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Investigate three sites associated with Ascendant Order activity.
Zone: High Isle
Location(s): Gonfalon Bay, High Isle and Amenos, Shipwreck Shoals, Stonelore Grove, Tarnished Grotto
Previous Quest: People of Import
Next Quest: Escape from Amenos
Reward: Islander's Shawl
(?) Leveled Gold
ID: 6754
We found a map at Castle Navire that shows several possible meeting sites used by the Ascendant Order. Lady Arabelle believes investigating these sites is our best chance to track down the missing alliance leaders.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Deadly Investigations
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to investigate the three sites marked on the map I found at Castle Navire, the Dufort Shipyards, Stonelore Grove, and a cave near Tor Draioch. Jakarn, Captaiin Kaleen, and Valessea will meet me at the sites.
Objective: Investigate Ascendant Order Sites
Hidden Objective: Search Near Tor Draioch
Hidden Objective: Search Near Stonelore Grove
Hidden Objective: Search Near Dufort Shipyards
Objective Hint: Talk to Captain Kaleen
Objective Hint: Search the Tarnished Grotto
Objective Hint: Talk to Jakarn
Objective Hint: Find Dockmaster Arnauld
Objective Hint: Talk to Dockmaster Arnauld
Objective Hint: Talk to Guild Magister Valessea
Objective Hint: Gather Bloomingsong Flowers
Objective Hint: Catch an Azure Torchbug
Objective Hint: Talk to Druid Ryvana
Objective Hint: Follow the Trail
Objective Hint: Search the Area
I learned what I could from the locations marked on Duchess Elea's map. I should report back to Lady Arabelle at Mandrake Manor and give her the information.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle
Lady Arabelle sent me to Shipwreck Shoals to respond to Captain Tsuzo's message that requested help. I should go there and find him.
Objective: Enter Shipwreck Shoals
I reached Shipwreck Shoals. Now to find Captain Tsuzo.
Objective: Find Captain Tsuzo
I found Captain Tsuzo. I should speak to him and see what sort of help he needed.
Objective: Talk to Captain Tsuzo
Captains Tsuzo found the wreckage of his ship, Kamal's Bane. His ship was carrying Prince Irnskar of Skyrim. I should search the wreckage for any clues as to what happened to the prince.
Objective: Search the Wreckage
I found a survivor among the wreckage. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to the Boatswain Islinne
Islinne told me that Prince Irnskar saved her from the sinking ship, but he was washed toward the island of Amenos. I have to inform Lady Arabelle.
Objective: Return to Mandrake Manor
I need to update Lady Arabelle about what Boatswain Islinne told me at Shipwreck Shoals.
Objective: Talk to Lady Arabelle
We now have collaborating evidence that the missing royals may have washed ashore on Amenos. I should talk to Lady Arabelle about our next move.
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