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Dreadsail Reef
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Discoverable Yes
OakenvaldHigh Isle
Instanced Dungeon
Group Size 12
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Alchemist.png Alchemy Station
  • ON-icon-Enchanter.png Enchanting Table
  • ON-icon-Cooking Station.png Cooking Fire
  • ON-icon-Weaponsmith.png Blacksmithing Station
  • ON-icon-Armorsmith.png Clothing Station
  • ON-icon-Carpenter.png Woodworking Station
  • ON-icon-Jewelry Station.png Jewelry Station
Loading Screen
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Surrounded by jagged, shallow reefs and inhabited by fierce predators, this small islet on the far fringes of the Systres Archipelago was practically untouched by man or mer until the Dreadsail's Fleet Queen claimed it as her own.

Dreadsail Reef is a reef off the coast of High Isle that serves as a major base for the Dreadsails, a group of Maormer pirates.

Related Quests[edit]


Hold of the Lotfe Empyrean[edit]

This is the starting area.

Deck of the Lofte Empyrean[edit]

Bloodsport Arena[edit]

Bloodsport Arena

This section contains the arena where you will face Turlassil and Lylanar. Two orbs, "Destructive Ember" and "Piercing Hailstone", can be found set into the walls in the arena pit.

Reef Warren[edit]

Reef Warren

This section contains a number of non-hostile NPCs, pirates who have been invited to the island by the Dreadsails. They can be found hanging around a makeshift tavern near the entrance to the Coral Cavern. Two branching paths lead off to Tempest Heights and Reef Caverns, and you will need to navigate both areas to unlock the door to the Coral Cavern and proceed.

Tempest Heights[edit]

Tempest Heights

This exterior area is subjected to constant lightning. You must stay under shelter while navigating this area to avoid a quick death. A line of electricity on the ground indicate where the shelter ends.

Reef Caverns[edit]

Reef Caverns

This section contains a fast-flowing river and poisonous plants.

Coral Cavern[edit]

Coral Cavern

The Reef Guardian can be found here.

Fleet Queen's Parlors[edit]

Fleet Queen's Parlors

Coral Caldera[edit]

Coral Caldera

The center of a dormant volcano. You will need to jump down to the pool in its center to face the final boss, Tideborn Taleria.



Normal Enemies[edit]




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