Lore:Oliis Bay

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Oliis Bay
Type Body of Water
Continent Tamriel
Province Black Marsh
Oliis Bay ca. 2E 582
Map showing Lilmoth and its bay

The Oliis Bay is a large body of water found in southeast Black Marsh, forming the east coast of Murkmire. The name comes from the Imperials,[1] when they laid claim over the province's coastlines. The city of Lilmoth is found on the bay mouth, which empties from the Southern Sea.

On the Murkmire side of the bay, not only is the city of Lilmoth found here, but the villages of Bright-Throat and Root-Whisper are perched on rocky cliffs that overlook the waters. The Xinchei-Konu Monument is found on the lowlands, where the water flows into the grassy-fields east of Lilmoth.[2] On the eastside of the bay is the town of Rockpark. On its north end are small rivers that led deeper into Black Marsh, towards Middle Argonia. To the northwest, the Oliis Bay empties into a riverway towards the city of Blackrose, while the north goes towards the village of Seaspring, and the dark forest of Murkwood.[3]


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