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Rigurt the Brash
Location Mournhold
Morkul StrongholdOrsinium (Crown Store)
Scarp KeepOrsinium (Crown Store)
Alinor, Alinor Royal PalaceSummerset
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Rigurt the Brash

Rigurt the Brash is a Nord running the Glorious Expedition for Nord Cultural Exchange, a group of Nords acting as cultural ambassadors to the Dunmer people.

Rigurt is a recurring character and can be found in the base game as well as several of the DLCs and Chapters. He can first be found in the city of Mournhold, north of the City Center. He is later found in Windhelm, where he is tasked with meeting the Dunmer ambassadors arriving for the Konunleikar celebrations. He can also be encountered at the Morkul Stronghold docks in Wrothgar, where he acts as the Nord ambassador to the Orcs, and will later appear in Scarp Keep after the funeral of King Kurog. Rigurt can additionally be found in Alinor, where he has been sent to best utilize his "inaptitudes" and negotiate peace with the Aldmeri Dominion.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Cultural Exchange[edit]

Party Planning[edit]

Meeting Rigurt at the Konunekleir:

"Excellent! You are here. And you are all fancy! All cultural and everything."
Are you drunk?
"What? No! Of course not. Well, maybe a little. The mead you brought looked so good. I took a teeny swig to calm my nerves. I can't help it if the bottle was so small.
Being master of ceremonies is hard work. I bet King Jorunn drinks plenty!"
Should you postpone this meeting?
"Don't be silly! Here come the dignitaries.
Now look casual. And dignified!"

Rigurt's meeting with the other ambassadors:

Rigurt the Brash: "Welcome to the bustling city of Windhelm for King Jorunn's amazing Corn-un-licker celebration. We greet the ambassadors of the glorious Dark Elf and Argonian nations with stinky arms and open fish."
Rigurt the Brash: "Let Rigurt be the first to welcome... one moment please. Let me check my notes... Ambassador Flies-of-Steel and Ambassador Normal! Ha!"
General Yeveth Noramil: "How amusing! King Jorunn sent his court jester to receive us. Bravo! Bravo I say!"
Eyes-Of-Steel: "What an... interesting form of greeting. I may never truly learn to understand the dry skins. Perhaps we should head to the inn, Yeveth?"
General Yeveth Noramil: "Yes. Cracking suggestion. Perhaps they'll have something other than... what's that awful Nord beverage... ah, yes. Mead."

Speaking to Rigurt to end the quest:

"That went amazingly well. I think."
I'm not so sure.
"Nonsense. You worry too much, my friend. This is going to be the best Corn-loon-licker ever!
Now please take this. It's a gift for all your hard work. Rigurt insists!"

In Orsinium[edit]

At Scarp Keep:

"Such a sad and dismal day. But Rigurt knows how to fix that! I have most excellent Nord gifts for everyone! No face can stay sad when it has one of Rigurt's most excellent gifts in its mouth!"

In Summerset[edit]

If you speak to him for the first time in Alinor, he'll greet you with:

"Most sincere salutations, newfound friend! I am Rigurt the Brash, ambassador-at-large for the exceedingly excellent Nord Cultural Exchange!
I fear my mission to this beautiful island of snooty Elves has ended before it has even begun."

If you have met him previously, he will greet you with:

"Most excellent to be seeing you again, my bestest friend! It is me, Rigurt! The Ebonheart Pact sent me to extend a branch of peace to snooty, rude, and very tall High Elf peoples!
Unfortunately, my mission has ended before it has even begun."
What mission are you talking about?
"The glorious Pact sent Rigurt to bargain with Queen Ayrenn. To use my considerable charms to woo High Elves to talk of peace and an end to the Three Banners War. I even brought gifts to bestow upon the pretty Queen.
But Rigurt has failed. Again."
How did you fail?
"These tall, skinny Elves, they have so many rules! Did you know Queen Ayrenn isn't even on Summerset? And to get an audience with her Proxy Queen requires some sort of proper introduction.
Vindilween won't let me set foot in the palace without one."
I'll help you figure this out.

Culture Clash[edit]

Agreeing to help him will start his quest, Culture Clash, and cause him to say:

