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Aetherian Archive
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Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Dungeon Yes
# of Zones 1
Elinhir RegionCraglorn
Northeast of Elinhir
Instanced Dungeon
Group Size 12
Bosses 4
Mini-Bosses 0
Veteran Speed Run Target 33 mins
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Alchemist.png Alchemy Station
  • ON-icon-Enchanter.png Enchanting Table
  • ON-icon-Cooking Station.png Cooking Fire
  • ON-icon-Weaponsmith.png Blacksmithing Station
  • ON-icon-Armorsmith.png Clothing Station
  • ON-icon-Carpenter.png Woodworking Station
  • ON-icon-Jewelry Station.png Jewelry Station
Loading Screen
Loading screen
For untold ages this tower has loomed over Elinhir, its portals mystically sealed, all entry forbidden. Someone exerted immense effort to place impenetrable wards on this place—but now those wards are sundered.
The Aetherian Archive

The Aetherian Archive is a tower in southeastern Craglorn near the city of Elinhir.

Within the tower, groups of twelve battle through a series of challenges and ultimately face the Mage.

The Aetherian Archive Trial quest begins when you enter the dungeon. You have to complete the dungeon within a certain amount of time with limited respawns. The Mage's Tower is a quest to defeat the Celestial Mage, who is the final enemy in this dungeon. The bosses are the Lightning Storm Atronach, the Foundation Stone Atronach, Varlariel, and the Mage herself.

The Firstmages, the residents of the tower, can be encountered on both friendly and hostile terms as you progress through the trial.

You will receive a Periapt of Elinhir from Mindil the Untested with your other rewards after defeating The Mage with hard mode engaged.

Related Quests[edit]


Aetherian Archive
Firstmage Anirwen
Firstmage Arnure
Firstmage Earil
Ilmindil the Incendiary
Mad Zebba Merchant
Mighty Mordra Repeatable Quest Giver
Mindil the Untested (After Objective)


Normal Enemies[edit]

Elite Enemies[edit]

Champion Enemies[edit]

Boss Summons[edit]


Hard Mode[edit]

Aetherial Orb
Aetherial Orb (smashed)

Hard Mode is only available in the Veteran version of Aetherian Archive. When you get to the circle of teleport pads before the final boss fight against the Mage, you have the option to smash three blue Aetherial Orbs found on top of pedestals. A nearby note called Hands Off warns you against doing this. If all three orbs are smashed, Hard Mode will be activated and will make the boss fight much more difficult. There is no way to disable Hard Mode other than restarting the entire trial.



Set Name Bonuses Set Type
Defending Warrior

2 items: Adds 34-1487 Armor
3 items: Adds 34-1487 Armor
4 items: Adds 28-1206 Maximum Health
5 items: When you Block, you deal 1196 Magic damage to all enemies within 10 meters of you and heal for 100% of the damage done. This effect can occur once every 5 seconds and scales off your Max Health.

Heavy Armor
Healing Mage

2 items: Adds 3-129 Magicka Recovery
3 items: Adds 25-1096 Maximum Magicka
4 items: Adds 4% Healing Done
5 items: When you use an area of effect heal ability, you apply Minor Cowardice to enemies within 10 meters of you, reducing their Weapon and Spell Damage by 215 for 5 seconds. This effect can occur once every 3 seconds.

Light Armor
Infallible Mage

2 items: Adds 15-657 Critical Chance
3 items: Gain Minor Slayer at all times, increasing your damage done to Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%.
4 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon and Spell Damage
5 items: Adds 15-657 Critical Chance
5 items: Your Heavy Attacks deal an additional 20-900 damage to monsters. Enemies you damage with fully-charged Heavy Attacks are afflicted with Minor Vulnerability for 10 seconds, increasing their damage taken by 5%.

Light Armor
Quick Serpent

2 items: Adds 15-657 Critical Chance
3 items: Adds 25-1096 Maximum Stamina
4 items: Adds 25-1096 Maximum Stamina
5 items: Reduces the costs of your Stamina abilities by 8%. When an enemy you have recently damaged dies, you restore 57-2454 Stamina and gain Major Expedition for 8 seconds, increasing your Movement Speed by 30%. These effects can occur once every second.

Medium Armor


There are 4 Achievements associated with this trial:

Achievement Points Description Reward
ON-icon-achievement-UD Skill Master.png Aetherian Archive Completed 50 Defeat the Celestial Mage, freeing her from the Serpent's Control. Julianos WhiteJulianos White
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Speed.png Time Trial: Aetherian Archive 50 Complete Veteran Aetherian Archive within a time limit of 33 minutes. Aurora GreenAurora Green
ON-icon-achievement-Aetherian Archive Conqueror.png Aetherian Archive Conqueror 50 Defeat the Celestial Mage in Veteran Aetherian Archive. Title: Mageslayer
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Undaunted.png Aetherian Archive Difficult Mode 50 Defeat the Celestial Mage after taunting her by smashing the Aetherial Orbs.


  • Although NPCs refer to the Aetherian Archive as a "tower", the dungeon also includes outside areas. This is due to the powerful magic unleashed by the Mage, which has warped the upper levels of the tower interior.
  • Aetherian Archive originally scaled to Veteran Rank Veteran12 and had no Normal mode. It later scaled to the Champion Points of the group leader, to a maximum of Champion Points160.


A map of Aetherian Archive lowest level
A map of Aetherian Archive middle level
A map of Aetherian Archive first island
A map of Aetherian Archive second island
A map of Aetherian Archive third island
A map of Aetherian Archive final island