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An Abyssal Geyser

Abyssal Geysers are enormous geysers set up by K'Tora and activated by the Court of Bedlam. Their purpose is to sink Summerset, to bring it under K'Tora's control. They function as PvE-based group activities that involve fighting "waves of fierce monsters and must be shut down before they overrun the surface".

Later, the operation of Abyssal Geysers is taken over by Nocturnal, following K'Tora's demise during Buried Memories.

Abyssal Geysers can be only found on the coastline of Summerset. They are functionally similar to Dark Anchors and Craglorn group events.

Taking part in the battles at each Abyssal Geyser will earn you an Achievement, and you will receive an additional Achievement if you complete every Abyssal Geyser on Summerset.


Opening the Geyser[edit]

An Acolyte of Bedlam activating an Abyssal Geyser

The geysers, usually resembling normal geographical features, are opened when an Acolyte of Bedlam calls forth Nocturnal's minions through a plume of light. To begin the event, kill the Acolyte—their low health will ensure they die to a single hit. At this point, a number of Yaghra and other creatures will spawn at points around the geyser.

Enemy Composition[edit]

Enemies will spawn in waves. A basic wave consists of one Yaghra Monstrosity and a number of weaker enemies, but when multiple players are present several such groups can spawn in different places. After a number of waves have been cleared, K'Tora, or later Nocturnal, will summon one of the bosses. Note that with smaller groups, a Greater Yaghra Monstrosity (always dropping a jewelry piece) is occasionally summoned instead of one of the named bosses (always dropping a blue enchanting glyph), and is considerably easier to kill. Once that boss falls, you must destroy an Abyssal Pearl in the central geyser. Following this, a Shell Trove—a sea-shell chest—will appear before you.


There are six Abyssal Geysers on Summerset.

Related Quests[edit]


Geyser enemies

Normal Enemies[edit]

Elite Enemies[edit]


K'Tora will introduce the bosses until the Buried Memories quest has been complete. Nocturnal will introduce the bosses thereafter.

Bosses K'Tora's Introduction Nocturnal's Dialogue Achievement
Vsskalvor "K'Tora summons Vsskalvor to protect this geyser!" "Vsskalvor, protect this geyser!"
"Nothing can stand against the power of Vsskalvor!"
Snake Charmer
Eejoba the Radiant "Feel the power of Eejoba the Radiant!" "Eejoba take your will, mortal fools!"
"Let Eejoba lead you into my darkness, mortals."
Radiant Riot
Ruella Many-Claws "I summon Ruella Many-Claws from the deep spawning pools!" "Mortals make the perfect hosts for the eggs of Ruella Many-Claws."
"I call forth Ruella Many-Claws to shock the mortals into submission."
Girawell the Erratic "Girawell, K'Tora orders you into the fray!" "Let us see how you fare against Girawell the Erratic."
"Girawell, emerge from my shadows!"
Calm and Calculated
Reefhammer "Allow me to introduce Reefhammer, the bane of Ul'vor-Kus!" "Reefhammer, destroy these fools!"
"Reefhammer, smash these mortals upon your shell!"
Hammer Meet Nail
Muustikar Wave-Eater "Muustikar, K'Tora has need of you, Wave-Eater!" "Muustikar, Nocturnal has need of you, Wave-Eater!"
"Muustikar hungers for more than waves today."
Wave Breaker
Darkstorm the Alluring "Darkstorm the Alluring, drown these worms!" "Let's see how you deal with Darkstorm's charms."
"From out of the sea, I give you Darkstorm the Alluring!"
Deadly Allure
Tidewrack "Tidewrack will break you in half!" "I summon Tidewrack to end this."
"Now Tidewrack crashes down upon you."
Tidal Grave
Sheefar of the Depths "Sheefar, bane of sailors, K'Tora calls you forth!" "Sheefar, bane of sailors, Nocturnal calls you forth!"
"Drown in Sheefar's cold embrace!"
To the Depths
Churug of the Abyss "I summon Churug of the Abyss to blind you with her light!" "From the depths' darkness, Churug arises!"
"Mortals fear the dark. Now let them fear Churug!"
Churug's Chagrin
Greater Yaghra Monstrosity (Various lines) (Various lines) N/A

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