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This page lists all the Arenas in Elder Scrolls Online. Each have a Normal and Veteran mode, and consist of round-based combat challenges. Arenas can be designed for solo play or for groups of 4, and Veteran mode has a leaderboard system.

Solo Arenas[edit]

Group Arenas[edit]


  • Though the Imperial City Arena and Kvatch Arena are both called arenas and have similar mechanics, they are not instanced areas and are not counted as arenas by the game. There is also the Thizzrini Arena in Reaper's March, which does not count as an arena; the mechanics are a mixture of overland and instanced dungeon. Ilthag's Undertower contains an arena area with waves of enemies. Dragonhold has a location called the Black Kiergo Arena, which is also not an official arena, but only visited in one quest. There is also the Hammerdeath Arena in Stormhaven, which has no hostile NPCs and no connected quests.
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