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Firstmage Earil
Location Aetherian Archive
Race High Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Firstmages
Firstmage Earil

Firstmage Earil is a High Elf and one of the remaining Firstmages present in the entrance of Aetherian Archive. He and Firstmages Arnure and Anirwen are the only ones in their order who value their lives over their magic. When spoken to, he will tell you about the Archive.


"I suppose we're allowing just anybody to enter the Archive now. The Learned One brought many gifts with her when she entered, but she undid our seal on the Archive, and I'm beginning to wonder about the drawbacks.
Do try to avoid the upper floors."


"Another visitor?
At least you seem less offensive than that Orc over there. Slightly. Avoid the upper floors. That's where the Learned One dwells."
Tell me about the Aetherian Archive.
"On the condition that you'll go away and let me work—the Aetherian Archive is the greatest magical repository ever built, and we intended it to be so when we created it.
The Mages Guild wishes they had a tower half as magnificent."
Who is the Learned One?/You mentioned a Learned One?
"There are few as knowledgeable as she. The Learned One rules the upper floors, where the fanatics worship her. Die for her, in the wake of her spells.
I learn everything I can from her, but I avoid the upper floors. What is knowledge to the dead?"
What's on the upper floors?/You mentioned the upper floors—what's so dangerous about them?
"Before the Learned One arrived, we held our magical experiments there, where we wrestled with the arcane in the name of progress.
When she entered the Archive, her spark was so fierce that—well, the upper floors speak for themselves. Keep away."