"You would help Rigurt? That makes my heart dance like young ones at a Mara's Day ball!
Speak to Courtier Vindilween and find out how we get one of these proper High Elf introductions. Remember, I brought gifts! That's sure to open a few doors."
Tell me more about why you were sent to Summerset?
"Rigurt is the bestest ambassador in all of Skyrim! Sometimes I think the Nord Cultural Exchange was created just to take advantage of my talents and inaptitudes [sic]. I think that was the word the Thane used.
Anyway, Rigurt has come to end the war!"
Tell me more about the war you're trying to end.
"The Three Banners War. Terrible business. I was drinking at the Skald King's court when I mentioned how silly it was to fight over an empty throne. Next morning, they put me on a boat and sent me here.
Rigurt always gets the most important missions."
You really think you can get Queen Ayrenn to sign a peace treaty?
"If we can get an audience with her or her Proxy Queen, I will certainly try. An ongoing war with no end in sight can't be good for either side. Plus, Rigurt can be very persuasive. Especially when I bring gifts!"
Why can't you talk to the Proxy Queen?
"Rigurt has no idea. Vindilween kept talking about laws and rules and customs. Said a simple Nord like me would never understand.
But with you to help navigate these cultural conundrums, Rigurt will be having tea with the Proxy Queen in no time!"
Tell me more about Courtier Vindilween.
"What's to tell? Vindilween's a self-important royal lackey who thinks her armpits smell like fresh linen. If the snooty High Elves have ministers of culture, then Vindilween is definitely their king.
Go talk to her and see for yourself."
Tell me about the gifts you brought with you.
"Oh, such treasures I brought! Gifts that any Nord would kill for—and many have!
I brought wonderments 
[sic] from the vaults of Windhelm! A Depressing Stuffed Goat, Dibella's Bosom Night Favor, and Essence of Mammoth!"
Tell me about the Depressing Stuffed Goat.
"An excellent treasure! This was King Jorunn's prized pet, Baadir, known for her bravery. She once faced down a horde of rampaging Orcs!
The Skald King stuffed and mounted her for display, but found it too depressing to keep on the mantle."
Tell me about Dibella's Bosom Night Favor.
"Something every virile man and woman can appreciate. This bust of Dibella, god of beauty and erotic instruction, holds a place of honor in many Nord bedchambers.
Its presence makes nightly activities more … invigorating. Ayrenn will love it!"
Tell me about Essence of Mammoth.
"Oh, this one is popular with maidens and matrons who can afford it. The alchemists of Windhelm crafted this expensive fragrance for use on special occasions. Who wouldn't want to smell like wet mammoth on a warm spring day?"

For each of the three tasks, the dialogue options will be limited for the later tasks as you give gifts to previous ones.

After gathering Sapiarch Tandemen's items, you'll find Rigurt seated next to the Sapiarch outside the bank building.

"Courtier Vindilween was kind enough to tell me who she sent you to perform favors for. I've been sitting here, drinking and having a most pleasant conversation with Sapiarch Tandemen.
Were you able to acquire the items of cultural significance he requested?"
Yes, I acquired items from the Khajiit, Breton, and Argonian just as he asked.
"You did? That is most excellent, my good friend! But Rigurt has an even better idea! We should also give the Sapiarch one of my gifts. Nothing says culture like a Nord keepsake!
But which one do you think he would like best?"
Maybe the Sapiarch would appreciate your Depressing Stuffed Goat.
"Hmm. While the stuffed goat has sentimental value, it doesn't quite strike me as the perfect Nord cultural gift for the Sapiarch.
Perhaps you can make another suggestion, my friend."
I think Dibella's Bosom Night Favor would make the perfect gift for the Sapiarch.
"Interesting. The Night Favor depicts a beloved Nord god, it is solid and will last forever, and it might help the Sapiarch if he ever finds a sweet onion. And by sweet onion, Rigurt means a lover.
A perfect choice!"
Let's give the Night Favor and the other cultural items to the Sapiarch.
Essence of Mammoth might be exactly the right gift for the Sapiarch.
"Hmm. I think the Sapiarch would like an item with more permanence. Unless he has a sweet onion. Sweet onions love perfume! And by sweet onion, I mean a lover.
No, the Sapiarch doesn't strike me as someone who would appreciate perfume. Try again."

Once you've decided to give the Night Favor to the Sapiarch, Rigurt will turn to the elf and make his offer:

Rigurt the Brash : "Friend Sapiarch! Here are the cultural items you asked for, along with a gift from Rigurt—a Nord Night Favor!"
Sapiarch Tandemen : "That's everything I wanted, plus an arousing example of Nord erotica. Thank you!"
Sapiarch Tandemen : "Here's the official letter of recommendation you requested."

If you speak to Rigurt again before going to the next target, he'll say:

"Who knew getting an introduction would be so complicated? You perform the favors and Rigurt will wait for you to return.
You are a good friend to Rigurt. We will drink mead and sing songs of battle when this is done!"
In fact, this will be his response to the conclusion to the first two giftings you do.

Once you've collected the items for Justiciar Rolumdel, you'll find him next to the Prosecutor outside the Fighters Guild in Lillandril:

"Vindilween told me where she sent you. I've been having the most interesting conversation with this Divine Prosecution person here. Did you know the Tall Elves have at least three rules for every possibility?
Oh, did you find the stolen goods?"
I recovered the items stolen from Alinor Palace for Justiciar Rolumdel.
"Rigurt is so happy he could kiss you! The last time I did that, though, Thane Mera punched me in the nose, so ….
I know! Let's give the good Justiciar one of my Nord keepsakes! Which one do you think he'd like best?"
I think the Depressing Stuffed Goat would make the perfect gift for Justiciar Rolumdel.
"Interesting. The Stuffed Goat represents stoic bravery and she never breaks any rules. How could she? She's dead! Anyway, she stands for all the same things as the Divine Prosecution.
Yes, I think that's the perfect gift to give to the Justiciar!"
Let's give the Stuffed Goat and the recovered items to Justiciar Rolumdel.
Essence of Mammoth might be exactly the right gift for Justiciar Rolumdel.
"Hmm. The Justiciar doesn't seem the type to care about how he smells. Essence of Mammoth would be wasted on him.
Perhaps you could make another suggestion, my friend."

