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Mighty Mordra
Home City Daggerfall
Location The Rosy Lion,
Anchor's Point Inn
Race Orc Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Drunkard
Other Information
Faction(s) Undaunted
Mighty Mordra

Mighty Mordra is an Orc member of the Undaunted found in The Rosy Lion. She is one of the warriors who can be spoken to to start the quest One of the Undaunted. She will tell you about Spindleclutch, marking it on your map if you have not yet discovered it.

You will meet her again at the Anchor's Point Inn in Evermore, where she will tell you about Blackheart Haven.

You can also find Mordra inside Aetherian Archive in Craglorn, where she will challenge you to explore the place and deal with the Celestial Mage. Once you've completed the quest The Missing Guardian, she will offer the same quest at the Star-Gazer's Observatory in Belkarth.

Related Quests[edit]


One of the Undaunted[edit]

Approach Mordra to start this quest, and she'll greet you with: "What do you want, ugly?" Threaten her with a fight to elicit a laugh: "Ha! Is that right? Well then. Sounds to me like you could be one of the Undaunted." Ask her what that is: "A league of like-minded adventurers. Every one of us eager for riches and glory. Sound like anyone you know? So what do you say? Think you can be one of the Undaunted?"

Say yes, and she'll respond, "Are you sure? You'll have to fight the largest, meanest monsters in Tamriel. It's not for the weak of heart." Disclaim fear: "Then welcome! I think you'll fit right in. Once you prove yourself, of course. All you have to do is find a cave named Spindleclutch. The one full of bloodthirsty spiders. If you can handle that, return to me here and we'll make it official."

After completing her challenge and returning, she will say:(?)

Then she will properly conduct you into the Undaunted: While becoming initiated into the Undaunted:

Mighty Mordra: "Listen up, you bunch of corset-wearing dog-diddlers! We got a new piece of meat on the rack, fresh from the butcher's block!"
Abzag the Monster: "Hear, hear! I've got a proper welcome for 'em——right down in my breeches!"
Lady Blade: "Might be that's a monster they could actually slay, eh Jalid?"
Magnifico Jalid: "Always with the breeches. You lot should get out more. Besides, that's no proper welcome. I propose a toast!"
Abzag the Monster: "Hear, hear! A toast!"
Lady Blade: "To the new meat's mother. May she have many healthy children——since this one's a goner!"
Magnifico Jalid: "To the new meat's lover. May their tears be few and silent——so I don't have to hear it when this one dies!"
Abzag the Monster: "To the new meat's face! May it always bear a smile——so it doesn't look so ugly mounted on a pike!"
Mighty Mordra: "A fine toast to a fine piece of meat. Now let's have a song to finish them off!"
Abzag the Monster: "Who knows no fear...of beast or blade?"
Magnifico Jalid: "Who knows no fear...of death? Of age?"
Mighty Mordra: "Hope you enjoyed the show, friend. We do take pride in what we are. Now you can, too.


Once initiated, she will welcome you and you can ask her more questions about the Undaunted.

"That's it! Welcome to the Undaunted. Now go make ol' Mordra proud.
What should I do now?
"What we all do! Prove you fear no creature, living or dead. Find the fiercest, wildest, most dangerous monsters in Tamriel, and face them down. Show them the meaning of Undaunted!"
What do I get for being one of the Undaunted?
"You mean besides fame, glory, and the right to brag about any and everything you do?"
Yes, besides that.
"If the undaunted know anything, we know how to fight. Stick around and you might learn some new skills.
"Then there's the armory. We hold some of the finest weapons and armor in all of Tamriel. It's not free, but only Undaunted have access."


"Are you drunk, yet? 'Cause I am! Undaunted! Har.
So. How are things with you?"
needs Blackheart Haven dialogue

The Mage's Tower[edit]

Speak to Mordra inside the Aetherian Archive, and she will ask you, "And who might you be? I suppose you're wanting to go into the Archive? Great. Another raiding party. Where in Oblivion did Brulo get to?"

When you are at the Star-Gazers' Observatory, she will instead say, "You look like danger interests you. What would you say if I knew of a tower of mages that until recently was sealed for centuries, and that was so dangerous that no one has entered the upper halls and lived?"

What is this place? / What tower are you talking about?

"The locals call this tower the Aetherian Archive. It was built thousands of years ago, and sealed until crisis struck Craglorn. But the Undaunted and I heard rumors that its door had been opened. We Undaunted agreed to meet here; climb the Archive."

Where are the Undaunted now?

"In the belly of a dragon? Lost in some hollow? You never know with the Undaunted. We had agreed to meet here, at this tower in Craglorn, but we are easily distracted. Brave and adventurous, but easily distracted. Maybe Brulo found a tavern."

I'll explore the Aetherian Archive first, then.

If you are inside Aetherian Archive, Mordra will then warn you, "Be careful if you're going upstairs. These mages are running experiments, and I met several of them a couple floors up who didn't take kindly to visitors. If I had more allies I'd have given them Mauloch's fury. If only Brulo would get here."

Tell me more about the Undaunted.
"We're the bravest fools in Tamriel. Not a hole in the ground we won't leap into, no Daedra or lurking shadow we won't drag to the light—and chop in the neck! The beasts of Craglorn don't fear much, but they should fear the Undaunted!"
Who are these other people in the chamber?
"Lunatics. They claim they were with the original group of mages that entered this tower and sealed themselves in; the Firstmages of Craglorn. That would make them impossibly old, even for Elves."
Who do you think they really are?
"How would I know? They're probably beggars who wandered in from Elinhir when the Archive door opened. Exploring the upper floors is what interests me, not these fools."
What do you know of the Aetherian Archive?
"Local legend says that the Aetherian Archive was built by the Firstmages long before the three towers of Elinhir existed, that those towers were created in homage to the Archive."

Talking to her after completing The Mage's Tower:

"No, don't tell me what's up there. I'll find out all on my own.
Once Brulo gets here. If he survives the gutting I give him."

If you are at the Star-Gazers' Observatory and took the quest, Mordra will taunt you, "This doesn't look like the Aetherian Archive. It's going to be hard being the first to the top if you start in the wrong place. Ha! I slay me."

Why are you here in Stargazer [sic] Observatory?
"I was invited by one of the Stargazers [sic], Hara, who told us about the Aetherian Archive. She doesn't seem as interested in going there to meet strange creatures and possibly kill them—but the Undaunted certainly are."