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Home City Evermore
Location Anchor's Point Inn
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Undaunted

Slays-By-Moon is an Argonian member of the Undaunted found in Anchor's Point Inn, the inn located in Evermore. You can buy him a drink for up to 69 ON-icon-Gold.png, which counts towards the This One's On Me achievement. When you do, he will tell you about Selene's Web, marking it on your map if you have not yet discovered it.


"My scales are dry, my tongue is drier. Though the blood of a miser could quench just as well as a cool drink."
What do you want to drink?
"Something wet. Something now. Something you pay for."
This one's on me. [69 gold]
"Ah. I erect the spine of gratitude. Lack of moisture makes me...curt."
You're welcome.
"By seed and spleen, the Mages Guild is up to something in Selene's Web."
What's Selene's Web.
"It's an untamed forest. A feral place.
If the rumors are true, then the Guild Mages in Reaper's March have gone there, tracked something——something of great value to them, a creature, a person——to Selene's Web."
Who is Selene?
"No clue. It was my Mages Guild informant who referred to the forest as Selene's Web.
"I bet you'll find out why——if you go."
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