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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Elsweyr
Region Pellitine
Appears in Arena
Brukreich Bridge (Arena)

Bruk'ra (currently known as Brukreich Bridge)[1] is a historical settlement found in east-central Elsweyr, several leagues from the Topal Bay to the southeast and the Tenmar Forest to the south. In ancient times, Bruk'ra was one of the sixteen kingdoms of Elsweyr, known for their river-traders and traffickers. Back in those times, it was ruled by the Merchant-Prince.[2]


Back in the days of the Merethic Era, the kingdoms were ruled by Hunt-Lords, who greatly oppressed their people to the point of starvation and death, while they lived with great wealth and fortune. The adepts of the Rawl'kha Temple returned from isolation after they created the Claw-Dances and passed their knowledge to the peasants and the weak. In the latter years of the Merethic Era, the feuding hunt-lords of Helkarn and Meirvale drafted many of their peasants, creating one of the worst famines in the province's history until three years later, when the peasants began to overthrow them. The chaos had soon spread into other places such as Bruk'ra and within a century, the hunter caste system of old Elsweyr had been toppled.[3]

The wander-kings of Bruk'ra had annexed the nearby city of Leyawiin after the conquests of Darloc Brae in the early First Era. It is theorized to have occurred back when the Chapel of Zenithar was originally built, which was underdone by Saint Kaladas. The Antiquarian Circle supports this idea when they came across the stained glass of the Lunar Lattice, which, despite the fact it was made by Khajiiti glassworkers, shares similarities to the Imperial style in Divine temples. It was possibly made for the converted temple, but if it was converted at all, Imperial scholars would outright deny any of this.[4]

Like the other kingdoms, Bruk'ra was severely affected by the Thrassian Plague in 1E 2260, which came through the province's trade routes.[5] To compensate with the constant death, the clans had to change their tribal functions and join together under a single ideology.[6] Bruk'ra and the other southern clans congregated in the harbor-town of Senchal, where they were guided to peace and stability by the Pa'alatiin Clan of moon-priests. These states had become the modern-day kingdom of Pellitine, which took influence from the Bretons and Imperials in turns of their social system and architecture.[7]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the town of Brukreich Bridge was an active settlement. It was ruled by Prince Mohamsien and had a rivalry with Greenhall.[1] Brukreich Bridge is neighbored by several settlements, including Chasemoor to the far north, Duncori Walk to the south, and River Keep to the north.[8]


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