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Emperor Reman III
Race Unknown Gender Male
Born 1E 2863
Died 1E 2920
Imperial Palace, Imperial City
Reign 1E 2877-
1E 2920
Previous Ruler Brazollus Dor
Next Ruler Versidue-Shaie
Resided in Imperial City

Reman III was the fifth and final emperor of the Reman Dynasty. He was born in 1E 2863.[1] In 1E 2877, Emperor Brazollus Dor suddenly died, so Reman was crowned emperor at the age of fourteen.[1][2] Reman III's exact relation to his predecessor is unclear, but Brazollus Dor was reportedly his ancestor.[3] Brazollus Dor's estate, known as Villa Doria, had served as the Imperial Court for the twenty years preceding Reman III's reign, but shortly after his accession, Reman returned the Imperial Court to the Imperial City so that he could exercise power in his own name.[1]

At some point prior to 1E 2899, he married Tavia, who came from a wealthy background and had powerful allies in Colovia.[4][5][6] Reman III had a son named Juilek.[7][8] In 1E 2899, the Emperor had Tavia imprisoned in the city of Gideon for purportedly plotting against him.[6][4] For the next fourteen years, the Empress was moved from castle to castle, until she was finally imprisoned at Castle Giovesse in 1E 2913.[5][7][9][UOL 1]

At some point during his reign, Reman III hunted down and slew dragons with his Dragonguard bodyguards.[10]

During the Four-Score War with Morrowind, Reman III commanded the rearguard of the Imperial Army at the Battle of Bodrum on 20 First Seed, 1E 2920.[3] At the Battle of Bodrum, the Imperial Army was defeated when the commander of the Dunmer army, Vivec, ordered his battlemages to cast spells at a dam built on the Pryai River, destroying the dam, washing away the Imperial vanguard, and forcing the Emperor to order the remains of the army to retreat.[3] In Sun's Height 1E 2920, Reman III took advantage of Crown Prince Juilek's negotiations with Vivec to have the Imperial Army attack and capture the strategically located fortress of Black Gate.[4][11] On 31 Last Seed, 1E 2920, Prince Juilek was assassinated in the Dorsza Pass.[4] On 6 Sun's Dusk, 2920, the Emperor and Vivec finalized the terms of a treaty to end the Four-Score War, and they agreed to sign the treaty one month later at the Imperial Palace.[12]

On 6 Evening Star, 1E 2920, Emperor Reman III was assassinated by the Morag Tong in the audience chamber of the Imperial Palace.[13][14][2][15] It is believed that his potentate, Versidue-Shaie, ordered the assassination.[13][16][17] On 8 Evening Star, 1E 2920, Versidue-Shaie and Vivec signed the Cervant Truce, ending the Four-Score War.[13][18] On 22 Evening Star, 1E 2920, Versidue-Shaie proclaimed that Reman's line was dead and that he would be taking over rulership of the Empire but retaining his title of potentate.[13] The Potentate also proclaimed the end of the First Era and the beginning of the Second Era.[13] Following this, the Second Empire entered the period known as the Akaviri Potentate.[8][19][20]

He was entombed with the Amulet of Kings in the innermost chamber of the Tomb of the Reman Emperors in Sancre Tor.[21][22][23] In 2E 852, Talos Stormcrown reputedly recovered the Amulet of Kings from the tomb of Reman III.[23]




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