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Help Rigurt obtain the affections of his Wrothgarian counterpart.
Zone: Wrothgar
Quest Giver: Rigurt the Brash
Location(s): Morkul Stronghold
Reward: Rigurt's Belt of Courtship
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Rigurt tries to win over Lazdutha's heart
Rigurt the Brash, an odd Nord ambassador, presides over the Ebonheart Pact's diplomatic mission to Wrothgar. But Rigurt has a problem.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Obtain the items for Rigurt the Brash's romantic dinner.
  2. Give the items to Rigurt.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Rigurt can be found at the docks of the Morkul Stronghold.

"Most excellent to be seeing you again, my bestest friend! It is I, Rigurt the Brash! But you can call me "Ambassador" now.
The Ebonheart Pact sent me to extend a branch of peace to glorious, brave, and beautiful Orcish peoples!"
That's an eloquent way to describe Orcs.
"Oh, friend, you see to the depths of Rigurt's heart, riddled as it is to overflowing with Frela's pointy arrows of affection!
If only Rigurt knew how to express such feelings to the lovely Ambassador Lazdutha!"
Is there something I can do to help?
"Really? You would help? You are too kind!
The ambassador's aide, Rulfala, said I need to collect delicious Orcish delicacies, but I can't leave the clanhold! If you could find these things, I can prepare a romantic meal and win Lazdutha's love."
I'll find what you need.

You can start immediately, or continue talking to your honest friend for more information.

"Trade these Nord delicacies for the finest ale and cheese in Wrothgar. Rigurt and his jade princess will feast until we are too full to escape our love!
And find out what poems or perfumes are used in Orc wooing rituals. Rigurt might need the help."
I have some questions about the items you asked me to find.
"Oh, Rigurt has no idea! All these Orc customs are strange and confusing to my Nordic nature.
Maybe the ambassador's aide, Rulfala, can help. After all, she was the one who explained all about Orc courting rituals to me. She's very knowledgable!"
Why are you meeting the ambassador in Morkul instead of Orsinium?
"Because this is where Ambassador Lazdutha meets with all the important foreign dignitaries! Something to do with her chambers in Orsinium still being under construction.
Besides, this is where Rigurt's boat is docked, which makes it very convenient."
Tell me more about Ambassador Lazdutha.
"Ambassador Lazdutha? She is the apple in my tart and the rabbit in my meatball! She captured Rigurt's heart the moment I stepped into her presence.
With your help, Lazdutha will be as smitten with me as I am with her!"

You can ask the strangely excited Rulfala about the items, as she is standing right across from him.

"Ah, the handsome Rigurt has chosen you to be his champion? I approve. What a rare and prestigious honor, to be selected to participate in the sacred rites of Orc love!
So tell me what would you like to know?"
Can you tell me more about the items Rigurt asked me to collect?
"Of course! Any friend of Rigurt's is a friend of mine!
The ambassador has been very curious about seductive Orcish delicacies, which is the best way to win an Orc's heart. But I must warn you. Some of these items will be difficult to acquire."
What kind of food do Orcs consider amorous?
"No Orc woman can resist the cheese of the mighty echatere. Its milk can peel the paint from a wall, but its cheese tastes like sunshine on a cloudy day. It's perfect for a romantic meal.
A cheesemonger to the north makes the best. It's my favorite!"
What do Orcs drink when they're being romantic?
"Orcs love ale! Any kind of ale! But the ale that's mostly likely to put an Orc maiden in a romantic mood is made by a reclusive brewer in southern Wrothgar. I love the stuff!
Perhaps Lum gro-Buzbee will trade his ale for the rare mead Rigurt gave you."
[Persuade]You can tell me. What makes Rigurt's mead so rare?
"Rigurt told me it's the last bottle of Voljar's Buzzed Mead in all of Wrothgar! The fastest way to a Nord maiden's heart, according to the ambassador.
Rigurt said you're sure to get lucky if there's a live bee inside when your intended opens it!"
Any other ways to an Orc maiden's heart?
"Some Orcs have a fondness for foreign culture. We don't have any love poems, but I enjoy the sonnets of the Redguard poet, Borasad. He's visiting Wrothgar now.
And I noticed that Rigurt thinks hunt-wife Yatzog smells good. See what perfume she uses."

