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Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
The only known map showing Cespar

Cespar (also spelled Caspar) is a large island off the western coast of Hammerfell, south of Herne.[1]


Sometime in the mid-Second Era, the former noblewoman, Lady Benwyne Thronebane was exiled to the island of Cespar and lived there since at least 2E 582. When the Painted Eye took over the citadel Borderwatch in southern Cyrodiil, they made a demand to free Lady Thronebane but it was later revealed that all of their demands were a ruse.[2] The island was considered by the Empire to be Hammerfell's territory in 2E 864.[3]

Tralan the Two-Blade, a Redguard swordsman who became one of Emperor Titus Mede I's most valued men, hailed from Cespar.[4]


  • The original spelling Caspar is seen on the map of West Tamriel, but the island is later called Cespar in The Infernal City due to most fan maps at the time misspelling the name.