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Emperor-Potentate Savirien-Chorak
Race Tsaesci Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Died 2E 430
Reign 2E 324-
2E 430
Previous Ruler Versidue-Shaie
Next Ruler Emperors of the Interregnum
Resided in Imperial City

Savirien-Chorak was a Tsaesci noble from the early-mid Second Era and the Potentate of the Second Empire after his father, Versidue-Shaie. Savirien-Chorak was the last leader of the Second Empire and although he proved insufficient in his role as administrator and responded poorly in crisis, some of his most well-known decrees were acknowledging Orsinium as a province,[1] and the reformation of local militias.[2] In the historical fiction, "2920, The Last Year of the First Era", he is described as a glistening ivory-yellow eel and may have been proficient in dual-wielding.[3]


Savirien-Chorak was the son of Versidue-Shaie, the former potentate of Emperor Reman III and later his successor. According to the historical fiction, "2920, The Last Year of the First Era", he was born in Tamriel and has never been to Akavir. In life, he was close to his father and friends with the Crown Prince, Juilek. He was present with the Prince when he defeated Morrowind's armies in the Four-Score War and later his meeting with Vivec soon afterward in Ald Marak.[4] The books also imply he was an accomplice in his father's plot to kill the Emperor and his son.[5] His last appearance in the book was after Reman III's assassination in the Imperial City in which he left the scene to produce an alibi for both him and his father.[6]

Versidue-Shaie assumed the mantle of leader throughout the Second Empire and announced the end of the First Era. His reign ended years later in 2E 324 when he was assassinated by the Morag Tong, the same group that killed the Emperor.[7] Savirien-Chorak took up the title so after and although he did not live up to his father's reign, the Potentate would make some noteworthy decisions. Famously, the province of Orsinium was established under his domain[1] (sometime between 2E 418 and 2E 430)[8] and was accredited later by High King Emeric for recognizing the Orc's strengths as allies.[1] One of his father's more infamous calls was to dissolve local armies across the Empire and instead enforce an early rendition of the Fighters Guild as the only mercenary organization. But as soon as Savirien-Chorak came into office, this decision was reversed but by then, the Fighters Guild firmly established itself as a group of immense worth.[2]

In 2E 400, Savirien-Chorak hosted months-long celebrations to honor the four centuries of potentate rule in the Empire. In that time, the Imperial City held a variety of games and competitions, including a poetry contest. Many poets and writers traveled from all over the continent to perform in front of the Potentate's court. But the one poet to leave a lasting impact on Savirien was Nynelle Dumaris, a bookkeeper from Vastyr in the distant Systres Archipelago. Her sonnet, "Fearless as the Sun" was what won the Potentate over and solidified her place in his court as the Poet-Champion. She declined his offer in the end and returned home to live out her days composing more of her work.[9]

The Potentate was assassinated in 2E 430[nb 1] from a black dart[10] and it was presumed from the same bloody night that his heirs died with him in Sun's Dawn.[7] One of these heirs, however, Beloren-Kaie escaped from Cyrodiil and fled south into Elsweyr along with several Akaviri refugees. Despite their best efforts, Kaie was killed by the Morag Tong assassin, Methas Daram and his protector, Lein-Barduik took up his name and proclaimed him and his lineage nobility.[11][12] An Akavari flute called Highmourn Dizi was played at the funerary procession for Savirien-Chorak, and it is said that as the sad and haunting notes of the dizi were played, the Akaviri faithful in attendance broke into tears upon hearing the "distant voice of their homeland", and even the non-Akaviri attendants were moved by the mournful, yearning tones, some even more than the Akaviri themselves.[13] The death of Savirien-Chorak and his heirs brought about the Empire's downfall over a fortnight and in turn started the Interregnum, a period of conflict that ended with Tiber Septim's rise to power.[7]



  • ^  Several sources provide different circumstances for Savirien-Chorak's death. Most sources such as "The Brothers of Darkness", the 3rd Edition of the Pocket Guide, and the "Systres History" series will claim that he died in 2E 430 but others such as the 1st Edition of the Pocket Guide and the "Crafting Motifs" series originally written by Doctor Alfidia Lupus have the date, 2E 431. Another contradiction comes from the identity of the perpetrators, where "The Brothers of Darkness" claims that the Dark Brotherhood did it while "Sacred Witness" says it was the Morag Tong, whose members would then create the brotherhood.
  • Savirien-Chorak employed Doctor Alfidia Lupus as his Imperial Ethnographer during the latter part of his reign.[8]
  • In an older version of "The Brothers of Darkness" featured in Daggerfall and Bethesda's internal timeline document featured in Xanathar's Library, Savirien-Chorak was originally a Colovian.