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Emperor-Potentate Savirien-Chorak
Race Tsaesci Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Died 2E 430
Reign 2E 324-
2E 430
Previous Ruler Versidue-Shaie
Next Ruler Emperors of the Interregnum
Resided in Imperial City

Savirien-Chorak was a Tsaesci that was alive in the early-mid Second Era. Savirien-Chorak was the Potentate of the Second Empire, ruling the latter half of the Akaviri Potentate period. He is the son of Versidue-Shaie, former potentate of Emperor Reman III, and namesake of the Akaviri Potentate. Savirien-Chorak has been described as a glistening ivory-yellow eel, and may have been proficient in dual-wielding.[1]


Savirien-Chorak was the son of Versidue-Shaie, the former potentate of Emperor Reman III, and ruler of the first-half of the Potentate period. According to the historical-fiction, 2920, The Last Year of the First Era, he was born in Tamriel and has never been to Akavir. During Reman III's reign, Chorak was close to his father and was friends with the Crown Prince, Juilek. He was present when Juilek defeated Vivec's armies at Ald Marak, and his meeting with Vivec afterward.[2] As far as early 1E 2920, Savirien-Chorak has been aware of his father's hidden plot against the Emperor.[3] He and his father were among the last people to see Reman III before his assassination on the 6th of Sun's Dusk. He had left the scene to produce their alibi, and to remain innocent.[4]

As time went on, Versidue-Shaie ruled the Second Empire, and announced the end of the First Era, bringing about the Common Era. His reign ended in 2E 324, when he was assassinated by the Morag Tong, the very same group that he hired to kill the Emperor.[5] Savirien-Chorak ruled after his father. Savirien-Chorak was not as worthy of a leader as his father, as he was often known to respond poorly to various crises that occurred in his reign. But his most notable feat was to acknowledge the region of Orsinium as a province of the Empire.[6][7] In 2E 430, Savirien-Chorak was assassinated by a black dart,[8] bringing about the end of the Second Empire. The years following became known as the Interregnum. This period of conflict and strife ended in 2E 896 when Tiber Septim united the provinces and brought forth the Third Era.[5][9]

Chorak's heirs were presumed to have been assassinated on the same night as him,[5] though one of them, Proconsul Beloren-Kaie, survived and escaped from Cyrodiil, guarded by his trusted lieutenant Lein-Barduik.[10] The Morag Tong assassin Methas Daram tracked Beloren-Kaie,[11] and Lein-Barduik fled when it came time to protect him. Daram struck a mortal blow to Beloren, but not before Beloren did the same, resulting in them both perishing.[10] Following the death of the Potentate, a large number of Akaviri and their followers left Cyrodiil as they felt they were no longer welcome, many winding up in Elsweyr. The town of Hakoshae was founded by Lein-Barduik under the guise of Beloren-Kaie, whom he impersonated after his death, with the town's populace believing his heirs were descended from the Potentate for over a century before the truth was revealed.[12][13]


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