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New Champion System needs to be documented following the system overhaul with Update 29
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The Champion System in the Elder Scrolls Online is a system of horizontal character development that complements the more vertical progression of Leveling and Skill development. The Champion System is unlocked when one of your characters reaches Veteran rank at Level 50. From that point on, experience points provide progression in Champion Points. Champion Points are required to wear Level 50 gear and use Level 50 consumables, and are used to unlock new abilities within the realms of the three Guardian Constellations.

The XP required for Champion Point gain is based on the following formula:

(((x / (cap ^ 0.995)) + 0.085) * 400000) if xcap
(((x / (cap ^ 0.995)) + 0.085) * 400000 * 1.5) if x > cap
x is your current number of Champion Points.
The current cap is 810, and you are unable to spend any points that you have earned above this cap. This means you are able to spend 270 points in each of the three constellations.


While you are Enlightened, experience gain is multiplied by four, effectively reducing the required XP for one Champion Point to a quarter of its original value. Once per day, you receive 400,000 XP of Enlightenment; after your Enlightenment is used up, you will return to requiring the standard amount of XP to earn a Champion Point. Enlightenment accumulates in a pool with a cap of 4,800,000 XP after twelve days. Each single experience point earned through normal gameplay expends four of the stored points in the Enlightenment pool; killing an enemy usually worth 76 XP will give you 304 XP, while completing a standard Level 50 quest will reward you with 29940 XP instead of 7485 XP.

Note that only Level 50 characters can be Enlightened, and the Enlightenment pool is shared across all Level 50 characters on your account.


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Champion Level rewards[edit]

At certain Champion levels you will receive one-time rewards or unlocks, which will be delivered via In-Game Mail or added to your account automatically.

Level Reward
10 Veteran Dungeons (Note: You start out at Champion level 10 when reaching level 50 on your first character)
20 Golden Saint Costume
60 Dark Seducer Costume
100 Mannimarco Costume
160 Imperial Chancellor Costume
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