To Woo an Orc[edit]

The items Rigurt wants are scattered over the entire zone. The poem can be obtained from Borasad, who is admiring the scenery outside Exile's Barrow, unperturbed by the presence of hostile draugr all around him.

"This land inspires me! I already have enough ideas to fill an entire book of poetry!"
Are you the famous Redguard poet I've heard about? Maybe you can help with me with an Orc poem.
"Famous? Perhaps. Some people like my poems, and that is enough for me.
But you want an Orc poem. What particular topic intrigues you? War, blood, revenge? I know a decidedly graphic verse advocating the benefits of evisceration."
Nothing like that. I need a love poem to impress an Orc maiden.
"A love -? For an Orc?
Are we talking about the same Orcs? The violent, bad-tempered, warlike people? Those Orcs? I'm not certain they write about love, certainly not like the Bretons or Nords. Perhaps I could interest you in a Redguard love sonnet?"
I really need an Orcish love poem. Any ideas?
"Hmm, let me think.
Oh! Of course! Have you heard the poem about the warrior and the axe she loves? "Ode to a Battleaxe," I believe it is called. I suppose I could change a word or two and it might suffice for your purposes."
If you think that will work.
"Indubitably! I'll just change "my axe's" to "my lady love's..." And "fills me with a lust for blood" becomes "fills me with a lust for you."
Not up to my usual standards, but I think you'll agree that it has a certain charm."
Thanks for the love poem.
"May Tall Papa gird your loins, my friend. I believe you'll need all the help you can get when it comes to Orc affection."

The ale can be obtained from a grumpy Lum gro-Buzbee at a little tent camp north of Watcher's Hold.

"Before all this Orsinium nonsense, people used to respect the privacy of the noble recluse."
Are you the brewer who crafts the ale that drives the Orc maidens crazy?
"Congratulations, you found me! What are you? Another lovelorn cub trying to win the affection of an Orc who's too good for you?
Away with you! My ale takes months to brew and I won't part with what I have left so you can have an evening of passion.'
What's so special about this ale?
"What's so-?
Listen here, outsider. I use only the finest ingredients and freshest spring water to brew my ale! Not to mention the seven secret spices and the hundred-year-old yeast I inherited from my mother. It packs a kick and does the trick!"
Does the ale really have an amorous effect on Orcs?
"Orcs aren't worth their weight in horker stew without a romantic urge and a healthy taste for good ale. But yes, my special brew has been known to accentuate the urge. Especially in women.
That's why I stay out here and keep my batches small."
Would you be willing to trade for a bottle of rare Nord mead?
"Rare Nord-? Is this... it is! I've heard of Voljar's Buzzed Mead but I've never had the opportunity to try it. All right, fine. Let's trade.
I wonder if they really put a bee in the bottle?"
Thanks for the ale.

You can stay to watch him experience the luck of Voljar's Buzzed Mead himself.

"Volkar's Buzzed Mead! Listen! It actually buzzes! I can't wait to take a swig!"
"What in the name of Malacath's left tusk?! Why are there so many bees? Ahhhh!'

The cheese can be obtained from Bulfor the Cheesemonger in the settlement outside Orsinium's north walls (where the Hostel is).

