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Lady Blade
Home City Daggerfall
Location The Rosy Lion
Undaunted Enclave
Sanctum Ophidia
Race Breton Gender Female
Health (?)
52,800 rounded (Sanctum Ophidia)
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Merchant
Other Information
Faction(s) Undaunted
Lady Blade

Lady Blade is a Breton member of the Undaunted found at The Rosy Lion, the inn located in the city of Daggerfall. Here you may buy her a drink for 0000006969 Gold. This counts towards the This One's On Me achievement.

You will find her again at the Undaunted Enclave outside Wayrest, which she explains is her home. There she will tell you about Wayrest Sewers and Darkshade Caverns, marking them on your map if you have not yet discovered them. She can also be found at Sanctum Ophidia, where she offers merchant services.



She can be found in the Rosy Lion Inn, drinking with Mighty Mordra, Abzag the Monster and Magnifico Jalid.

needs dialogue from before joining undaunted

While becoming initiated into the Undaunted:

Mighty Mordra: "Listen up, you bunch of corset-wearing dog-diddlers! We got a new piece of meat on the rack, fresh from the butcher's block!"
Abzag the Monster: "Hear, hear! I've got a proper welcome for 'em—right down in my breeches!"
Lady Blade: "Might be that's a monster they could actually slay, eh Jalid?"
Magnifico Jalid: "Always with the breeches. You lot should get out more. Besides, that's no proper welcome. I propose a toast!"
Abzag the Monster: "Hear, hear! A toast!"
Lady Blade: "To the new meat's mother. May she have many healthy children—since this one's a goner!"
Magnifico Jalid: "To the new meat's lover. May their tears be few and silent—so I don't have to hear it when this one dies!"
Abzag the Monster: "To the new meat's face! May it always bear a smile—so it doesn't look so ugly mounted on a pike!"
Mighty Mordra: "A fine toast to a fine piece of meat. Now let's have a song to finish them off!"
Abzag the Monster: "Who knows no fear … of beast or blade?"
Magnifico Jalid: "Who knows no fear … of death? Of age?"
Mighty Mordra: "Hope you enjoyed the show, friend. We do take pride in what we are. Now you can, too.

After becoming initiated, you can buy her a drink:

"I know what you're thinking. Why would a dignified woman like me keep company with lowlifes such as these?
Buy me a drink, and maybe I'll tell you."
What kind of drink would you like?
"Never you mind, sweetheart. Just give me your gold and I'll get it myself."
This one's on me. [0000006969 Gold]
"Such generosity! As for the company I keep, they may be loud and unrefined, but—like me—they spend their lives knee-deep in the forgotten parts of Tamriel.
Make for great storytellers."

If you talk to her again after buying her a drink:

"Thanks for the drink, sweetheart.
Maybe when you bring back the head of a lich I'll buy you one. Probably not."


The Lady can be found at the Undaunted Enclave.

If you're not Undaunted:

"Whatever it is—don't."

If you are Undaunted, she will welcome you:

"Come to share your latest exploits with us, darling? I fear you'll find Lala and Rock rather hard to impress."
I need a new challenge. Any recommendations?
"Funny you should ask—Rock was just regaling us with tales of the fearsome crocodile he fought in the sewers beneath Wayrest. Only it seems the beast got away; our Rock's afraid of a little water!
A pity. I would kill for a pair of croc-skin boots."
Any other suggestions?
"I've caught rumor of insectoid creatures in Deshaan—the Kwama. Apparently, Dark Elves keep whole caves of them to harvest and eat their eggs! I've heard Darkshade Caverns is one such place.
What brings you to Wayrest?
"Why, I live here of course. Along with all the other families of note. Wayrest attracts the wealthy like a bar attracts drunks.
I was just visiting our dear friends in Daggerfall. And stopping by my other house. Well, one of my other houses."

Sanctum Ophidia[edit]

While in Craglorn, Lady Blade will act as a merchant within the Sanctum Ophidia.:

"Did you come looking for the Scaled Court, too? Looks like the bastards have no shortage of enemies.
You have that look in your eye. If you're planning on going into these caves, you'll need equipment. Just so happens I have some I could sell you."

When you start the quest:

"Heard you speaking to Turuk. If you're going into those caves, you're going to need equipment.
Just so happens I have some to part with. What do you say? Give me your money."

If you talk to her after defeating the trial she will instead say:

"You're back! And you have this Skooma-drinking grin on your face. Beat those cultists, did you? It's awfully Undaunted of you. You should celebrate. Buy something.
No, really. Give me your money."


Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-food-Beer.png This One's On Me 15 Buy drinks for your Undaunted companions at each gathering.