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Grandee Yaghoub
Race Yokudan Gender Male
Died 1st Era
Resided in Akos Kasaz

Grandee Yaghoub, also called Yaghoub the Seafarer,[1] was a Yokudan leader of the Ra Gada circa 1E 808.[2][3] Among the Ansei who he led were the famous and noble "Yaghoub's Thirteen".[4] He and his warrior-sailors landed in Hegathe in ships they had brought from Akos Kasaz. They brought with them many Yokudan Chargers, famous steeds whose descendants are still highly prized.[1][2] They soon set sail northwest until they rounded Cape Shira, becoming the first of the Ra Gada to discover the Iliac Bay. Yaghoub decided to make his home there. As they sailed "toward the Steed at dawning of the seventeenth of Second Seed", a watchman spotted a suitable harborage, and Yaghoub declared they would build a city there, calling it Sentinel after the watchman.[2]

They quickly discovered and established control over the locals' port with little if any opposition. Yaghoub refrained from slaying the "port-rabble", allowing them to live so they could become "masons, and stonewrights, and servants of the house", sparing his warrior-sailors from the more menial duties of building a city.[2] After Sentinel was attacked by pirates from the Abecean Sea, he built a fortified subterranean storehouse, called the Impervious Vault, where the Alik'r's greatest treasures could be kept safe.[5] His palace, Samaruik, also called Sentinel Palace, remains the oldest and largest architectural achievement in the city, and several additions have been built onto it over the years.[6]

Yaghoub's banner, the crescent moon, became the banner of Sentinel. The seventeenth of Second Seed became the day of an annual celebration known as Koomu Alezer'i Yaghoub, during which the "faithful" citizens of Sentinel shared pomegranates in honor of the esteemed founder of the city.[2] Scholars say the modern Koomu Alezer'i holiday, an annual harvest celebration the people of Sentinel hold on the eleventh of Last Seed, began as a springtide holiday,[7] and it's possible the two celebrations are linked.



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