"Have you come for my cheese? That seems to be the only thing anyone ever wants to talk to me about these days."
Is your cheese the one that makes Orcs... passionate?
"That old hearth-wives' tale again@ Yes, Woolly here gives the best milk in seven strongholds. And yes, Woolly's milk makes the most delicious and smooth and creamy cheese in all of Wrothgar. But its amorous attributes have been greatly exaggerated!"
So eating Woolly's cheese doesn't make Orc maidens go wild?
"Well, I didn't say that.
The quality of Woolly's milk, combined with my secret processes, does add a tinge of arousal with every bite you take. But cheese - even my cheese - won't make an Orc fall in love with you. It's not magicka, you know."
Would you trade this block of curdled mammoth cheese for a chunk of your echatere's cheese?
"Curdled mammoth cheese? That's a Nord delicacy!
I mean, I suppose that would be a fair trade. Just remember that Woolly's cheese can be rather potent. A little goes a long way when it comes to romancing an affectionate Orc."
Thanks for the cheese.

The perfume can be obtained from Yatzog, on the road down to Jehanna Docks.

"You make more noise than a mountain bear in heat! I heard you coming from an arrow's flight away and I smelled you from two!
Is there something I can do for you?"
Hunt-wife Yatzog? I wanted to ask you about the perfume you wear.
"Perfume? Orcs don't wear perfume! Only Bretons and fancy Elves enjoy that flowery stink!
Why in the world would you think I wear perfume?"
Ambassador Rigurt mentioned how good he thought you smelled...
"Rigurt? The Nord ambassador? He seemed friendly enough. We met while I was visiting with my clan chief.
What's this really all about? Tell me and maybe I can help."
Rigurt needs an Orcish perfume to help him impress and Orc woman...
"That sly dog! I knew he liked Lazdutha!
But the only perfume an Orc woman loves is the smell of battle and the scent of our enemy's blood. An Orc chief often fights a powerful foe before wooing a wife. My chief reeked when he asked for my hand!"
A powerful foe? Any suggestions?
"As a matter of fact, I've been tracking the great bear Norgrim for days. It's smart and strong - definitely worthy of Lazdutha.
Norgrim hunts in the nearby streams. Get some of that stink on Rigurt and Lazdutha will melt with desire. I guarantee it!"
All right, I'll look for Norgrim the great bear.

Norgrim is dead, but it can be looted for its musk.

Once you have all four items, head back to Rigurt and Rulfala, who will both be very excited to see you.

"My friend! Welcome back!
But tell me, were you able to acquire the ingredients for my evening of Orcish romance?"
I collected all of the items you asked for.
"That is most excellent news! Rigurt's heart dances like the patrons in the fire pit of the Flaming Netch!
How did everyone like my Nordic gifts? Were they excited beyond all thought and reason?"
They seemed happy, except for Lum. For some reason, the mead was full of bees.
"Really? That indicates that everything will turn out well. It must have been a queen bee they put into the mead!
But Ambassador Lazdutha will be here any moment! She said she had documents for me to sign. Quick! Give Rigurt the items of love!"
Here you go.
"Woolly crab cheese, special ale, an Orcish love poem! Even a stinky Orc perfume! My gratitude and wonderment know no bounds!
And here comes Lazdutha, my sweet emerald coquette! Hurry my good friend, you must hide!"


  • Lazdutha is offended. However, Rigurt may yet find Orcish love. Coincidentally, all the items Rulfala recommended are part of an ancient marriage proposal, and she and Rigurt are now engaged, to his confusion.

Quest Stages[edit]

Cultural Affections
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Rigurt wants me to collect food that Orcs consider seductive so that he can prepare a romantic meal for Ambassador Lazdutha. He has given me Nordic equivalents to trade for Orc cheese and Orc ale. He also wants Orc poetry and perfume—just in case.
Objective: Find Orc Cheese
Objective: Find Orc Ale
Objective: Find Orc Love Poem
Objective: Find Orc Perfume
Objective Hint: Ask Rulfala About Items
Objective Hint: Battle the Bear
I collected the items Rigurt needs to prepare a romantic dinner for Ambassador Lazdutha, the Orc he wants to woo. I should return to Morkul Clanhold and give him the items.
Objective: Talk to Rigurt
☑Finishes quest I should talk to Rigurt and give him the things he needs to prepare a romantic evening for Ambassador Lazdutha.
Objective: Talk to Rigurt