nirni is personification of Nirn and is considered the mother of all mortal life in the Mundus.[19] Khajiit tend to use Nirni to refer to both the world and the deity interchangeably.

→ for more information on her role in the Khajiiti creation myth, see main article here


  • 1.  One source suggests that 'Nirn' in Ehlnofex also translates to 'Arena',[UOL 2] though this name is more often attributed to Tamriel.[20]
  • The Anuad has the feminine entity Nir, who is said to have birthed Creation.



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