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Leaderboards are the system that displays a collection of current week's top scorings in certain activities, allowing for some competition and providing additional weekly rewards in some categories. It will also show player's current score and rank, and their best score in a given category, where applicable. Leaderboards are accessible from Journal menu.


Alliance War[edit]

The Alliance War leaderboards display lists of top Alliance Points earners in the ongoing Cyrodiil campaign. It only shows up for characters that have their home campaign set.

Leaderboards available in this category are:

  • Overall - top 100 players from all three factions.
  • Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact - top 100 players from respective factions.


The Trials leaderboards show lists of top scorers in all Trials since the last leaderboard reset. Note that four-player Arenas are also included in this category.

Leaderboards available in this category are:


The Weekly leaderboards track players' performance in one specific trial or arena, randomly chosen per megaserver on Tuesday. On leaderboards' closing, all players that made it to the final standings, receive an additional reward by the mail, attached to a congratulatory letter. The reward includes gold, one or more weekly trial-specific set items, and Transmutation Geode.


Scores are only set in Veteran mode. The points are earned for defeating enemy packs in the trial (2,500), boss encounters give more points (15,000), with an extra bonus for defeating the boss in Hardmode (usually a score of 40,000, but depends on additional factors for composite boss battles in Cloudrest and Asylum Sanctorium). Additional metrics that are taken into account are time it takes to complete the trial, and Vitality Bonus, that gives an extra 1,000 points for every revive not used from its starting pool (it shows up in the bottom right corner, the starting number varies by trial, typically being 15, 24 or 36).

In arenas, points are earned for completing arena rounds, rather than killing monster packs. Not using buff glyphs, where applicable, in each round gives additional 750 points per glyph unused (up to 3,000 points if none of four glyphs were activated).



The Solo leaderboards are similar to Trials category, but only include Solo Arenas and separate Weekly leaderboards. Scoring system and weekly rewards are similar, as well.

Leaderboards available in this category are:



The Battlegrounds leaderboards show top 100 players in several Battlegrounds game type categories. They reset weekly and reward ranked players by the mail. Points are earned by earning Medals during the match. defo needs more specifics on points and rewards

Leaderboards available in this category are:

  • Deathmatch
  • Land Grab - Crazy King and Domination game types
  • Flag Games - Capture the Relic and Chaosball game types