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Horses are quadrupedal animals used for travel. They may occasionally be eaten, but this is considered in bad taste, and their hides can be tanned into leather.

There are many different varieties of horses found across Tamriel, but cannot adapt to Vvardenfell's harsh climate.[1] They are bred for many purposes, including combat, sport, and labor. Horses can be outfitted in armor.[2][3] As with many creatures, horses can be reanimated by necromancers.[4]

Unique Horses[edit]


Arvak is a unique horse found in the Soul Cairn. He and his owner were brought to the Soul Cairn together and separated. He can be temporarily summoned to Tamriel with a spell.


Shadowmere is a unique horse associated with the Dark Brotherhood. It is black with red eyes, and is more powerful than most other horses, possibly even immortal.


Bay Horse[edit]

A breed of horse in Cyrodiil, with a dark brown color. The Imperial Legion train many of these as mounts, and they can also be found wild in Cyrodiil.

Bay Dun Horse[edit]

A type of horse bred for speed and agility, often used by scouts. [5]

  • Found in: ESO

Black Horse[edit]

The fastest breed of horse in Cyrodiil. Black horses have also been sighted in the wilds of Skyrim.

Brown Paint Horse[edit]

A strong variety of horse favored by farmers and traders. [5]

  • Found in: ESO

Chestnut Horse[edit]

A breed of horse in Cyrodiil, where they can be found either wild or domesticated.

Dapple Gray Palfrey[edit]

An intelligent variety of horse favored by nobles. [5]

  • Found in: ESO

Gray Yokudan Charger[edit]

Gray Yokudan Chargers are a breed descended from Yokudan warhorses. [5]

  • Found in: ESO

Imperial Horse[edit]

A fierce white breed.[5]

  • Found in: ESO

Midnight Steed[edit]

A black breed of horse with exceptional endurance. When bred with a Skyrim ice-horse, it can produce White Mane Horses. [5]

  • Found in: ESO

Paint Horse[edit]

The slowest breed of horse in Cyrodiil, where they can be found either wild or domesticated.

Palomino Horse[edit]

Palomino Horses are strong, fast horses preferred by couriers and sportsmen. [5]

  • Found in: ESO

Piebald Destrier[edit]

Piebald Destriers are warhorses known for their courage and tenacity. [5]

  • Found in: ESO


A type of horse native to the Druadach Mountains in the Reach known for their tenacity, fighting spirit and hardiness.[6] They can be temperamental and it is hard to earn their trust.[7]

Shadowghost Horse[edit]

Shadowghost Horses are found on misty nights when the moons are dark. They are not known to be bred, and are only found in the wild. Because of this, they are captured by Shadowghost Wranglers, who break them for riding.[5] Shadowghost ponies are said to appear on nights during Witches Festival near the graves of children, and are easily caught if lured with a carrot or apple.[8]

  • Found in: ESO

Skyrim Ice-Horse[edit]

A variety of horse presumably found in Skyrim. When bred with a Midnight Steed, it can produce a White Mane Horse. [5]

Sorrel Horse[edit]

A dependable[5] brown breed of horse.

  • Found in: ESO

White Horse[edit]

A breed of horse found in Cyrodiil.

White Mane Horse[edit]

A cross between a Midnight Steed and a Skyrim ice-horse. [5]

  • Found in: ESO

White-Gold Imperial Courser[edit]

A variety created after years of extensive breeding, said to be the most beautiful horse in all of Tamriel and owned only by the wealthiest.[5] White-Gold ponies are said to have been bred as the birthday present for a noble's daughter, though it is debated throughout Cyrodiil which family claims this prestige.[8]

  • Found in: ESO

Winter Dapple Gray[edit]

A dappled gray horse. Looks fashionable when bedecked with festive garland.

  • Found in: ESO

Witch Knight Charger[edit]

A variety of horse bred by the Reachmen during their invasion of High Rock, inspired by the horses of the Breton mounted knights. [5]

  • Found in: ESO

Yokudan Warhorse[edit]

A type of horse said to be ridden into battle by the Forebears.[9] Gray Yokudan Chargers are said to be descended from them. [5]

Other Horses[edit]

Frost Mare[edit]

Frost Mares are horses of solid ice, thought to be Daedra from the icy plane of Takubar.[10]

  • Found in: ESO

Nightmare Courser[edit]

Nightmare Coursers are flaming black horses that may have been created or influenced by Mehrunes Dagon. [5]

  • Found in: ESO


  • Some Dwarven vamidia were constructed in the shape of horses.
  • Conjurers are able to compel Atronachs to adopt the form of horses.


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