Once you've decided to give the Stuffed Goat to the Justiciar, Rigurt will turn to him and present his gift:

Rigurt the Brash : "The Nord Cultural Exchange proudly returns the Queen's stolen items! And this Stuffed Goat. It's a Nord treasure!"
Justiciar Rolumdel : "Remarkable work! I'll grant you that writ of authenticity now."
Justiciar Rolumdel : "A word of advice. If Vindilween refuses to help, remind her that the Divine Prosecution might remember the incident at the Battlereeve's dinner party."

Once you arrive in Rellenthil, you'll find him standing next to Enigma outside the Rellenthil Bathhouse.

"Courtier Vindilween told me who she sent you to talk to, and Rigurt always wanted to meet a famous High Elf thespian!
Lady Enigma, greetings and sanitations 
[sic] from the Nord Cultural Exchange."
Enigma needs help preparing for her role as the Nord battle maiden, Hildegrom.
"Hildegrom? She's my favorite hero! I'm sure that one of my Nord gifts will inspire Enigma and help her find the voice of the battle maiden.
But which one do you think will make her feel like a proper Nord?"
Maybe Enigma would find inspiration in your Depressing Stuffed Goat.
"I don't know. If Enigma were performing a tragedy, I could see how the Depressing Stuffed Goat could help. But the tale of Hildegrom is a rousing adventure with a hint of bawdy innuendo.
Perhaps you can make another suggestion, my friend."
Dibella's Bosom Night Favor might help spark Enigma's acting muse.
"Hmm. Dibella's Bosom Night Favor would certainly inspire the bawdy aspects of the battle maiden's story, but it won't help Enigma come to grips with her brave and heroic nature.
Try to pick a more appropriate gift, my friend."
I think Essence of Mammoth would be perfect for inspiring Enigma's performance.
"Essence of Mammoth! Of course! Not only will it make Enigma smell like a proper Nord battle maiden, it will also make her irresistible to bull mammoths, snow bears, and half-drunk Nords.
It's the perfect choice!"
Let's give the Essence of Mammoth to Enigma. She'll love it!

Once you've decided to give Enigma the Essence of Mammoth, Rigurt will assist her in her performance:

Rigurt the Brash : "Rigurt has just the thing to make Enigma feel like a Nord. Essence of Mammoth!"
Enigma : "What a powerful odor! It reminds me of mammoths charging across fields of ice and snow!"
Rigurt the Brash : "You smell like a proper Nord battle maiden now!"
Enigma : "The stench! It makes me woozy but also fills me with Nord bravado. How inspiring!"
Enigma : ""Milk drinker!' That's it! That's the voice! You've earned these tickets, Ambassador Rigurt!"

After gathering all three of Vindilween's prerequisites, Rigurt will say:

"Now that we have the writ of authenticity, the letter of recommendation, and the tickets to Enigma's performance, we should return to Courtier Vindilween so I can get my audience with the Proxy Queen."

He'll next be found in the Council Chamber in the palace in Alinor, where he'll overhear your brush-off by Vindilween:

"Rigurt is so disappointed! How can I negotiate peace if I can't even get an audience with the High Elf Proxy Queen? What a terrible predicament this has turned out to be!
Do you have any brilliant ideas, my friend?"
You could threaten her with the information Justiciar Rolumdel provided. That might work.
"Of course! Threaten the snooty High Elf with a scandal! High Elves hate scandals, snooty or otherwise. Watch how Rigurt negotiates a difficult situation.
No, better idea. You do it! That way Rigurt gets to be the good Nord. More believable that way."

Perform the task and return to him:

"What happened? Did the threatening words do the trick or is Rigurt in even more trouble with the snooty High Elves now?"
It worked. Courtier Vindilween has agreed to grant you an immediate audience with the Proxy Queen.
"She did? I mean, of course she did! Rigurt had every confidence in you!
Thank you, my friend. Take this with the gratitude of the Nord Cultural Exchange. I think you'll like it better than that stinky Essence of Mammoth that I saw you ogling."


  • Rigurt is mentioned by Jurak-dar outside of the ruins of Belarata as being one of the latter's customers. Jurak says that he warned Rigurt to not "drink from an unmarked bottle that's been locked away since the First Era with a Daedric guardian stewing in the contents". Rigurt apparently ignored the warning, claiming that "all [his] drinkings are mighty!", and supposedly lost his beard as a result.
  • He is the author of Understanding the Living Gods.
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