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Mindil the Untested
Home City Vulkhel Guard
Location Salted Wings Tavern,
The Parchment & Horn,
Hel Ra Citadel,
Aetherian Archive
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Undaunted
Mindil the Untested

Mindil the Untested is an Altmer who can be found in the Salted Wings Tavern in Vulkhel Guard. He is a member of the Undaunted. You will meet him again outside The Parchment & Horn in Marbruk, and he will tell you about Arx Corinium and the City of Ash.

Related Quests[edit]


One of the Undaunted[edit]

If you join the Undaunted through through Aldmeri Dominion, Mindil will join in with your initiation.

Turuk Redclaws: "Look alive, slobs! We've a new inductee into our group!"
Mindil the Untested: "Finally! I'm not the new guy anymore."
Venomous Fauridil: "Nope. You'll always be the new guy, Mindil."
Tiny Talisse: "Enough. Let's get this over with."
Turuk Redclaws: "Always such a ray of sunshine, Talisse. Now a toast from everyone: To the new meat! May they never wet their pants except from drink!"
Mindil the Untested: "To the new meat, whose best attack is showing their face!"
Venomous Fauridil: "To the new meat! Too brave to run, too dumb to dodge!"
Tiny Talisse: "To the new meat: Don't die."
Turuk Redclaws: "Really?"
Tiny Talisse: "Just sing the damn song."
Turuk Redclaws: "Who knows no fear … of beast or blade?"
All: "Undaunted! Undaunted!"
Mindil the Untested: "Who knows no fear … of Daedric planes?"
All: "We are Undaunted!"
Venomous Fauridil: "Who knows no fear … of death? Of age?"
All: "Undaunted! Undaunted! We are Undaunted!"
Turuk Redclaws: "You weren't singing, Talisse."
Tiny Talisse: "You're fat and old."
Mindil the Untested: "Turuk, it's true."
Turuk Redclaws: "Ungrateful fools, the both of you. Go back to your drinking and brooding.
And milksop: welcome to the Undaunted."

Vulkhel Guard[edit]

Talking to him in Vulkhel Guard before you join the Undaunted, he will apologize for his friends:

"I hope my friends aren't being too loud. They're friendly people, really. Once you get to know them. They'd be more friendly if you were an Undaunted."

Once you have joined, he will tell you about Spindleclutch and Fungal Grotto, marking them on your map if you have not discovered them already.

Tell me about these "bigger monsters".
"I've two leads. One is in Daggerfall territory, the other in Ebonheart Pact."
Tell me about the one in the Daggerfall Covenant.
"Way out in Glenumbra, in the area called Hag Fen, are a series of caves called Spindleclutch. I've heard tale of nasty spiders there—bigger than horses.
Not even the Fighters Guild has been able to drive them away."
Tell me about the one in the Ebonheart Pact.
"Does a cave infested with Goblins and dreugh sound like a good fight? Because that's what you'll find in Fungal Grotto.
It's out in Stonefalls. Rumor has it even the Goblins are scared to death of the thing that crawled out from the depths there."


When you meet him in Marbruk, he can provide you with further leads:

"A fellow Undaunted!
If you need any equipment, you can speak to me. Yours should be well-worn, by now. If you need any leads on adventures … you can also speak to me. I know of a few places."
I'm always looking for a good challenge.
"Then I've got two right up your alley. One's a fortress full of lamia—snake women, and the other's a Bosmer village under siege by—listen to this—Daedra!"
Tell me about the Bosmer village. / Anything else I might be interested in?
"Here in Greenshade, there are rumors flying of a Bosmer village in flames—and that the Daedra set them! That there's a Daedric army there!
I didn't catch the village's name, but the locals have taken to calling it the City of Ash."
What's this about a fortress of snake women?
"There's an old fortress by the name of Arx Corinium, way out in Shadowfen. It was abandoned, but now serves as home to a horde of lamia.
If you're looking for a fight, lamia are always ready to dance with you."

If you approach him after completing the City of Ash, he may call out and congratulate you.

Mindil the Untested: "I heard those Daedra you faced at the City of Ash were led by Mehrunes Dagon himself! You must be a beast in battle, my friend!"

Assaulting the Citadel[edit]

Mindil in Hel Ra Citadel

Once The Warrior is defeated in the Hall of the Warrior, Mindil will arrive with Kailstig the Axe and reward you with the Warrior's Dulled Coffer:

"My friend, you're victorious!
I hope Hel Ra Citadel was fierce enough for you!"
I've explored Hel Ra Citadel and defeated the opponents within.
"You've outdone us, friend. You've reached the heart of this Citadel before the Undaunted.
This doesn't happen often, but we'd like to give you something special to commemorate your feat!"

After completing the quest, you can speak to him again and he will say "You certainly seem like you can take care of yourself. Where did you learn to become so formidable? Sword-singer manuals?"

The Mage's Tower[edit]

After defeating The Mage and taking the portal back to the entrance of the Archive, Mindil will be waiting for you with Mage's Ignorant Coffer

"I see you return, friend! Do you return victorious?
Have you made it to the top of the Aetherian Archive?"
I've explored the entirety of the Archive, and defeated the opponents within.
"You've outdone us, friend. You've explored the Aetherian Archive before the Undaunted.
This doesn't happen often, but we'd like to give you something special to commemorate your feat!"

Speaking with him after the quest, he utters one of the following:

"My friends are savages. And I think you just outdid them."
"Your survival instincts must be immense! Even the gladiators of the Blessed Crucible would pale in comparison to you!"


  • In the Salted Tavern he used to greet you with, "If you need any equipment, talk to me. As perpetual whipping boy, re-stocking the inventory is my job. But between you and me, I've a lead on bigger monsters than these fools have ever seen." before it was removed at some point.


  • His subtitles say "They'd be more friendly if you were Undaunted," while his audio says "They'd be more friendly if you weren't Undaunted" ?
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