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Type Province
Continent Tamriel
Appears in Arena, ESO
Nation: Elsweyr Confederacy
Capital: Torval
Native Populace: Khajiit
Founded: 2E 309
Dissolved: 4E 115
Head-of-State: Mane
Official Language: Ta'agra
Currency: Septim
Illustration of a typical Khajiit male.

Elsweyr is a province that lies on the southern coast of Tamriel, and is home to the feline Khajiit. The Khajiiti government is a confederacy held together by the Mane, which are the rarest of the various Khajiit breeds. An important part of Khajiiti culture is the Moon Sugar that is harvested in Elsweyr. Moon Sugar is said to be created by crystallised moonlight falling from the Ja'Kha-jay into the Bay of Topal on the southeastern coast. The waters are then drawn into the sugar plantations of the jungles of Tenmar, which cover much of the southern area of the province.[1]


Elsweyr is bordered by Valenwood to the west and by Cyrodiil to the north and east, with access to Topal Bay and the Padomaic Ocean to the south.


Anequina encompasses the northern half of Elsweyr. The region is dominated by harsh badlands and dry plains,[1] which gave rise to a hardened warrior culture among the local Khajiit that viewed their neighbors to the south as decadent and depraved.[2]

Reaper's March[edit]

The region of Reaper's March in northwest Elsweyr is shared with neighboring Valenwood. While Valenwood controls the sparsely-forested Northern Woods area, the other parts of Reaper's March, known as Dawnmead and Jodewood, consist of savannas and are territories of Elsweyr. These areas contain the cities of Dune and Rawl'kha, and are home to numerous Moon Sugar plantations.[3]


Pellitine encompasses the southern half of Elsweyr. The region is considerably more fertile than the arid north, and is replete with jungles, rainforests, and river basins.[1] The Khajiit of Pellitine were consequently wealthier than their neighbors to the north, whom they derided as uncouth barbarians.[2] The capital city of Elsweyr, Torval, is located here.

Quin'rawl Peninsula[edit]

The Quin'rawl Peninsula is the southernmost region of Elsweyr, and includes the major port city of Senchal.

Tenmar Forest[edit]

The Tenmar Forest is a large jungle in southern Elsweyr where Moon Sugar originated.[1]

Khenarthi's Roost[edit]

Khenarthi's Roost, also called the Isle of Three Temples, is a small island off the southwestern coast of Elsweyr. According to legend, the hawk goddess Khenarthi rested upon a tree on the island during her first journey across the heavens. This tree would later become the Great Tree, found along the coast west of the island's principal settlement, Mistral. During the First and Second Eras, Khenarthi's Roost was home to populations of Maormer as well as Khajiit.[3]


Elsweyr is home to an ancient civilization that, it is commonly held, predated the coming of mer and men.[2] Though this would be hard to verify, it is known that there were hundreds of cities in the province. Some cities have been buried by the sands of the northwest desert; some have been overgrown by the southern jungles; others have been destroyed by men, mer and Khajiit. It has also been said that the Khajiit roamed Tamriel before other creatures. Described in A Pocket Guide to the Empire: "Topal the Pilot in his peregrinations around Tamriel encountered the Khajiit not in Elsweyr, but far up the Niben River, close to the Imperial City, where they preyed on other native creatures." Also, "...certain parts of Valenwood were to be avoided for fear of the great jungle cat men."[2] It is thought that the Khajiit were responsible for the extinction of the Bird Men of City Isle whom Topal the Pilot documented in the Merethic Era but who had vanished by the time the Ayleids migrated to Cyrodiil.[4]

