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The Lizard Bulls are a mysterious race of beasts indigenous to the islands along the coast of Pyandonea. They were accidentally discovered during the Interregnum on an ill-fated expedition to Pyandonea by a crew of pirates, who were led by the infamous Captain Wereshark. Due to both the immediate hostility between the two parties and their sheer remoteness from Tamriel, little is known about them beyond what was documented during this expedition.

Captain Wereshark's first mate described them as massive quadrupedal monstrosities, wielding "glittering trident(s) shiny as one you'd see carried by some stuffy Altmer Queensguard". The first mate theorized that they may have killed the inhabitants of the island who lived within the stick huts scattered throughout, though whether any other race ever truly lived there was left unclear.[1]

Lizard Bulls are extremely durable and skilled at combat, with just eight of them of defeating an entire Maormeri armada.[2] Their level of intelligence is unfortunately unknown, as Wereshark's crew never had a chance to speak to them prior to their mage assaulting one with a fireball to the face.[1]