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Type Plane
Realm Oblivion
Hollowjack entering a portal to Detritus

Detritus is a ghastly demi-plane of Oblivion ruled over by Hollowjack, the Lord of Mortal Fears. It has also been described as a "half-world", and is a realm filled with untold horrors. Every year, during the Witches Festival on the 13th of Frost Fall, the portals between Nirn and Detritus open and gruesome items from this realm flood the markets of Tamriel.[1]

Hollowjack derives his supernatural power from metaphysically feeding on the fear of mortals, and his realm is dedicated to this singular purpose. Detritus is described as a claustrophobic series of small spaces cluttered and jammed with piles of mortals' lost and broken personal items. Hollowjack frivols there among his collection of shattered memories, categorizing and classing and replaying them to find new vulnerabilities in the mortal mind. There is no outside on Detritus, only room after room of recurring nightmares and internal torments. According to Hollowjack, this is because "mortals fear most what is inside themselves".[2]

Relics commonly taken from this realm include Daedra-Skulls, Flame-Skulls, and Wraith-Lanterns.[3] Eerie horses, senche, and wolves are sometimes summoned from this realm to be used as mounts, although some maintain that these creatures are simply the result of Illusion magic.[4]

Hollowjack-style armor and weapons are crafted using pumpkin, black hawthorn, and amber marble.[5][6]