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Eltheric Ocean
Type Body of Water
The Eltheric Ocean, as seen from Hammerfell
Map showing the eastern parts of the Eltheric Ocean

The Eltheric Ocean lies to the west of Tamriel. It meets the Padomaic Ocean in the east and encompasses the Abecean Sea, Sea of Pearls, and the Azurian Sea. It contains the major island groups of Yokuda, Thras, Pyandonea, and the Summerset Isles as well as smaller ones such as Herne, Cespar, and the Systres.[1] The South Eltheric Ocean has a warm climate and is alleged to be the location of Aldmeris.[2]

Off the coast of High Rock is the legendary leviathan called Ithguleoir, who haunts the Eltheric Ocean from Northpoint to the Glenumbra Banks northwest of Daggerfall.[3][4]

Eltheric Ammonites are an extinct aquatic species whose shells can still be found in the Eltheric Ocean.[5]


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