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This article is about the place. For the Chapter, see High Isle (Chapter).

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High Isle
(lore page)
High Isle Chapter
Zone Story Quests 7
Wayshrines 15
Delves 6
Points of Interest 11
Striking Locales 6
Set Stations 3
Public Dungeons 2
World Bosses 6
Skyshards 18
Notable Treasure
High Isle Antiquities
AmenosOakenvaldSapphire Coast[1]
Southwestern Abecean Sea
Loading Screen
Loading screen
The largest island in the Systres Archipelago, High Isle serves as the center of politics and commerce for the island chain, predominantly from the port city of Gonfalon Bay and the Dufort Shipyards.

High Isle is the largest island of the Systres Archipelago. The zone also includes Amenos, the second-largest island, and they are collectively called High Isle and Amenos on the map screen.


  • ON-mapicon-City.png Gonfalon Bay — A city located on High Isle, on the southern end of the island. (map)


Points of Interest[edit]

The following Points of Interest do not count towards Zone Completion:

Striking Locales[edit]

Set Stations[edit]

Public Dungeons[edit]


World Bosses[edit]

World Events[edit]

Player Houses[edit]


Unmarked Locations[edit]

Isolated Buildings[edit]

Connected Realms[edit]



Story Quests[edit]

Side Quests[edit]

Tales of Tribute[edit]

Trial Quests[edit]

Daily Quests[edit]

Delve quests given by Wayllod.

Group boss quests given by Parisse Plouff.

Volcanic Vent quests given by Druid Peeska.

Tales of Tribute quests given by Kishka the Broker

Tales of Tribute quests given by Marunji the Broker



Set Name Bonuses Armor Weight
[[Online:|]] {{Online:}}


Set Name Bonuses Armor Weight
Druid's Braid Online:Druid's Braid
Order's Wrath Online:Order's Wrath
Serpent's Disdain Online:Serpent's Disdain


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