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Yaghra are deep-sea creatures with mysterious origins that are associated with the Sea Sload. Their strange appearance often garners comparison to Daedra, even though the two are not related. There are several known kinds of Yaghra. Larval Yaghra are similar in appearance to spiders, and are about the size of Mudcrabs. They are, of course, the larval stage of the creature.[1] Monstrosities are large Yaghra that are similar in body structure and shape to their larvae, but have hard exoskeletons, crab-like claws, and carry large shells on their backs like hermit crabs.[2] Spewers have bioluminescent shells and possess poison sacks in their necks, which they use to spew a corrosive substance. This ability is their namesake.[3] The last known variety is the yaghra Strider, which possesses a spined exoskeleton and attacks with crab-like claws.[4]

Sometime around 2E 582, the Abyssal Cabal used the Yaghra as tools during their attack on Summerset. They were brought to Summerset from deep beneath the waves with the aid of strange objects known as Abyssal Pearls. These pearls were used in ritual sites known as Abyssal Geysers, which were used in the Cabal's attempts to sink the island. Attracted by the Abyssal Pearls, Yaghra were summoned and wreaked havok on the shores of Summerset.[5] One member of the Cabal, K'Tora, oversaw these Geysers until he was killed by the Psijic Order. Afterwards, the Daedric Prince Nocturnal took command of Geysers along with their summons.[6] During this time, Yaghra could be found on the shores of Summerset, particularly near the Geysers, as they were drawn to the power of the Pearls that were located at the ritual sites.[5]

During Z'Maja's incursion of Cloudrest, the Sea Sload used shadow magic to summon umbral Yaghra to defend herself.[7]


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