The Khajiit had apparently already developed a sophisticated civilization while other races were only beginning to discover agriculture.[2] Elsweyr was split into as many as sixteen kingdoms until the arrival of the Thrassian Plague in 1E 2260 devastated the whole of Tamriel. Only the kingdoms of Anequina and Pellitine are known to have survived this catastrophe intact, and they decided at that time to forge an Alliance of Peace, thereby creating a unified confederacy in 2E 309. During the formation of this new nation it is possible that an old Khajiiti proverb was recalled, which ran along the lines of "perfect society is always elsewhere", thus resulting in the union's name. Another possibility is a reference to Llesw'er, a paradise promised to the Khajiit by the Riddle'Thar. Regardless of the name's specific origin, it appears to inspire a sense of optimism that is not likely to be backed by reality.[2] In 2E 580, Elsweyr joined with the Summerset Isles and Valenwood to form the first Aldmeri Dominion, an alliance dedicated to seizing Cyrodiil's Ruby Throne and ushering in a new age of Elven rule across Tamriel. This goal was never accomplished the Dominion was later dissolved.

At the end of the Second Era, Elsweyr was incorporated into Tiber Septim's Third Empire, under which it entered a new period of relative peace and stability. When the Imperial Simulacrum caused a weakening of the Empire's influence, Elsweyr became embroiled in the Five Year War with Valenwood that lasted from 3E 395 to 3E 399. The Khajiit claim the war began when the Bosmer attacked the capital of Torval in retaliation for Khajiit bandit attacks on wood caravans bound for Valenwood. Elsweyr triumphed in the conflict and was able to claim both banks of the Xylo River. This territorial gain was later negated due to a reconciliation of Elsweyr's border with the County of Leyawiin in Cyrodiil, an agreement that favored Leyawiin.[2]

Following the Oblivion Crisis that ended the Third Era and ushered in the Fourth Era, the Third Empire's grasp of its provinces loosened as chaos enveloped Cyrodiil over the Imperial succession, and Elsweyr took the opportunity to secede. In 4E 115, not long after the Void Nights had wreaked havoc among the Khajiit, a coup backed by the Thalmor dissolved the Elsweyr Confederacy. In its place, the kingdoms of Anequina and Pellitine were reestablished and became client states of the third Aldmeri Dominion.[5]


During the Five Year War, Elsweyr expanded west into Valenwood. Near the end of the Imperial Simulacrum, an attempt to return the land occurred but the Khajiit settlers did not comply, and no further action was taken. However, they lost land to the east near the Imperial city of Leyawiin, after an agreement between the Count and the current Mane. Also, the city of Senchal, once a slum town, has been turned into a beautiful coastal resort, proving the economy is rising.

In the early years of the Fourth Era, Elsweyr followed the lead of Black Marsh and seceded from the Empire.[6] After the coup of 4E 115, the Elsweyr Confederacy was disbanded and the two ancient kingdoms Pellitine and Anequina were reestablished as client states of the Thalmor.[5]

Notable Places[edit]

A city found inland from the Niben River on the Elsweyr side of the border.
A city in central Elsweyr.
A city in northwestern Elsweyr, near the Valenwood border.
The Halls of Colossus
The secret complex that housed Numidium during its reconstruction and activation.
Khenarthi's Roost
A large island off the south coast where Khajiit and Maormer live peacefully together.
A city on Khenarthi's Roost.
A city in northern Elsweyr, south of Riverhold.
A city in western Elsweyr, on the Valenwood border southwest of Dune.
A city in northeastern Elsweyr, near the border to Cyrodiil.
A city in northern Elsweyr, near the Cyrodiil border.
A slum turned into a coastal resort, it lies on the northern shores of the southeastern "tail" of Elsweyr.
The capital of Elsweyr, near the southwestern Valenwood border.

Other Information[edit]


The cuisine of Elsweyr is invariably sweet. Meals such as candies, cakes, puddings, sugarmeats and honey stews makes the staples of the Khajiit diet. Non-Khajiiti are often advised against eating these dishes as most of them contain moon sugar, a dangerous substance to which the Khajiit have both a natural predisposition and a resistance developed from a lifelong consumption of the substance. On such occasions, merely touching the food with lips is considered a polite form of declining.[6][1] Elsweyr Fondue is a dish containing ale, moon sugar and Eidar cheese, which is a prime example of the cuisine.

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